Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim deafeningly silent on PAS' Hudud vow

Malaysiakini - Hudud laws - Anwar must clarify Pakatan's stand!

But will he?

Afterall, this man has still hutang the public his promised disciplining of Zul Nordin, the Kulim Wonder, so how dare we expect him to publicly commit himself on this far more serious matter?

Dr Sivamurugan Pandian, a Penang-based academician, opined that the Pakatan Rakyat is in danger of a break-up if the PAS-DAP imbroglio over PAS' insistence on implementing Hudud laws in a PR Islamic state continues ..... naturally to the immense delight of UMNO and the rest of BN (particularly MCA and Gerakan).

Dr Siva may well be pissing into the wind when he urged the PKR de facto leader to intervene.

And Dr Siva certainly hit the nail on the head when he stressed that the Pakatan premier-designate cannot afford to sweep the contentious issue under the carpet.

Er … he hit the nail on the head in stating Anwar cannot afford to act dunno.

As for ‘premier-designate’ … wakakaka ... for one frightening moment I though Dr Siva was the MP for Padang Serai, Gobalakrishnan of PKR, who let us know he stopped millions of buses carrying billions of phantom voters for his 'beloved leader' during the Permatang Pauh by-election (see Malaysiakini 'phantom' buses stopped, MP and sons arrested), and ...

... who during the PKR general assembly called for a round of applause in praise of Anwar Ibrahim even after Mr Man Man Lai couldn't explain his vain boast of 916 – wakakaka.

Watch out lah, Koh Tsu Koon, you have a PKR clone of you liao wakakakakakaka.

Dr Siva said the PAS-DAP public stoush over an Islamic-state and hudud laws would not have occurred if the Pakatan leadership had defined and agreed on the coalition’s common causes and objectives.

He lamented that Anwar had failed to establish a common policy on political governance and social-economic development in Pakatan-administered states.

Well, my dear doctor, Anwar has been rather absorbed in his frantic attempts to wrestle rule through party defections that he has naturally ignored the development of good coalition policies.

Even in Parliament it had been left to Lim Kit Siang to perform magnificently as the de facto opposition leader, as Dean Johns, Malaysiakini columnist had observed.

Alas, Anwar couldn’t even be present at Parliament recently to receive Jerit’s memorandum, whereas Lim KS was there to lend morale support to those intrepid cyclists.

The poor cyclists had pedalled hundreds of kilometres to deliver the symbolic message to him and the PM, yet he couldn't even make the short journey to Parliament.

Despite my criticisms of Anwar Ibrahim for his lack of focus on good opposition political responsibilities (unlike Uncle Lim), I still hope he can do something to stop the PAS-DAP public stoush, or we might as well kiss the concept of PR goodbye.

But I have my doubts about this so-called leader who certainly has the talent but lacks the commitment to be opposition leader (because he has his own agenda).

If he has been truly serious about the PR, he would have immediately disciplined the thug in his party but he has shown thus far he lacks the balls or the inclination to do that.


  1. As someone who voted for opposition during MArch 8, I'm so disappointed that PAS is still trying to be Taliban, Anwar always silent about Pakatan discord and Kit Siang always trying to be Chinese champion.


  2. when Dr.M declare Malaysia an Islamic State what did MCA , MIC ,
    Gerakan PPP did ?

    As usual just keep quiet and carry on being a minister and hope it will just fade away.

    MCA MIC Gerakan PPP the people can still remember.

  3. Bangsa Cina Malaysia you should know the difference between Dr M Islamic state and PAS HUDUD.

    It is totally different.

  4. hudud law is good .... if malaysia got hudud law, snatch thieves, robberies will be greatly reduced....

    dap should be open mind over here ..

  5. What KT lamented all these years are coming to past. DSAI, thus far has not shown any attempt to strengthen PR or to build a genuinely strong opposition. Maybe it is true what KT has being saying, DSAI is waiting for UMNO to embrace him to their fold...sigh

  6. "hudud law is good .... if malaysia got hudud law, snatch thieves, robberies will be greatly reduced...."

    THe cops can't even CATCH the bad guys, so punishment doesn't matter.

  7. If you follow what "Dr" Sivamurugan Pandian's statements on Anwar over the last year, he is basically a KT-ish Anwar basher.
    So please don't treat him as a neutral observer.
    I suppose his position in USM is BN-dependent...just like a certain UM Chandra...

    Anyway, if Anwar doesn't do anything about this, he deserves to be pummelled. But if you observer how he operates, he doesn't and won't shoot from the hip on such a serious issue.

    KTemoc would have been more credible if he questioned Anwar's silence to date, but instead straight away condemning him.

    As far a Jerit is concerned, if you have been following their campaign from the start, instead of just shooting from the hip, you would realise they have been heavily assisted by PKR, to the extent bloggers like Jed Yoong have dismissed the Jerit cycling campaign as a PKR front.

    So Anwar was correct not to show his face - exposing himself to accusations of political opportunism.

    But we all Ktemoc has absolutely no interest in treating Anwar with any modicum of fairness....

  8. Be Fair said: "KTemoc would have been more credible if he questioned Anwar's silence to date, but ..."

    Well, tell me please, what has Anwar Ibrahim done thus far regarding his promise to discipline the Kulim Wonder?

    If that's not questioning Anwar's silence on an overdue issue, then what would be?

    His evasive non-action against Zul Nordin shows his preference NOT to commit himself clearly and unequivocally on difficult issues - unlike Lim KS he lacks the courage to be upfront with his political stand.

    Then re Jerit, Be Fair stated: "So Anwar was correct not to show his face - exposing himself to accusations of political opportunism."

    "... political opportunism ..."?


    What a joke of a question where Mr Man Man Lai and his deformasi (note: not reformasi) froggie doctrine are concerned. He is the very epitome of political opportunism if anything!

    But I'm not questioning PKR in general, as I have the greatest respect for people like Din Merican, Elizabeth Wong and a few others (but I've lost my erstwhile respect for Dr Syed Husin) ...

    ... but why couldn't have Anwar Ibrahim step down from his self-imagined high and mighty 'position' to greet the Jerit cyclists as others have, people like Lim KS and even Tian Chua?

    Is he afraid of being associated with Indian movements like Hindraf and Jerit?

    And let the Hindu temple bells ring loudly on this!

  9. Well... Karpal Singh has requested Anwar to say something... not sure when he will... Let's side bet~

    By the way, the joker plus backstabber Tian Chua said it's not necessary for Anwar to speak out... Interesting hah~

    PKR, ever since the BA time, has never ever stand firm in telling us, whether or not it supports an Islamic ala Theocracy state, and whether or not Malaysia is a secular state (by constitution)...

    Led by Tian Chua, the so called PKR-Chinese fragment was bombing the DAP during those years in BA and said Islamic state is a non-issue... Another socialist joker, Dr Kua, even hinted that DAP should just bow down and act like it heard nothing about the Islamic state issues...

    what makes a political party a political party? Is it not the principle and ideology that the party in general holding?

    What's PKR's ideology and principle anyway? Socialism? Populism? Capitalism? Parliamentary democracy? or Froggism and Anwarism?

    It seems like Anwar IS the party's ideology thus far... so why not Anwar state his stand?

  10. Anwar mesti berbelah bahagi tak tahu nak sokong parti mana.haha.sebab dua-dua parti beri kelebihan pada dia dan PR.

    Anwar tak boleh diharap sangat pun.entah-entah kat DAP dia kata lain n kat PAS dia kata lain.

  11. I'm not an Anwar fan, but I neither do I dislike him.

    He's done a lot to give the country a view of alternative possibilities and a healthy competition to a sick BN. Lets face the political realities of this country's demographics. Those "alternative possibilities" had to be enunciated by a popular Malay politician. Lim Kit Siang or Karpal Singh, effective opposition they may be, will not provide the real pressure on UMNO, but Anwar can.

    But I agree with Karpal Singh that Anwar needs to go public and sort out this Hudud spat. It has the potential to sink PR.

  12. What to do ? Too many people have put their faith blindly in Al-Juburi. He's going to dissapoint all of them. Gaya saje...

    Anyway, just to be fair and balanced on this issue...has anyone noticed UMNO's deafening silence on this HUDUD issue ?
    The government-controlled Malay papers dare not talk about it.
    MCA and Gerakan are doing a wall-to-wall attack on PAS, but unlike Karpal, they dare not ask what is UMNO's position...

  13. Except for Azizah as an official wife, Nuar is keeping to many concubines, karpal, guan eng, bar council, HINDRAF and kit siang.

    The concubines are now quarelling, to avoid confrontation Nuar goes for hiding, but not trukish embassy again.

  14. Anwar tak berani nak bersuara dalam isu ini. Tapi macam biasa nanti, kalau depan orang bukan Islam dia pasti kononnya menentang perlaksanaan hukum ini tapi bila depan orang Islam, perkara sebaliknya akan berlaku.