Sunday, October 04, 2009

Kulim Wonder insults Islam & Syariah Laws

The Star Online reported:

PKR Member of Parliament Zulkifli Noordin has called on National Fatwa Council to investigate Sisters in Islam (SIS) and other members of the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality for criticising the caning sentence imposed on Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno by the Syariah High Court.

The Kulim Bandar Baru MP said questioning the punishment and its execution was tantamount to questioning the Federal Constitution and the syariah laws.

This is clearly an insult to Islam. The Fatwa Council should declare these groups as deviant and take necessary action as what was done to Al Arqam, Ayah Pin, Pak Kahar group and others,” he said in a statement on Friday.

Firstly, on a minor digression before we come to the heart of the matter - who is the Kulim Wonder to suggest the Federal Constitution cannot be questioned? In fact, the Constitution has not only been questioned on numerous occasions but actually altered as well - as an example, recall the insertion of Article 121(1)(A) - see my post Article 121(1)(A) - What terrified the Civil Courts!.

Secondly and more importantly, the Kulim Wonder like most of his like-minded losers, is an embarrassment to the great religion of Islam. Apparently, whenever they lack confidence in their religion and the intellectual competency to defend Islam or its syariah laws, they would (like facist dictators) resort to threats to silence the other side.

Is the Kulim Wonder telling us that Islam and syariah laws, which have lasted through thick and thin for more than a thousand years (all without his help thus far - Alhamdulillah), have now become so feeble that they require the Kulim Wonder's facist recommendations to defend them?

Puhleeeze lah, Islam does not need his low brow shameful threats.

What an insult to the great religion of Islam and its syariah laws! And the insult has come not from SIS or JAG, BUT from the Kulim Wonder!

And it's probably due to his personal lack of confidence in the strength, robustness and serenity of Islam.

I call upon the PKR leader to have some balls (just one will do, if he were to have any) to sack the Kulim Wonder from his party. There is no room in Pakatan for such people who continue unwittingly (and stupidly) to insult Islam (or for that matter, any other great religion)!


  1. i sort of like kulim wonder..without guys like would be boring....not forgetting wee choo keong hassan got kaki for majung...

  2. KT, you better be careful here; the Kulim idiot might just conclude that you have insulted Islam by uttering "Alhamdulillah" as you are no Islamist.

    You never know how stupid are these morons.

  3. Empty vessels make the most noise.
    More need not be said!

  4. Kulim Wonder is our PM in waiting lah... dont play2

  5. The most dumb ass I have ever come across as an MP. Why can't they just sack him and have a bye-election? Its only 1 seat but PKR should stand by principles!

  6. wasalahlumaikong !

  7. Kay Tee

    Few days ago I attend a wedding feast of a relative.
    Carlsberg beer was served in abundance measure!
    I noticed something which really knocked me out.

    Recently that was a big hoohah about caning a Muslim woman who was caught alcohol.

    Look at the label that I peeled off the Carlsberg beer bottle. (I don't know how to paste the label here)
    The label says, "For Armed Forces Only."

    So, beer is provided for the Armed Forces, majority of whom are Muslim, and that's ok.

    And here we have a woman being caned for drinking beer.

    What inconsistency!

    Then also, why beer designated "For Armed Forces Only" find its way into the private restaurant?
    There must be corruption.

  8. anon 1046pm,
    there are non-muslims in the army. dont deprive them of their gwei low leong cha lah

  9. for only 0.01% of non-muslims in the army !!??

  10. They should also cane that "good guilt, bad guilt" minister based on photographic evidence he was boozing Anchor Beer when he was a lawyer.

  11. anon 10.46pm, beer "for the army" is duty and tax free, very cheap! if you know someone in the army, you also can get cheap beer!

  12. No way PKR President or Adviser will ever take ACTION against this Kulim Wonder. They[husband & wife] lack the decisiveness to discipline their mavericks.

    This is to their disadvantage in the long run as more mavericks will appear not to toe the party line. This will create Headache to the other component parties in PR.