Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Neo-Nazis perpetuating Holocaust in Gaza

Malaysiakini - Israel blasts Gaza in 'all-out war' on Hamas!

I'm sure we know what's happening to the people of Gaza right now. In case you don't, be aware that Israeli armed forces deputy chief of staff Brigadier General Dan Harel has boasted to the press: After this operation there will not be a single Hamas building left standing in Gaza, and we plan to change the rules of the game.

But Australia’s award-winning journalist, Paul McGeough, who specialized in Middle-East political affairs, warned that such Israeli tactics would be in vain. He penned in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Hamas is not a bricks-and-mortar organization. Virtually its entire leadership was underground for the attacks, and a good number of the dead would be better described as suburban policemen desperate to earn a few dollars than as the hard-core, ideologically committed men of Hamas's Al-Qassam military wing.

Also clouded in the dust of war is the state of Hamas's arsenal of rockets, some of which have been reaching more than 30 kilometres into Israel. Likewise the tunnels from Egypt which Hamas uses for supplies. Israel claims to have bombed about 40 of them; most reports talk of more than 100 such tunnels.

Hence the caution when Mark Regev, spokesman for the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, told reporters: "The Hamas military machine is still there. It is still formidable. This is not a time for any kind of euphoria. This could get worse before it gets better."

McGeough went as far as to predict that:

The risk for Israel is that Hamas will emerge from this engagement much as Hezbollah did in the aftermath of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 2006 - seen by many as the victor, if only because it withstood Israel's 34-day onslaught; and more powerfully placed politically in the aftermath of the war.

McGeough also quoted renowned analyst on Middle-East military affairs, Anthony Cordesman of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, where the latter expressed doubts on whether Israel has learnt from its own history of frustration.

Cordesman told The Washington Post: By now Israel should have realised that [this kind of attack] rarely has any decisive effect.

At best you get another faltering ceasefire, and then the whole thing begins again. Both sides have been escalating to nowhere. Every time this kind of violence breaks out, it becomes harder to move forward.

In fact al Fatah spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi - winner of the 2003 Sydney peace Prize (objected to like sh*t by Australian Jews but rebuffed by former Labour NSW Premier Bob Carr, husband of former Malaysian Anne Helena John Carr) - warned:

This will enhance the standing of Hamas. People are sympathising with Hamas as the people who are being ruthlessly targeted by Israel. They are seen as victims of ongoing Israeli aggression.

The leadership of Israel know that historically such Israeli attacks on Hamas had been unproductive, and as Anthony Cordesman said, with very little effect on the Palestinian organization, apart from endearing Hamas more with the Palestinians.

Why then would the Israelis re-commit such an error?

The official reason given for the disproportionate air attacks, with even a threat of a ground invasion, has been the rocket attacks across the Gazaan borders.

Now, that’s true, but those rockets attacks have been no different to what had been conducted before, prior to the ceasefire and even before that. So why the current show of feral and disproportionate aggression?

The true answer is obscenely perverse – yes, obscenely perverse!

It’s all to do with the coming Israeli election, where the leading prime ministerial candidate (as predicted by the polls) is Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party. The Likud is the offspring party of the old terrorist group, the Irgun, which had among its members, the bigoted father of Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff for Barack Obama.

Defence Minister Ehud Barak of the Labour Party and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni of Kadima (a splinter party of Likud), are both also vying for the PM post. It wouldn't do for them to be seen as 'soft' or 'complacent' in comparison to the jaguh on steroids, Netanyahu.

So the launching of the current Holocaust against the Palestinians of Gaza, with its wanton and criminally indiscriminate killing of women and children as well, and senseless bombing of civilian populated areas, have been a show of ‘siapa jaguh’ to the Israeli voters.

Methinks, secondary to the political directives (and secret objectives), the armed forces also want to recover its badly dented credentials after the pathetic showing against the Hezbollahs in the last war against Lebanon.

Thus both politicians and the military all want to, need to bash the Palestinian punching bag for their self interests.

But Ehud Olmert (in a last hurrah of hopeful glory before he leaves his PM post in ignominy), Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni are all guilty of obscene grandstanding murder of Gaza Palestinians in a Holocaust where this time the Israelis are the neo-Nazis.

So ... we see the regional superpower with its massive American equipped armanents endeavoring to annihilate the Palestinians with their primitive home-made rockets ... all as warmup entertainment for the Israeli elections.

Their conduct has been collectively made easy by two factors, (1) the Israeli racist disdain for the Palestinians (viewed as untermenschen or subhumans by the Israeli, ironically as the Nazis considered the Jews as untermenschen - it's like slaughtering sheep, so what's the big deal) and (2) the blind backing of the US.

Don’t be mistaken that the Israelis are like your ‘turn the other cheek’ lovey-dovey Christians. These people are Taliban-ishly feral and racist, as they always have been since the biblical days depicted in the Old Testament.

As 1 Kings 11:15-16 tells us:

For it came to pass, when David was in Edom, and Joab the captain of the host was gone up to bury the slain, after he had smitten every male in Edom;

For six months did Joab remain there with all Israel, until he had cut off* every male in Edom.

* exterminated

The Edomites were the descendants of Esau, the rightful heir of Isaac. He was cheated of his inheritance by his younger brother Jacob. Jacob, the father of all Jews, lied to and deceitfully cheated his father so as to steal his brother’s inheritance and his father’s blessing (meant for Esau).

King David, the Israelis’ greatest hero, inherited his ancestor's conduct of stealing by deceit, and stole his general’s wife while the general was at war for his king. David then deliberately sent Uriah, the cuckold general into battle to die so as to cover up the adulterous pregnancy of the general’s wife.

Today the descendants of Jacob and David continue to deceitfully steal from their Abrahamic cousins, the Arab Palestinians.

Alas, the change of guards in the White House is unlikely to bring about any fresh hope for the Palestinians, not with a biased neocon Zionist Chief of Staff influencing Barack Obama as had the neocon Zionist (1st and 2nd) Bush Administration led George W Bush by his nose* to do Israel's bidding.

* so just where the f* is Bush's promised road map to peace for a Palestinian State in 2008?

There was a time when many sympathetic to the long suffering Palestinians like me would have accepted an Israel within the 1967 borders, but after witnessing the current neo-Nazi like conduct of the Israelis in killing Palestinians indiscriminately as their ancestors did the Edomites, maybe it’s time to accept that the Middle-East would be better off without the Israelis there.

There won’t ever be any peace but more senseless killings on both sides so long as the Israelis insist on denying the Palestinian their identity and land (apart from continuously stealing them in Jacob-ite deceitful fashion). No Palestinian will ever accept an Israeli imposed Bantustan, which has been the reason for the Hamas’ and indeed Fatah’s struggle against the children of Jacob.

Come to think of it, in the USA (perhaps somewhere in the Nevada desert or Utah salt lakes) there could be a good new ‘Israel’ for those neo-Nazis. Let the Yanks deal with the new ‘Hebrews’ they love – after all, America can easily absorb 6 million Israelis into their already thriving 5.

And following that biblical quote from 1 Kings, let’s end with another quote from 2 Kings 8:21-22

So Jehoram went to Zair with all his chariots. The Edomites surrounded him and his chariot commanders, but he rose up and broke by night; his army, however, fled back home.

To this day, Edom has been in rebellion against Judah. Libnah revolted at the same time.


  1. Well, the Jews beat the Arabs around for their own electoral ends while the Malays beat the Chinese and Indians for the same ends. So w.t.f is new in this world KT. Told you before, never trust a slick salesman.

  2. KTemoc, you seem to keep track of happenings in the Mid East closely. What in your opinion explains the puzzling act of Hamas?

    According to news reports, Hamas allegedly fired some rockets into Israeli territory thus leading to the present flare-up of fighting.

    Hamas must be aware by now that Israel would respond ferociously to any such provocation.

    So the puzzling question is, why did Hamas decide to provoke the Israelis in the first place?


  3. I'm a Dhimmi living in this Islamic-state wannabe. Right now my prognosis for my grand children's religious rights in this country by the time they reach adulthood is not good.

    Well, I do feel sorry that the Israelis are bashing the hell out of the Gaza Palestinians, most of whom are likely innocent, but some of whom are probably guilty of terrorist acts.

    Forgive me, but somehow I can't seem to get really upset to see the Palestinians getting pummelled.

    It sound callous, but I'm just being honest.

  4. Dhimmi,

    The ketuanan melayu propagandists are exactly like the zionists-you're failing to see that the palestinians are equal to those in malaysia fighting ketuanan melayu.

    The hypocrisy of the west is breathtaking. They forced the palestinian authority to have free and fair elections and as soon as the people spoke by election Hamas, they proceeded to ignore the result and have nothing to do with Hamas. Play by their rules, but if the results don't match their aspirations, change the rules.

    The west must realise that democracy may lead to outcomes they don't like-you may end up with anti-democracy Islamists in the middle east; but if you deal with them you may just yet get them to behave democratically. Ignore the results of the people's will at your own peril.

  5. Israel is doing what the Americans and the Europeans don't have the balls to do - to roll back, in no matter how small way, the clear and present threat to civilisation from Islamist extremism.

    I say BRAVO ISRAEL !

  6. Pro,

    Jeff Halper, an American-Israeli, said that the Palestinians are the most secular out of all the Arab nationalities. So how is bombing their houses in Gaza suppose to be leading the way to crushing Islamic extremism. As far as i can tell, YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THOSE PEOPLE WHO CELEBRATE SUICIDE BOMBINGS.

    Back to Ketemoc, i too think that this Operation Cast Lead is absolutely wrong. However, there are two things that i was a bit disturbed in reading this post.
    One, a lot of people like to use biblical/Qur'anic passages to show the treu nature of "these people" i.e. Jews/Arabs. Plus calling the Israelis to be neo-Nazis does not help in conveying what the Israelis are thinking. A lot of people like to use a lot of hyperbole to prove their point (e.g. "it is 1939, Iran the Germany and Ahmadinejad is Hitler"), but while i think that you're of sound intelligence, i find that most people who relate to such exaggerations are idiots.

    Two, while i'm not a fan of Israel, especially given its opression of the Palestinians, i was distrubed by the statement "maybe it’s time to accept that the Middle-East would be better off without the Israelis there." IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST WITH AN ISREAL IN IT!

    Especially when there are a number of Isreali activists like: Jeff Halper in the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Rabbi Arik Ascherman and Rabbi for Human Rights, Uri Avnery and Gush Shalom, as well as human rights organisation such as B'Tselem, Women in Black, Maschom Watch and even the resfuseniks, hundreds of Israeli youths who refused to serve in the mandatory military service in the Israeli army. It is a growing community that work to stop the occupation and make peace with the Palestinians. And this is for everyone reading this: IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT ENDING THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT, PLEASE READ UP MORE ON THE NAMES THAT I MENTIONED ABOVE!

  7. Happy New Year to all and may year 2009 brings better time.

  8. Imad, you fight fire with fire - the biblical quotes are for the Christian Right, espeically those in America who have been backing the Israelis blindly in the latter's atrocities.

    Besides the clash between the Palestinians and the Israeli rightwing cum extreme orthodox religious camps is a situation calling for biblical quotes.

    Yes, I acknowledge the sterling human rights work of people like Uri Avnery (yes, I read his column in Gush Shalom), as well as human rights organisation such as B'Tselem and Women in Black, and Guy Grossman, one of the founding members of the Israeli soldiers' organisation, 'Courage to Refuse'.

    Maybe I'll blog on why I believe that some Israelis (at least those in the Likud and Kadima and the ultra orthodox religious camps) have been behaving like neo-Nazis.


  9. Why no outrage over the slaughter by Islamists in Mumbai ?
    In fact quite a lot of commentators chose to do a long-winded blame on the US for the carnage in Mumbai...Porrah...

  10. Anon, read http://ktemoc.blogspot.com/2008/11/monsterous-murders-in-mumbai-whos.html

    porrah ;-)

  11. Salam, Encik Ahmad of 30/12/08 9:32pm

    KT has not replied to your question, so allow me to comment a bit on the topic.

    Even a child can understand that if we were a chihuahua then we shouldn't try to pick a fight with a rottweiler because the outcome will not be pretty. For the chihuahua, that is.

    Here, we have Hamas (which is definitely very much a chihuahua when compared to the superior weaponry and firepower of the Israeli army or the rottweiler in this analogy) trampling on the sleeping rottweiler through the act of firing of rockets into Israeli territory.

    Hamas knows fully well from past experience that doing things like that would result in swift and brutal reprisals from the Israeli army.

    Yet, despite knowing this, the mischief makers or perhaps they prefer to be called Brave Warriors of Palestine chose to carry out the provocation and then scurried away like rats to hide safely in their underground tunnels leaving the helpless, defenceless, non-combatant residents of Gaza who have no where to run to and no safe place to hide, to bear the full brunt of the expected and inevitable savage retaliation from the Israeli military.

    This can only leave unbiased, non-partisan observers to surmise that Hamas willingly in a cold-bloodedly calculating and cynical way sacrificed the lives of ordinary Gaza residents so as to use their deaths to show Israel in a bad light, to point out to the rest of the world how cruelly and inhumanely Israel treats the Palestinian people.

    In this respect, Hamas must be held as equally guilty as the Israeli army in the death and destruction wrought upon Gaza. Hamas' leaders too cannot absolve themselves of blame for failing to rein in their trouble-makers or Fearless Lions of Islam as they probably desire to be called.

    The ordinary residents of Gaza surely like most people all over the world just want to be left in peace to eke out a living and to bring up their children in a safe and peaceful environment. They certainly don't deserve this kind of nonsense. What Hamas has done to them is terribly egregious.


  12. Compared to Ktemoc, I much prefer this Malaysian's more balanced view of the events.


    Most of the civilian Palestinian casualties are no doubt innocent victims, but Hamas IS NOT AN INNOCENT PARTY to the conflict.

  13. Who will bet with me that the Israeli assault on Gaza will stop the moment Hamas end their rocket attacks on the southern part of the Jewish state? Ask yourself who the fuck started the fighting when Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005. Hamas is acting like a bully who started and lost a fight and then went crying bloody murder to his parents

  14. Sulaiman (or Solomon), my post answers Ahmad's question - please see paragraph:

    "There won’t ever be any peace but more senseless killings on both sides so long as the Israelis insist on denying the Palestinian their identity and land (apart from continuously stealing them in Jacob-ite deceitful fashion). No Palestinian will ever accept an Israeli imposed Bantustan, which has been the reason for the Hamas’ and indeed Fatah’s struggle against the children of Jacob."

  15. Hamas just a proxy for Iran and all these are Iran's doing?

    read http://7rangers.blogspot.com/2009/01/real-problem-is-iran-by-michael-ledeen.html

  16. "Sulaiman (or Solomon)"

    I dislike your insinuation that anyone who disagrees with your view on the Palestinians is a Jewish or Israeli agent.

  17. Who says that 'Solomon' is a name monopolised by or exclusively for Jews? The use of 'Solomon' had been to highlight my disbelief his name was 'Sulaiman'.

    And where is the suggestion that my response was in rebuke of his contrarian views - I had merely pointed out to him the part of my post which answered the query he claimed wasn't answered.

  18. anak melaka - thanks for your lead. This was teh comment I left there:

    "Major Swami is hardly an unbiased party - he is known to be extremely pro Israel (by virtue of him being a staunch Christian, not unlike those American fundamentalist Christian Right who blindly support and by the power of their voting bloc, ensure each US Administration automatically supports Israel) - see my 2-year old post http://ktemoc.blogspot.com/2006/08/malaysians-split-over-palestine.html where I first mentioned Major Swami.

    By bringing in the Iranian bogey man behind every ME bush, Major Swami has conveniently ignored or wanted us not to remember that the real cause of the animosity/hatred the Palestinians have for the Israelis has been that (i) their land were and still are being stolen by the Israelis (by use of their American supplied superior armanents), and (ii) they are being humiliated and oppressed on a daily basis as 'untermenschen' (subhumans) who are locked up in the Israeli created Bantustan ('nigger' areas) of Gaza and West Bank."

  19. Doesn't sound like your comment has been allowed through.....

  20. awaiting moderation at 7 Rangers - let's see whether the administrator will allow it, as kaytee allows all comments (save those that are likely to get me into trouble with law suits or the gomen wakakaka)

  21. Holocaust in Gaza!? Caramba, you mean the Jews are marching the Gazans into gas chambers there? Wake up, you old fool!

  22. and it takes a bigger fool to call someone a fool ;-) wakakakakakakakaa

    you obviously have not heard of Nanjing, Rwanda, Cambodia - any gas chamber there?

  23. Ktemoc - "Who says that 'Solomon' is a name monopolised by or exclusively for Jews?"

    How many non-Jews these days name their children "Solomon" ? (as spelt in that way - I'm well aware the basic name exists in different variations throughout many Semitic languages).

    Your retort is very similar to the one I read from another strongly pro-Palestinian American columnist who responded to a commentator named "Ishak" - and he sneered "or should I call you Yitzhak ?" - and I have no doubt THAT guy regards anyone who doesn't agree with his Middle East views as a Zionist agent.

  24. 'Solomom' is the 486th most popular baby's name in the USA, let alone in other European, Australasian and even Christian countries like the Philippines, some parts of India, SA, and various African nations etc.

    Yitzhak is definitely a Jewish name. The Jewish/Israeli equivalent of 'Solomon' is 'Shelomoh'.

    You must be new to my blog to accuse me of labelling people who don't agree with my views on the ME as Zionist agent. In Malaysia there are only two wakakakakakakakaka - one has 'retired' (at least temporarily) whilst the other is a blogging colleague (colleague mind you, not buddy wakakakakakaka)

  25. Is there any riots, overturning of cars, demonstration by the Jews etc. when the Hamas missiles hit their towns?

    Victims - the innocent folks in the Gaza strip and the Jews living in the missile hit towns.

    Culprits - Hamas leaders who caused trouble and then run and hide among the innocents

  26. The Israelis have over the years created "Bantustans" similsr to what white rule did in South Africa. It follows that there can only be a one state solution to the Pleatinian crisis based on a modified version of what brought white rule to an end in South Africa.

  27. Never forget that Hamas is a creation of Israel to divide the PLO. It was registered in Israel 1978 in Israel under the Name Al- mujamma Al- Islamia

  28. Hi All

    Try reading these:




    Phua Kai Lit

  29. Hello to all (whatever side you suport). Maybe the most important issue has not been included in this on-line debate.
    I consider the peolpe´s well being to be a priority.
    War between different populationas fought for economic and political interests has always been the motor of human conflict.

    I don´t understand why instead of cooperating in a integrated idea and complementing analysis for common comprehension is not a point where the people that comment aim for.

    Let´s not debate to know who is right or wrong, for no one is. Everyone of us comes from different cultures, experiences and careers.

    Focus on constructive comparison on pacific personal point of views and create recyprocal communicative action. This is a start.