Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ong Tee Keat going down fighting

Malaysiakini - MCA chief calls EGM to decide fresh polls.

Could a purity fanatic, almost a la Maximilien Robespierre, who doesn’t give a fig about appeasing others but more obsessed with the idea of virtue in politics, tolerate a tainted pollie as a deputy, a man who would be less than half a heart stopping beat away from the MCA No 1 position? The answer has been clear!

Can a non corruptibility ‘Taliban’ accept that he had been ’manipulated’ out of his presidency (one he won by 65+% votes) by what my blogger mate Hsu Dar Ren called ‘master strategists’ within the MCA who had cleverly moved between 30 to 50 votes around the 3 motions in the MCA EGM, to effectively control more than 2,000 others, so as to bring about a change which benefitted neither Ong Tee Keat nor Chua Soi Lek but the resurrection of an unwanted and already-spent bloc?

Unlike Robespiere who had his own head loped off as well in a Taliban-ish purge he initiated during the French Revolution, Ong must have thought, “OK, maybe I’ll go but I’ll set in place a process that is far more democratic than the oligarchic power of 30 (to 50) votes.

“I won’t insist on remaining as president but let’s have a real fresh election.”

Ong has invoked his powers as MCA president to have another EGM to consider fresh party polls. Obviously what he has in mind is that no one (especially Dr Chua SL, Chan Kong Choy or Ong Ka Chuan) would be allowed to slip in conveniently should he resign as he was expected (and in one case, told) to.

If those more than 2,000 delegates have a change of mind (realizing perhaps they had been manipulated), good lord, Robespierre may still be around wakakaka.

If not, then he hopes Liow Tiong Lai will have enough time in the meanwhile to fend off the so-called 3rd force and dear Dr Chua.

The obsessed purity is still there but will it be fatal again for Ong Tee Keat, or indeed will he, unlike Maximilien Robespierre, escape the political guillotine this time?


  1. damn. where got fairness in this. just becoz of some huge ppl turnout the president retracts his resignation. this means he does not respect the EGM result. there's also huge supporter of CSL too, previously when he resigned once there were 3000 ppl gathered and asked him to retract. i wish this people will show up at wisma mca and to demand CSL to be reinstated as deputy. who is LTL? he was chosen not by votes but by nomination which is totally unfair. if they reject CSL, MCA should then put ong kah chuan as deputy because he contested CSL in the previous election for the deputy post, and just like wee choo keong's election result the loser should take the seat when the winner is invalid.

    there;s no more democracy in mca.

  2. I am no expert on the feelings of the Chinese community on this matter. However, I do know a little regarding the reactions of the various Chinese clan associations to the way UMNO tried to put in Liow Tiong Lai so as to have the usually docile MCA in their control. The various clan associations are made up of members who cut across every social and economic grouping of the Chinese community in Malaysia. In other words, they are at the very heart of what makes the Chinese community tick in Malaysia. If you look at the advertisements in the Chinese dailies in support of OTK last week, you will see that many of these people who support OTK are active and prominent members of the various associations they belong to. Perhaps the ads are a way of the Chinese associations telling UMNO to butt out of determining who the President of the MCA should be. Why would these people who are business people take such unrewarding risk.

    The answer I think resides in UMNO's inability/unwillingness to revamp the Malaysian economy so that we can compete against the world. Najib's removal of the 30% Bumiputra requirement is for all intends and purposes superficial. Without a repeal of the ICA, this piece of legilation which is tied to the NEP remains as a blade which UMNO can use to force non-Malays to sell 30% of their business to UMNO. Imagine developing your business from scratch only to see a huge chunk take away from you when it becomes profitable. Which entrepreneur wants that?

    Perhaps then the support of these associations for OTK is a way of telling UMNO they are sick and tired of the ICA/NEP. In other words the time has come for an MCA which can say no to UMNO.