Thursday, October 08, 2009

UMNO-PAS elections' violence

Refer to Malaysiakini PAS workers slashed, Umno blamed!

malaysiakini photo

Leaving aside May 13 (which was after all a racial riot), the election events which had produced the most violence or the most acrimonious exchanges (physical or otherwise) have been those between UMNO and PAS.

It’s a known fact that Malays are far more passionate about political issues than Chinese or even Indians. Bagan Pinang has shown that once again. Could it be then be the high volatile passion involved?

It’s also an accepted perception among Malaysians that Malays are far more emotional than Chinese. Could runaway emotions have led to the violence in Bagan Pinang?

Or could it be just that Bagan Pinang is really a high stake by-election for UMNO, involving (1) Najib’s prestige, (2) UMNO morale, and (3) the vital step leading to the political resurrection of Isa Samad?

It’s a shame that a samurai sword was used to attack a PAS worker. Samurai swords are better employed as weapons of honour, for corrupt pollies to commit seppuku.


  1. The picture of the back with cuts to the cloth but not to the skin suggests that this guy is an invincible superhero.

  2. or maybe the slasher is a certified JAIS butcher. haha. well if you want to lie, lie well la. stupid PAS. schoolkid error!

  3. i dont get this, so where is the evidence?

    evidence meaning that UMNO inflicted the injury, not just some stupid photo of a man with a bloody face

    media trial at its best

  4. What brand of Tomato sauce this PAS boy used? Maggi could be too expensive! wakakakaka.... cheap show PAS try another time!

  5. bn : ' aiyah , dia sendiri buat punya laa ...mau kasi kami susah lo ...!!'

  6. A very dangerous con by PAS ,designed to inflame passions which could then lead to violence.As usual propagated by opposition websites and bloggers despite the obvious attempt to deceive.