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Fennec copter not flying at correct height when it crashed, says navy chief

Fennec copter not flying at correct height when it crashed, says navy chief

Crew members were fit to fly, says admiral.

Updated 13 minutes ago · Published on 30 May 2024 2:25PM

Rescue personnel arrive at the scene of a helicopter crash, near the Royal Malaysian Navy base in Lumut, Perak, on April 23. – Fire and Rescue Department pic, May 30, 2024.

THE failure of a naval helicopter to fly at the correct height and on the set course has been identified as the main cause of a mid-air collision last month in Lumut.

Navy chief Admiral Abdul Rahman Ayob said the the Fennec aircraft did not have a black box.

"The board has concluded that there was no human error involved as the Fennec did not have a black box to surmise a connection to human error.

"What we can conclude is Fennec was not flying at the set height and flight path," he told a press conference in Gombak today.

He said the final report tallied with the preliminary findings that were released earlier.

Two navy helicopters, an AgustaWestland AW-139 and a Eurocopter AS555SN Fennec, collided last month while training for the 90th Naval Day celebration.

The AW139, with seven crew members, crashed on the stairs of the TLDM stadium while the Fennec with three on board crashed into the swimming pool in the sports complex.

All 10 crewmen died in the crash.

Rahman said investigations into the crash did not find any sign of hypoglycaemia or fatigue in the crew.

He said the crew members were fit to fly.

"Their deaths were caused as a result of multiple injuries due to the aviation crash," he said.

He said the black box in the AW139 helicopter that the Fennec crashed into showed that the former did not have any mechanical problem.

He said the two helicopters were maintained according to regulations and the guidelines of their manufacturers.

He said the weather conditions on the day were suitable for flying.

"For the AW139, the black box was used to assist in the investigation while for the Fennec, its flight profile through air simulation using an actual helicopter was used.

"Cooperation from the OEM was sought to assist in the investigation. Airbus Helicopter confirmed that there was no equipment with non-volatile memory on the Fennec to assist in the investigations," he said. – May 30, 2024.


kt comments:

Kerbau galore, for example:

1. If the Fennec aircraft is said as not to have a black box, how in the 'F' could the inquiry determine it did not fly at the set height and flight path, when the aircraft and its crew have all perished - no witness lah?

2. In a formation, the following/formatting aircraft, in this case the Fennec aircraft, was NOT supposed to fly at the set height and flight path - the formatting aircraft should strictly/accurately follow the lead aircraft (the AgustaWestland AW-139) but keeping safe SOP formation station.

In any formation, the lead aircraft decides on the track, height, and communication of the entire formation, even for that of the following/formatting aircraft.

More Realistic Conclusion:

The pilot of the Fennec aircraft did not keep formation station correctly (thus flew formation inaccurately), flying too close to the lead aircraft, to such a dangerous degree of inaccuracy as to "fly into the rotor blades or/and fuselage" of the lead aircraft - to wit, the following/formatting aircraft (Fennec) crashed into the lead aircraft (AgustaWestland AW-139).

I marvel at the extent to which an inquiry refuses to come out with the truth, that the aircraft following the lead had "CRASHED" into its leader.

And I cried when I read that "The board has concluded that there was no human error involved as the Fennec did not have a black box to surmise a connection to human error" - no human error involved?????


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    3. It has been reported (likely true) that Near 100% of Chinese men are myopic, and very few able to pass the eyesight test standards for military pilots.

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  3. It reads like a Russian Military Watch report.

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