Sunday, February 22, 2015

PAS for Permatang Pauh?

In Malaysiakini's For P Pauh polls, PKR should break mould the author Terence Netto suggested that PKR do what Dr Mahathir did for Anwar Ibrahim in 1982 when he parachuted AI into Permatang Pauh instead of nominating another more senior candidate from the party.

Terence Netto penned: The then-prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was shaping to dissolve Parliament, having been in office for nine months after succeeding retired Hussein Onn the previous July. Requiring as a newly-installed PM a fresh mandate from the people, Mahathir caused a huge surprise by reaching across the political divide to induct Anwar Ibrahim, then Abim president and nascent leader of the Malaysian opposition, into Umno.

The sensation of that induction had barely time to recede when Anwar was announced as the party’s candidate to wrest the Permatang Pauh seat, held by PAS, in the polls scheduled for late April.

Until the announcement of his joining Umno was made, Anwar had been more likely to become president of PAS upon incumbent Mohd Asri Muda’s retirement although he did not hold a position in the party and neither was he a member.

But by doing so, Dr Mahathir effectively chopped off from PAS a potential and dangerous leader who could have wrecked severe political damage on UMNO, wakakaka.

I was headhunting then, subsequently I chopped off his (political) head

And it must be said Dr M would not have succeeded in his brilliant strategic move if he did not have the willing cooperation of Anwar Ibrahim, who was then leader of ABIM and slated to be PAS President by former PAS President Fadzil Noor who loved Anwar.

Dr M had much to thank for in Anwar being (then) more than willing, enthusiastic and wholehearted in wanting to join UMNO ........ of course with the intention to change UMNO from within, but which he (Anwar) forgot to do so during the entire 16 years he was in UMNO and roosting at its exclusive top echelon of power, wakakaka.

Netto has suggested a similar, well almost similar Mahathir-ish strategy, where ..... PKR, with DAP support, can break new ground by loaning Permatang Pauh to PAS and fielding its vice-president Husam Musa in the upcoming by-election for the seat vacated by a convicted Anwar. 

Husam is under interdiction by the assertive ulamak wing of his party which seems determined to weed out progressives like him.

This is a retrograde move by the ulamak, a move reflective of a mind-set that prefers ideology over reality, essence over existence.

If the blood-thirsty 20th century taught humankind anything it is that the irruption of ideology into political realities is the recipe for much political woe.

But the religious inebriates of PAS contend they are only going about God’s business which incidentally is what the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq say they are doing. 

So, according to Netto, by saving Husam Musa from PAS ulama, Pakatan stands a better chance of surviving from the centrifugal intent of those PAS priesthood caste, yes, who seem bent on PAS going its separate way from Pakatan.

Will PKR listen to Netto?

I personally doubt it because PKR has a narrow outlook in politics that's completely non-charitable, devoid of Pakatan kam cheng*, nor strategic in its thinking in terms of Pakatan interests (only PKR interests), and frankly, quite avaricious**.

** see my post PKR destroying Pakatan in Sarawak

This is where I have to give some credit to Anwar Ibrahim who seems to be the only person in PKR who has a strategic sense of Pakatan's priority, even though it's only to optimize his personal conquest of Putrajaya, wakakaka.

Take the Gelang Patah case - when MCA chickened out despite or rather because the constituency has 54% Chinese voters, and surrender it to UMNO to contest [what a disgrace for MCA], Lim Kit Siang made a bid to contest same, but PKR Chua JM had had his eyes on that winnable seat.

But with Anwar's blessing Lim got the GP seat and won it, whilst as a party to party compensation, CJM was given the DAP's Segamat seat which he lost even to a party like MIC - Pordah!

And then there was those infamous PKR grab of Sarawak's state seats - for more, read my A letter to PKR.

But now with Anwar no longer in charge to stamp his imprimatur on any seat exchange or seat loan, I doubt PKR will ever consider Netto's suggestion.

But really, Netto has a point, though I wonder why he hasn't nominated Mat Sabu who's PAS deputy president but one still without any parliamentary status.

Besides I'm a bit weary of P Pauh remaining in the Anwar family cupboard - ya, I know, you'll be accusing me of anti Anwar vendetta, but I guess it's no point attempting to convince childish minded Myrmidons, wakakaka.

But do consider the merit of DAP's daring candidature in the last Teluk Intan by-election despite the likelihood of a loss, as an example of strategic thinking.

Yes sir, of late we have witnessed in several online news portal a burst of promotional publicity for Anwar's 2nd daughter, Nuha, which is hardly surprising since the same supporters have even been preposterously talking about her elder sister as PM in place of the father, wakakaka. Nurul Izzah is certainly sweet but hardly PM material at this stage of her political career but then, that's cultism for you, wakakaka.

But seriously, even if PKR doesn't want to loan the seat to PAS or god forbid the DAP (wakakaka), can't it nominate another candidate other than sweetie Nuha or non-recyclable Dr Wan, the latter in truth a reluctant pollie and one given to sprouting about God's gift to the people, wakakaka?

What about Badrul Hisham Shahrin who's better known to us as Chegubard?

Yes, he is currently under party suspension, unless of course he has already been expelled quietly or has left on his own accord, wakakaka.

I reckon his suspension has been unjustified in the usual PKR manner where questions on its questionable party polls (not once but twice) had been swiftly swept under the carpet, and with loud and noisy dissenters or complainants like Chegubard punished into silence.

During the last general elections, Chegubard suffered a number of unfair nonsense including the sabotaging of his last-minute contest in Sungei Aceh which turned into a 3-corner contest with PAS treacherously standing its Youth chairman Mohd Yusni Piah as a candidate in the same constituency, and worse, PAS members' physical assault of him an his wife at the election centre during election nomination.

Note: the samseng-ish assault brings to mind how PAS Mohamed Hanipa Maidin, a party central committee member, was assaulted recently by some PAS members - seems it's not only UMNO members, especially those in Penang wakakaka, who have been prone to violence. Hmmm, now could PAS claim it's an Islamic party with Islamic values? 

Nominating Chegubard as PKR's candidate in the pending P Pauh by-election will surely help heal party wounds and divisiveness and at the same time put forward a good and very popular candidate, especially with youths.

Another good PKR bloke, indeed a local Pulau Pinang man, would be Abdul Malik Abul Kassim. He is currently a Penang State exco member in charge of religious affairs, domestic trade & consumer affairs, all 3 portfolios gnam gnam as noteworthy credentials for him to contest P Pauh. Surely it's time for Malik to move up a grade to federal level politics.

thought at this stage it might be worthwhile for us to review a FMT article published after GE-13 (04 June 2013) titled Anwar, Azmin blamed for PKR losses which tells us:

In interviews with FMT, PKR figures at state and divisional levels said the top leaders of the three parties in the pact all made some blunders, but they reserved their harshest criticism for their own leaders, specifically party supremo Anwar Ibrahim and deputy president Azmin Ali.

Most of these informants were candidates in the election. Some of them won and some lost, but all of them said it would have been futile for them, as lower-rung leaders, to point out to the top leadership the errors they were making in preparing for the election.

They said the main reason PKR lost many promising seats, including those it won in 2008, was that the process of choosing candidates was dominated by Anwar and Azmin. Azmin chaired the party’s election committee, which had final say in the choice of candidates.

As a result, they added, the candidates they recommended were dropped in favour of the two leaders’ cronies.

“They even overruled the party president,” said one source.

“It’s okay if a candidate proposed by a division is rejected because he has some bad record or has never worked in the constituency identified for him.

“But many of the rejected candidates were clean and had worked tirelessly for the party. They had brought in new members and done all the other things that an aspiring candidate should do. Furthermore, they were well received by PAS and DAP at the respective constituencies.”
According to the sources, PKR could have won at least 10 additional parliament seats if the party had accepted the candidates proposed by the respective divisions. These are Bayan Lepas, Kulim Bandar Baru, Langkawi, Tanjung Malim, Bagan Serai, Pasir Salak, Hulu Selangor, Setiawangsa, Johor Bahru and Labuan.

Though P Pauh is virtually a blue ribbon seat for PKR, meaning it's very winnable even for PKR novices like Nurul Nuha or On/Off pollie like her mum, or any of Azmin Ali's henchmen, wakakaka, it best to remember the FMT article above and not rely on Azmin with the selection.

Indeed, it would be nice to have a credible candidate like party stalwart Chegubard or Abdul Malik Abul Kassim.

Party president Dr Wan could of course surprise us by nominating Chua Jui Meng, wakakaka. Yea right, that'll be the day.


  1. A PAS seat is a PAS seat.

    Under the current scenario where Hudud-totting PAS may soon choose to quit Pakatan due to irreconcilable differences over Hudud, its not the brightest idea to increase PAS seats by default.

  2. not only i cant understand netto terrific eng, i oso cannot understand how his suggestion bear a resemblence to what mahathir did. but as I always think to myself, u blogger write what you gotta write.

    1. Hahahahaha! Ask kaytee, isn't the same thing happened to Madhater when he was brought back from the dead by Jibby's daddy?

      Madhater did speak in PAS platform at one point of time

  3. When DAP selected neophyte son Ramkarpal to contest his late father's seat, I didn't read any objections to that.
    DSAI is still alive, in jail, but politically he is done with.
    Mind you there were already 2 other Karpal sons as elected representatives to continue his legacy.

    Why the double standards ?

    1. I agree with you that Ramkarpal's candidature in Gelugor had smelled the same as the proposed candidature of Nurul Nuha

    2. 2 are mps & 1 a penang state exco.

    3. yes, Gobind is MP for Puchong, Ramkarpal for Gelugor and Jagdeepnis teh ADUN for Dato Keramat Penang

      After his father's untimely death, Ramkarpal was the only Pakatan candidate for Gelugor

      All three like their late dad are lawyers, and all three Bhais won in Chinese majority seats which shows the multiethnic appeal of the DAP and rubbish Hindraf's nonsense in its demand for Indian majority seats

    4. @ kampong lad...

      sudah gaharu cendana pula... wakakaka... bukankah Gobind itu your very good boss/friend?

      - hasan

    5. The fact is, at this point in time, urban Chinese in the Klang Valley and Penang will close both eyes and vote Rocket. The identity of the candidate is almost irrelevant.
      Such is the impact of the toxic lies they have been fed about BN day after day.

    6. Yes, Kalai....all lies lah about BN.....where got corruption one ? madhatter just happened to turn maudlin in his senility crying about the "corrupt-to-the-core" leaders in Umno ....where got one ? All these oppos cakap bohong toxic one....they dare criticized our so eminent ex CJ who have so rightly raised the alarm that Malays will lose everything to the Chinese very soon at the rate things are going. And when these obviously penceroboh...trespassing into Malaya then....daring to breathe the same air as the true sons and daughters of the goodness.....charge them all for sedition...thank god for the Sedition Act...if not for this act, they will go Celaka-ing our Umno party who is the ONLY party who truly cares.....and they lie day in day out......and about this lie how our First Lady with her dozens of Birkin bags costing more than 120K a piece and her 24 mil ring when she just announced that housewife like her who don't have a salary have to cope with paying 1200 to dye her hair....what lah these people, did our dearest Rosmah asked the rakyat to eat cake ? She's not decadent like that one in France who died long ago when they separated her head which landed in a basket.

    7. dear hasan, if you expected a yes answer, minta maaf saja la. try again.

  4. DAP man Manogaran lost in Cameron Highlands against a very insipid Palanivel.
    So your comment about Chua JM not even being able to win against MIC is ignorant BS.
    For the record , the BN MP for Segamat is Health Minister Subramaniam, one of the best BN MPs.

    1. Cameron Highlands has always been MIC's stronghold and which has been why Palanivel commandeered it over from another MIC bloke. The DAP candidate came close to winning it. But had DAP contested in Segamat, the candidate would have won. However, I admit that Subramaniam is one of BN's better politician and generally a good bloke - all th best to hime

    2. Hahahahahaha! This cibai really believe in the truth independence of EC. Hahahahaha! So DAP has failed in capturing Bentong lo........since Thong Lai is so fucking weak

      Of course, I agree CJM should have won. Actually why grab Segamat when CJM can stand in Tebrau

  5. DAP has no record of winning in Segamat.

    1. DAP also has no record of winning in Gelang Patah, Kulai and Kluang before 2013, wakakaka

  6. DAP held Kluang in the 1980's but lost it after that unti GE13

    1. 80's to 2013 = approx 30 years or at least 6 general elections won by BN thus hardly a DAP stronghold wakakaka

      But nonetheless the fact is in 2013 DAP won Kluang, Kulai and Gelang Patah while CJM botched his chances in Segamat and thus th opportunity of returning to front line politics - kesian lah wakakaka, so why not give him another chance in Permatang Pauh, wakakaka again

    2. While I fully agree with kaytee that DAP may have a better chance, such talk by kaytee also meant that DAP has botched the chances of winning in seats such as Bentong, Cameron Highland and recently Teluk Intan. Don't think that help DAP"s cause at all.

      We should ask kaytee.......why stop there? Why not put Dyana Sofia?


      Syerleena Abdul Rashid?

      Why this cibai kaytee so cat one? Where the fuck is that cojonesless Lupus? Time to bite the cat

    3. Shafee, instead of CJM, could fare better in P P !


    4. looes the cibai, that's his title wakakaka, as always talked cock. One important factor in winning a seat is the renown of the candidate, hence Lim KS, Teo Nie Ching and DAP master-strategist Liew CT had an easier ride through than lesser known DAP newbie candidates like Mr Greenie, Wong Tack in Bentong (lost by just 379 to MCA President Liew Tong Lie) and sweetie Dyana Sofya (lost to Gerakan President by a mere 238 votes with polling deliberately held on a weekday to neutralize DAP traditional supporters who worked in other states). The two newbie faced BN giants and came damn close to slaughtering the two Goliath's.

      Manogaran, no doubt a season DAP pollie, lost by a mere 462 votes to MIC President.

      The DAP's daring nomination of sweetie has been a watershed in DAP politics, and has stirred the imaginations of Malaysians and changed their mindset on DAP even if sweetie had lost. It had been a sound strategic investment - dividends to come soon

      Lastly I hate to so this but looes the cibai as a cibai kid was already a cibai perv who cibai-ly "played" with his sister's cat and was thrashed by his late father severely, wakakaka

    5. LKS worked harder than almost everybody to win G Patah and other seats for DAP and PR in GE13. As the elections neared, he would attend ceramah in Penang and Gelang Patah all on the same night ! On the election eve, together with TB Hock's sister, he spoke to supporters in G Patah until midnight.


    6. Hahahahaha......Kaytee........

      "............sweetie Dyana Sofya (lost to Gerakan President by a mere 238 votes with polling deliberately held on a weekday to neutralize DAP traditional supporters who worked in other states)........."

      So now the deep throat at work? If EC can do this trick. You think EC won't do any other sinister moves

      Your another sweetie pie also complain about EC.........

      Flashback in history.........Who lost DAP parliament seat in Ipoh hah?

      LKS also complain about EC

      Don't twist and turn anymore la........Like I say whacking CJM won"t give any credibility. Especially when DAP lost 2 Ipoh seats in 1995........Only to be recovered in 2004

  7. How come Ktemoc is trustful of PAS when it comes to this particular subject ?

    1. Husam is a moderate ma!!!!!! Plus kaytee just wanna whack Anwar. That is all. Like I say, why stop at Husam? and not Syeerlena? What does young inexperience got to do with winning poll results? Soby kaytee standard, Teresa Kok should be banished since she lost..........which seat hah.......Come on Kaytee, tell me which seat?

      You chao cibai.........Just like that Wee Wee Boy.........Having too much personal vendetta with people. KOKS campaign.......Ring a bell, cibai

    2. stop cibai bullshitting lah, you chao cibai looes - Teresa Kok enjoys the BIGGEST majority anywhere in Malaysia for her Seputeh seat

    3. Teresa Kok contested Ipoh Barat in 1995 and lost to MCA.
      In 1999 she won Seputeh with a 5,200 majority, scrapped through considering the size of the constituency.

    4. 1995 was 20 years ago, before many of those abusing the Net was even born wakakaka

    5. 20 years past has never stopped Ktemic from dredging up incidences from Anwar's past.
      Just holding you to the same standards.

    6. 20 years past has never stopped Ktemic from dredging up incidences from Anwar's past.
      Just holding you to the same standards.

    7. But then again.........How many majority votes DAP has won in 1990? for all 3 Ipoh seats (Pasir Pinji, Ipoh and Batu Gajah)

      Tell me, you chao cibai kaytee. Tell me la.........Admit it cibai, you lose big this time!

      In mere 5 years, DAP lost all 3 seats........

      Okay, I believe you chao cibai would say this

      It is cibai Anwar........izzit?

    8. just like the Japs, no apology, 200 years oso unforgiven

    9. you chao cibai, why don't you go back to 1969, wakakaka

    10. Cibai.......your cibai jibby blog......One of few that is genuine.......1990 GE result (Look at Pasir Pinji, Batu Gajah and Ipoh result)

      1995 GE result

      Cibai.........what did Teresa Kok get, tell me you fucking cibai, go fuck spider la.

      Teresa Kok thrashed by 4K

      Another Ipoh timur result in 1995

      Are you going to commit sepuku?


    The PAS-UMNO alliance is very likely to become reality in the near future....I don't think its a good idea to add Permatang Pauh to become a "BN-friendly" seat.

  9. 'It had been a sound strategic investment - dividends to come soon'

    ish, ish, ish, very confident meh? when i looked at the ex-potential wakil rakyat of teluk intan, i saw lks's face.

  10. There are 2 cases which a Pakatan Rakyat appointed Attorney General will swiftly reopen once UMNO is voted out of power.
    The Anwar Ibrahim case, especially the allegations on Executive conspiracy, and the Altantuya murder case, with focus on who else was involved.
    Perhaps it is just an impossible dream, but the fact is PKR considers Anwar's Permatang Pauh seat just temporarily vacated.
    So they will insist it be filled by someone closely associated with Anwar.

    1. let me tell you what will happen when Pakatan becomes government and Anwar is pardoned by HM on recommendation by the Pakatan PM or the case reopen to declare his innocence and he then becomes PM - the Altantuyaa issue will be discarded like a used condom because it won't be needed anymore to serve Anwar's career move to become PM anymore.

    2. Hahahahahaha! At this rate, you really think PR got chance of becoming the government especially when you have coterie of government establishment working to ensure that BN and in this case, Jibby wins.

      Altantuya case discarded as condom!!!!!!! I wonder did Anwar really screw your cat so badly? Admit it!

      Just like Wee Wee boy hatred towards LKS and DAP..........resulting in massive DAP defeat in 1995. I attribute DAP defeat to you too because I am beginning to suspect you are part of KOKS gang

      Tell me kaytee.......what happen to James Wong? His words on LKS. And now he is with PKR.........Hahahahaha

      Kaytee is a gerakan closet fella who pretends to be DAP staunchest supporter. Who has zero idea of what humiliation Teresa Kok been through in 1995

      Plus.......just to refresh kaytee memory

    3. btw, other than the deceased's 3 lawyer-sons who are now wakil rakyat, don't forget that his daughter also is the same profession. so, comes ge14, is it not a perfect time to rope in a bhai woman as well? if i don't remember wrongly, gerakan had one punjabi woman.

    4. In Senate - I recall she cried when Yg Di Pertua of the Dewan Senate chewed her for not speaking in Bahasa

    5. Carry on, kampung lad.......whack kaytee........I feel so not stop whacking

    6. aiyo, how can i hentam kt, he's my kampong lang wor! just trying to put things into perspective - to where they belong. anyway, as a penangite, i strongly disagree with lge (we call him ah eng) for occupying the cm seat which rightfully and morally belongs the chairman of the state dap. now, he, being the sec-gen of dap, has the opportunity to rectify the situation by resigning from the post and taking up the job as an opposition leader in the dewan rakyat. but i doubt it, becos in the state, he's officially known as Tuan LGE. who conferred him the title, was it agong, sultan or the governor? if many people said 'ah khor' was bad, this ah eng is no better. cheers guys!

  11. Permatang Pauh is not for Nurul Nuha or PAS.

    - hasan

  12. DAP botched the Teluk Intan by election, no matter how you spin it.
    It was an existing DAP seat, the late incumbent won by a reasonable majority. The candidate was young and inexperienced, but hey, it was DAP's decision and choice.
    It was up to DAP to strategise and communicate. Being a by-election there was no excuse for lack of focus.

    1. let's not pretend the DAP in its watershed strategic move did not face many many obstacles. I have listed one where the EC played dirty and denied DAP of many of its supporters' votes which would have easily overcome teh 238 votes majority.

      Another which many don't want to talk about is the youth and Malay ethnicity of Dyana Sofya, but that's what made it a sea change in DAP's mentality and its multiracial image a la putting the money where the mouth is. Then there was Mah, a formidable local boy with local connections and the entire BN machinery behind him, including some dirty tricks to put the Malay voters including PAS supporters off. Despite all these in his favour, he managed to only scrape through with 238 votes against a young Malay lassie. It was undeniably a noteworthy DAP achievement.

      Then there was internal DAP dissent where some resented the parachuted young lassie.

      The list goes on where its collective threats was far more than a mere glib "It was up to DAP to strategise and communicate. Being a by-election there was no excuse for lack of focus" would have taken care off. And don't forget, it's not only a by-election for DAP's election machinery but also one for the BN mightier machinery.

    2. Admit it la, kaytee........James Wong who is far more credible (once pol sec for LKS) has spoken nong nong time ago

      Plus in this case, you chao cibai says that EC played dirty while having double standard on CJM. Fuck la you! How many time you wanna twist and turn

      Again like I say before......Why Husam? Why not Syerleena? Cibai

    3. chao cibai looes you asked stupid questions like "Why Husam? Why not Syerleena?"

      if you had bothered to use your cibai eyes and cibai brain (the latter if any at all) you would have Netto answering you stupid cibai question, okay Cibai? wakakaka

    4. Cibai kaytee......I must die die must correspond with Netto izzit......You cibai gelakan closet man.......Why just choose Husam and not Syerlenna? Ok.......let you be beri happy........why not ahmad awang, cibai.......

  13. As much as I must agree that Chua Jui Meng should have won Segamat seat easily, thus if not, DAP should stood there instead, whacking CJM would not do DAP any good. This personal vendetta spewed by this chao cibai kaytee towards (Anwar who is incarcerated in Sungai Bulog prison) does not help us the commoners. Perhaps, time to summon CL Flamiaris to do some exorcism. Or to reveal his border collie attitude in keeping those sheeps especially kaytee) in line........Hahahahahaha!

    Is it important meh? If Nurul Huda stands for PP.........Would the sky fell down (Remind you guys on kaytee"s complain towards Tony Pua)?

    So many thing to say.......Like time for LGE to plan for succession to next DAP leader for Penang CM ship........Remember what happen in 1995 and the following KOKS campaign

    By the way, Chegubard is based in Rembau. Time for him to return to Rembau and Abdul Malik should remain as DCM. Hehehehe! Anyway, let PKR choose their own candidates. Buay song, spoilt votes lor.........But then, think again, how could it help us by adding one more seat to Jibby

    Kaytee remarks on PKR ability of winning 10 more seats bear resemblances with what happen to DAP in 1995. While kaytee credibility is in suspect, James Wong was LKS pol sec, 1990 DAP Kampar MP.

    Frankly, LKS should listen to James Wong than this chao cibai nobody kaytee la

    1. you cibai you was involved in the KOKS propaganda and was probably the cibai person who compared LKS to Suharto (32)

      when did I say "PKR ability of winning 10 more seats" which proves cibai you has always been a f* cibai liar

      and who the cibai f* are you to promote (lie about) Abdul Malik to DCM - you chao cibai ignoramus liar! wakakaka

  14. wakakaka, so many history professors of the 90's like Richard and that chao cibai sing looes, the latter who has the thick skin to talk about malaysian politics - dei, chao cibai balik sing lah and go hold lky's hands



      Leonidas : So you are behind all this
      Jerxes : Leonidas, since you dare to rob my throne. I must ask this.......Must you yell all the time.....It loses its effectiveness, doing all the time. It would be very scary. People would expecting this as much

      Kapish, kaytee.......Why many many many people hated YOU.........Hahahahaha......Kindly watch United 300 to improve on your blogging........hahahahaha......

    2. I suspect a smelly(?) organ has mysteriously cemented the friendship of KT and looes. -huaren

    3. no hate la, just sometimes disagree, n dun appreciate the host double std, for instance, dap kalah mesti manyak excuse, kalu pkr kalah mesti either tu candidate atau party punya masalah, lge senyap itu kg buah bala kami punya host pun senyap juga, azmin hentikan kidex tak dengar sepatah pujian? kalu pkr tak kasi tu pematang pauh lain orang mesti narrow minded, kalu dap tetap khas utk orang dap mesti dia puji itu party berprinsip moreover with many sure win candidate. ku kadang baca sampai terasa ni satu cobaan hidun memahami cerita dongeng tak masuk akal, wakaka memang cobaan....

      having said that, the host at least dun censor us in the name of wrong spelling, dun know debate, racial or even vile n vulger unlike that hmmm...liberal british or that hypo din...i am old enuf to know what i am doing.

  15. This piece of news would demonstrate whether this cibai kaytee is a big fat sadistic pig or otherwise

    Of course, it comes with the fact that he is an atheist, devoid of humanity traits. Not just decency as Jambu had said.

    What the cibai fuck you are going this time........Cibai

  16. It is important to know the past to understand the present.
    However, holding 20-year old grudges against someone is a form of psychosis. A la "Psycho"

    Even the law has time limits for prosecuting someone for old offences, except for the most vile crimes.

    It is ridiculous to compare vis. Japan's inability to acknowledge its monstrous war crimes. There is simply no sense of proportion.

  17. re your "Japan's inability to acknowledge its monstrous war crimes" that's precisely my point, that "someone" wakakaka should acknowledge and repent his non-reformasi 16 years as a very powerful and very arrogant UMNO minister instead of giving all sorts of excuses - obviously "someone" has failed to " know the past to understand the present", 916 being a notorious example, wakakaka

  18. i only tabik him for one thing i.e. his persistence, perseverance and passion to become the prime minister never fade ever since he joined umno in 1982. the ngo namely angkatan belia islam malaysia (abim) of which he was the president are more inclined to pas. so, why did he join umno? becos umno is the only path to premiership.

    i remember of one penang umno veteran (dah balik kampong - may allah have mercy on his soul) said to us about him - 'anwar tak boleh jadi perdana menteri' and when asked why, he just gave us a sly smile.

    he possesses a very strong character which not many people have and it's entirely up to him to use the attributes in a positive or negative way. strength that is abused even unintentional will turn out to be weakness.