Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Like a Netflix thriller: Raisi's death revives talk of Mossad's free run in Iran

Social media is abuzz with conspiracy theories about the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash. The helicopter carrying Raisi and foreign minister minister Hossein Amirabdollahian crashed on Sunday while traversing mountainous terrain in dense fog.

Occurring amid the Israel-Hamas war in which Iran-backed militant groups Hezbollah and the Houthis are also attacking Israel, Raisi's accidental death will make Israel a suspect, especially after Israel's alleged strike on April 1 on Iranian consulate in Damascus, the capital of Syria, killing seven officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including two senior commanders, which provoked Iran to launch a missile-and-drone attack on Israel, the first direct conflict in an old shadow war ..

Iran has not indicated any foul play in the crash but conspiracy theories calling it an Israeli hit job are rife. What gives wind to such theories is Israeli spy agency Mossad's extraordinary capability to strike inside Iran.

Israel's extraordinary operations within Iran

In the past, Israel has been said to be behind several daring attacks on critical installations as well as important personalities within Iran. 

In a stunning operation in 2020, Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in what Iran called a new type of "complex operation", blaming arch-foe Israel and an exiled opposition group. The "operation was very complex, using electronic equipment and no one was present at the scene," the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Rear-Admiral Ali Shamkhani, had told state TV. Fakhrizadeh was driving his car when he was killed with a robotically operated machine gun mount. The sniper was sitting at an undisclosed location over 1,000 miles away, controlling the machine gun on a computer screen.



  1. Helicopters are inherently more dangerous than fixed wing aircraft.
    Flying In bad weather in a 1970s helicopter with Black market spare parts is potentially positively deadly.

    Some people just can't handle facts.

    1. Some mfer, just can't link events - chronically & between the readings of multitudes of FACTS!