Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The 'Extra-Milers'

In Malaysiakini’s Ex-US envoy launches broadside at M'sia's racism we read of former US Ambassador to Malaysia, John Malott, shooting down Najib’s 1Malaysia as a policy reeking with hypocrisy, when the PM failed to unreservedly repudiate the many racist-bigoted incidents/utterances conducted or perpetuated by his UMNO colleagues, media mouths or staff.

But the one which most shamed me, yes me!, was the instruction that no crucifix be displayed at the residence of the Catholic archbishop of Kuala Lumpur when Najib visited the cleric during a Christmas Day open house.

The person who issued that instruction was a top Najib aide, Hardev Kaur, though she claimed that she 'had made it clear that it was a request and not an instruction'.

But for f* sake, no crucifix in a Catholic archbishop's house? Where did she f* come from?

John Malott sneered at her excuse, questioning the ridiculous notion that any Malaysian would or could say no to a request from the prime minister's office.

Though I was ashamed by our ‘country woman’ for her totally needless & moronic 'extra mile', way way way beyond the 'call of duty', in reality I wasn’t surprised. It’s the non-Malay aides of Malay ministers who would be more likely to try to do such stupid things to either please or 'protect' the boss.

She reminds me of a certain DNA Denier who always write Kita Melayu ...”. when the more appropriate (& far more dignified) declaration for him should have been 'Kita orang Muslim ...'.

Just bloody make the hair on my neck stand up, but alas, these 'nons' just love to go that 'extra mile'.


  1. aiyo, cant beat Koh Tsu Koon and Wong chun wai leh.

  2. hardev once wrote in an issue of the business times before the 1997 crisis : "the malaysian economy is in the pink of health....its performance no flash in the pan....malaysia has little to worry"!

    these are the lengths she will use her skills to bodek prime ministers.

    and we can expect more of the same from her as the ge approaches.

  3. ...POH LAMPAH,like the eunuchs of old!But agreed with Anon 7.06pm, the cretin from Gerakan has to take the cake!

  4. Patrick, the saddest part of that bloke from Penang is that he is not a cretin - oh, how I wish he is so I could attribute his por-lampah-ness to his kurang otak - but a very smart educated and quite well-mannered person. Thus his por-lampah-ness is all that more sickening - how could a smart guy descend so low & be so undignified - Urghhh

  5. What do you expect from Hardev Kaur.
    A Punjabi who feels she must ampu bodek the Malays.
    That was really a snafu. She took it upon herself when Najib did not instruct anything.
    That is what Melayu said: Lebih sudu dari kuah.
    So old already lor. 61 or 62. Time to retire. Latukship also got, condo also got, what more you want, Kaur?

  6. HK, lu salah wa mind kong ...sighs !!!

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