Monday, October 26, 2009

Haris Ibrahim reveals Anwar Ibrahim's true colours

Today when I read Art Harun’s Zul Noordin and PKR – the lame and the lamer in The Malaysian Insider and Salbiah Ahmad’s Adding grey to Article 3 in Malaysiakini, I thought Anwar Ibrahim has gone too far in allowing this renegade Kulim Wonder a free hand in proposing monumental legislation changes according to his (the latter's) personal prejudice, specifically to the Kahuna of all, our Malaysian Constitution.

Art Harun commented: I am even more astounded — not to mention bitterly angry — that PKR has not seen it fit to read the riot act in full DTS 6.1 mode to Zul Noordin.

Well, I'm mortified ... because PKR is not just the Kulim Wonder or Anwar Ibrahim. What happen to the rest of its leadership?

We know that Dr Syed Husin had wanted to disciplined the Kulim Wonder for his act of thuggery at the Bar Council’s interfaith forum but we also heard Anwar Ibrahim was reluctant to bring him to heel and swept the entire issue under the carpet.

The reason for Anwar Ibrahim’s reluctance to pull the Kulim Wonder into party line may be found in Haris Ibrahim’s powerful post The End Days of PKR in Sabah.

It tells you in no uncertain terms what sort of person Anwar Ibrahim is, and indeed as kaytee has always asserted, has been.

No, I don’t need to say I’ve been vindicated because one doesn’t need any vindication when one knows what he’s talking about. In fact in more than 1 way, I feel sad to be proven right by an independent blogger.

And I hope my matey Antares, who criticised me for being ‘all head and no heart’ where Anwar is concerned, reads Haris' post. Matey, sunshine doesn’t beam from Anwar’s 6 O’clock la, au contraire.

May a sweetie whom I adore, gasp gawd omigosh, also do so.

And let the Hindu temple bells ring to note my lamentation at the so many gullible. But hey, it’s never ever too late to wake up!


  1. Nuar main bontotlah.

  2. Eh, don't la tarnish your blog by mentioning the name Antares... afterall, he is a racist fella who once famously said "Lim Guan Eng is a Chinaman and Sec-Gen of the DAP, a predominantly Chinaman party. Chinamen believe in DEVILOPMENT."


    Also worth noting is that Anil Netto approved the comment, which is poignant because I can tell you from first-hand experience that Anil does censor far more benign comments ;-)

    But I digress... back to the topic at hand.

    You can seek comfort in the fact that a recent survey indicates that Anwar's job satisfaction rating (as Opposition Leader) is very poor. That should be comforting news because Malaysians are waking up to the fact that change has to happen on the opposition bench as well.

  3. int, I'm not sure that it was Antares himself who wrote that. Antares writes (over) emotionally but in very good English so I have some doubts on the 'Chinamen speak' in Anil Netto's blog.

  4. to add on to what I wrote, I don't believe Antares is racist at all. Strangely for an intelligent man, he thinks Anwar Ibrahim is irreproachable, and that the PKR's de facto leader is a true reformist ..... which has been/is why he's pissed off with me for reminding people of Anwar's abysmal performance and frightening character as an UMNO minister, and the unbelievable (virtually miraculous) metamorphosis of that man into an overnight reformer wakakaka.

    Just look at Anwar's 1994 Sabah froggie coup d'etat and the more recent froggie 916, and you can see he hasn't changed at all.

  5. Agreed. Zul Noordin has gone too far this round, and if PKR doesn't do anything, or if Anwar doesn't stop his silly games -especially with Sabah- then Pakatan is not going to win the next GE.

    If there even is a Pakatan by then.

  6. Hi Ktemoc

    1. Remember the saying
    "Put not your trust in princes?"
    The only way to change is
    through popular democracy/mass mobilisation of the people.

    2. I read somewhere that Antares' old name is Kit Leee (a.k.a. Lee Kit Fong).

    3. BTW, what's happened to the
    pro-MCA guy "Chaptokam"
    who used to bless your blog with his long-winded spins and wild-eyed conspiracy theories?
    Maybe shell-shocked after the defection of his hero Chua Jui Meng to PKR?

    Phua Kai Lit

  7. It took so long for Haris Ibrahim to find out.
    What about his side-kick Zorro Unmasked.
    That Looney women too.
    The latter two we can read clear as day - hater of Malays and Islam.
    Who will be their next hero?
    Zaid Ibrahim. hahahahahaha.

  8. Anon of 9:13 AM, don't be silly - how can Zorro and Susan be haters of Malay and Islam when they support Anwar and Wan Azizah, or as you predict for the future, Zaid Ibrahim?

    I would just say they hate UMNO or rather the UMNO's abuse of power and its intrinsic corruption wakakaka

  9. KT,
    Maybe you have been right all along !WE "ve been screwed at the rear by this Anwar fellow !Maybe this Nordin guy banged his rear and calling the shots now ! ha ha ha!

  10. Anwar is not a strong leader and he wont use dictatorial power .He might be smart but he dont have the iron fist.
    Unlike mahathir who will wipes out his friends and foes.
    Kicking out zul Kulim only solves 1 problem. And still have to deal with hassan ali from Pas.
    Pas will do their cleaning up as indicated by Nik Aziz.
    If Pas able to lick their problems , maybe Anwar will uses the same method. Anyway, politics changes faster than we changes our underwears

  11. The backlash on PKR will come soon before Anwar realise it. If he can't see the big picture then he is not the leader we voted or expected.

  12. I read Haris's article and am now contemplating my support for Anwar. Indeed, he should allow the real majority of Sabah to rule themselves.