Monday, December 15, 2008

Height of bloated brazen bullsh*t

Malaysiakini - Harris: Umno has lost its moorings.

Harris in this case is Harris Salleh, former (6th) CM of Sabah, and current proponent of Ketuanan Melayu.

You want to know more about him? Read this and this ;-)

So what did this man say?

Malaysiakini reported: Former Sabah Chief Minister Harris Mohd Salleh said he believes in retrospect that Umno lost its moorings in 1987 when under party president and premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

When he was the CM he was bodek-ing Dr M (then PM) like hell, Mount-Kinabalu-ishly ampu-ing the Old Man up so high until the latter's two feet couldn't even reach or touch the soils of Sabah wakakaka; and now he criticized Dr M?


Then according to Malaysiakini he said: More than this, there is public perception that money politics, corruption and mismanagement are rife in Umno and the federal government.

Harris Salleh piously pontificating about the evils of money politics?


There's more on what Malaysiakini has reported on Harris Salleh's recommended 'reforms' for UMNO, but I better stop lah before I die of laughing.

Oh, 'reforms'! Now where was it I heard this word before?



  1. Harris is my Hero !
    We need more leaders like him.

  2. What a shameless guy. He used to be a major component of the same corrupted and racist regime he now criticizes. Wow!


  3. HS bugger was a big corrupter during his rein as CM of Sabah, that was the main reason why Pairin manage to kick his bloody ass out of CM office.

  4. No one singlehandedly did more to get Sabahans to vote for PBS in 1985 than this egotistical self-centred bastard who thought he was god-over the years, nothing has changed his character. Relegating Tambunan to a sub-district to punish Pairin and handing over Labuan to KL killed him, and rightfully so.

    The man's pronouncements must be taken witha pinch of salt.

  5. I think in hindsight, Harris is actually better than the guy who replaced him- whats-his-name Piring Kitingan ?

  6. How'd you arrive at that conclusion? Harris Salleh ruled a state at the height of the timber boom and through the largesse of the federal govt. Pairin took over and immediately the funds were closed down. It's hard to compare the two situations as we're comparing apples with oranges.

    Pairin may well have sold his soul back to the BN now but in his heyday we were proud to be Sabahan standing up to the imperialist federal govt, rather than Harris Salleh who sold us out to KL and even gave Labuan away. His ability to beat the BN during their highly corrupt 1994 Sabah state election campaign (led by one still unrepentant Anwar Ibrahim....) showed how despite having the might of the federal machinery stacked against him and without recourse then to the alternative media the people still chose PBS-officially 25/48 seats but we all know if it were free and fair it would have been quite a comfortable victory.

    Harris Salleh led BERJAYA to 6 seats out of 48 in 1985 despite monopolising the state machinery-the people spoke loud and clear.

    On what basis would you say Harris Salleh was better, if we remove the economic good times of his era which was hardly of his own doing?

  7. This mother%$#@ should never be given any dues.Look at Sabah today and what it has become.We could compare it with the Phillipines.And this was this idiot who amazed so much wealth that the poor sabahans are fed nothing.
    This rogue should be strung up to a tree and hung and shot like a dog.
    this guy has the gall to talk of corruption to us.

  8. He's misunderstood and unappreciated, just like Tun Dr. Mahathir.

  9. oh yes, misunderstood and unappreciated-he was part of the conspiracy to give false ICs to illegal immigrants; he was corrupt and zealously attacked the KDM community-what a great man.

  10. "This rogue should be strung up to a tree and hung and shot like a dog"

    Waste of bullet lah. Just sula him the way Mahsuri was sula-ed.

  11. remember the followign privatisation
    a) KTMB
    b) Indah Water
    c) MAS
    d) PSC Naval

    What are their most common character? They failed the moment they got privatised!!!!

    Oh now you Govt want to privatised our hospitals.... compare our tax rate with that of Canada... we are not far off... over there, HOSPITALISATION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE, AND EDUCATION TOO!!!!