Friday, January 31, 2014

To Damascus

Once he was the ultimate anwarista, though not a violent one, au contraire a very refined gentleman, believing in the idealism of reformasi and in the World's Greatest Leader who like Moses would lead Malaysians out of the wilderness, a wilderness which the World's Greatest Leader himself was heavily involved in its creation.

Few could see the ironical duplicity of the World's Greatest Leader who wallowed for 16 glorious years in the cesspool of power without showing an iota of reformist proclivity, yet when expelled from that cesspool due to internal power struggle, metamorphosed overnight into the World's Greatest Reformer - and most certainly not our subject today, the once ultimate anwarista.

Whenever kaytee questioned His Most High and Almighty Brahma (the god with 4 faces, one for each constituency), the ultimate anwarista would plaintively cried at my blog "Why do you hate us?" 

Actually he was quite sincere in his bemusement, thinking how could it be possible for anyone not to believe in our Malaysian pseudo-Moses.

I once wrote/confessed that despite our gap in political leanings, at least vis-a-vis the pseudo-Moses (wakakaka) I like him, no not Moses wakakaka but the once ultimate anwarista.

He has been and still is a nice earnest young man who was sincere in the politics he believed in, and in the man he reckoned would delivered on 916 ..... 

..... and such was his faith in the pseudo-Moses that he (and sweetie but then-silly Hannah Yeoh) actually supported the 916 Deformasi, a classic case of a notorious attempt to oppress the supremacy of the ballot box, which was masked, packaged and spun away convincingly as a greater good for the rakyat, as we are still hearing today on the malodorous Kajang Conspiracy, one sadly and disappointingly coming out of the mouth of Rafizi Ramli, who I will treat from now on with a Pordah!

The once-ultimate anwarista, once fearing that his wonderful Great Leader might even be assassinated, had written rather appealingly:

One controversial option to forestall any such drastic measures by the powers-that-be is for Malaysians to push for a change of government – either by crossovers, or calling for a snap general election, a potential last resort for BN, which is good for democracy, but unlikely to forestall the ruling coalition's demise.

He like sweetie silly Hannah Yeoh couldn't understand why AAB with 140 parliamentary seats won't give way to the Great Leader with 82 seats, or to call for another election immediately after 05 March 2008. Maybe both didn't do well in mathematics at school though graduating brilliantly from universities.

Yes, he was justifying and asking the public to support the insidious political frog-hunting which the World's Greatest Political Reformer had successfully demonstrated as his specialty in Sabah in 1994, when he turned Pairin from democratically elected CM into opposition leader with just a few croaks, yes, that disgraceful deformasi subversion of the ballot box to seize power via the grubby back door.

He apologetically rationalized (perhaps attempting to fool his own conscience and values):
 While less than ideal, these remain some of the few ways we can avoid a descent into chaos and desperation within BN, and by extension within Malaysia.

How did he (and Hannah Yeoh) ever come to support the most defomasi 916 when both are known to good clean earnest young people?

I have to refer to the fave author of the Great Leader for a quote to explain, as follows:

... Hie thee hither, that I may pour my spirits in thine ear, and chastise with the valour of my tongue all that impedes thee from the golden round ... (Shakespeare's Macbeth 1.5.25-28)

In those lines we are told that the ambitious Lady Macbeth, who wants to be Queen, said the above to persuade her husband to ‘rise above his goodness and accept her evil ways’ if he wanted to succeed.

Were they both so spellbound as to ‘rise above their goodness and accept the Great Leader's evil ways’ in order to get rid of the UMNO-led government?

There have been times I felt sad that a bright young man (and a bright young woman like Hannah Yeoh) could be so easily bewitched by a snake oil salesman who will promise anyone anything so long as it serves His Brahma-ic Majesty to ascend the political throne.

Last night while sipping my wine and browsing through Malaysiakini I gasped and nearly allowed my wine glass to slip through my trembling hands when I read of the once-ultimate anwarista doing what I thought was virtually impossible, his road to Damascus recorded in script.

On the road to Damascus it was revealed what I must do.
On the road to Damascus I saw evil I must undo.

- Kathleen a Nazarene [2 line extracts]

Hallelujah! And please ring all the temple bells.

So I invite you to please read Malaysiakini's The dearth of transparency and democracy in PKR, the story of Nathaniel Tan's 'Road to Damascus'.

As some of you may not have access to worthwhile Malaysiakini, I'll take the liberty of producing some extracts of Nat's writeup, as follows:

For years I defended Anwar Ibrahim. For years I defended PKR. I defended and I defended, until the day came where it became impossible to defend the indefensible. [...]

Many people are throwing about words like ‘tactics’, ‘strategy’, ‘Mahathirism’, ‘racial and religious incitement’, ‘strengthening Pakatan Rakyat’, etc, etc.

I’ll spend a few words on all those later, but for my money, they have nothing to do with the most important implication of what is going on.

To me, the real problem pivots on how Anwar and his associates are running PKR in a manner that is completely bereft of transparency, accountability and democratic principles.

Let’s carry out a simple thought exercise: How did the decision to carry out the Kajang plan come about?

I don’t know, do you?

Many have speculated (myself included), many claim it happened one way or another, but the truth is: nobody outside the nebulous ‘inner circle’ has any idea.

That's the 'inner coterie' in PKR, the most supreme of supreme kitchen cabinet in that party.

PKR has a large supreme council that is mostly democratically elected, and a smaller political bureau. Can we say with confidence that members of both were given an opportunity to voice their opinions, much less be made fully aware of what was going on? Are there official minutes perhaps, that we might refer to?

Beyond PKR, there are the leaders of PAS and DAP, and there are the representatives of the Selangor State Assembly - all democratically elected as representatives by party members, and by the rakyat.

How many of them had a say in the decision that would so heavily influence who would be the number one person in the Selangor state government? Were there broad consultations among party leaders, elected representatives, and (God forbid) the rakyat? Or was it presented to the world as a fait accompli?

The day Lee Chin Cheh resigned his seat in Kajang, someone theoretically in the top 10 ranking of PKR leaders messaged me, saying: “I guess I’m always the last to know. Sigh”

If he/she is the last to know, what more the rest of us?

This is the latest - and by my reckoning the last straw - in a culture of cloak and dagger politics within PKR that for too long now has circumvented transparency and democracy in favour of whispered deals made in backrooms that no one is privy to.

I suppose it was stupid of us to expect democracy from a party whose ‘de facto leader’ has no democratic mandate whatsoever.

Hallelujah again!

These issues have not been the focus of public attention, but in my mind, the implications of this style of politics continuing to spiral out of control is the most significant factor in the entire crisis. [...]

I won't say 'I told you so' to Nat Tan, for nothing now can equal his hurt at the ultimate betrayal ... of his innocent idealism in believing in refomasi.

But there's more in the Malaysiakini article which I won't extract any further as Steven Gan may not be too happy.

You know, once a famous American said wisely:

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Nat, see John 8:32.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


  1. Wah one by one all get bought over.

    Like they say, if you can't win them over, money or coercion will in due course.

    That's Mahathirsm as practised to this day.

  2. nat is a boy, he shd stay home playing game like balance of power n the mcdonald's game, or write blog.

    1. tsk tsk, so unsporting HY

    2. ok just a brief one, nat is in pkr for many years, he act as if nothing happen, but now crybaby pula. u pick only his part on anwar/pkr, n nothing on lks, u oso act if nothing happen, 2x5.

      nat claim no democracy, i oso like to complain my boss no democracy, i dun know the problem is with me, or my boss. but i know pkr now let the kajang folks to decide, pray tell how is that not democratic? the criticism of approach is another story, my point is nat idealism n his wish to rid of umno is his own delusion. is good he now get out of the kitchen, he have a choice to own up like a man, or continue his rant like what that turncoat did, continue to write shit as if he was an observer all along.

    3. HY, your comments make me sadder ... about you, wakakaka.

      Firstly, this post is about PKR's Kajang Betrayal and Anwar, not LKS. Why do I have to say anything about LKS in this post? If you want my criticisms on LKS, there are such posts in this blog - please search for them.

      Secondly, Nat Tan was talking about the lack of democracy and transparency in PKR, a party which brazenly (thick skin ler) claims its core polciy is Reformasi (but actually Deformasi wakakaka), and you want to divert attention from that Nat Tan's point by saying glibly "now let the kajang folks to decide" which is about democracy in Malaysia, not PKR, wakakaka.

      The reality is Nat Tan's revelations or opinions have been all the MORE striking (impactful) because of his known erstwhile devotion to both Anwar and PKR for years. If it was kaytee wakakaka, then you could easily dismiss those criticisms as being biasedly anti Anwar, but Nat Tan's ...? I think you'll have serious trouble dismissing those to an impartial listener.

      And my sadness about you is you contune to use words like 'crybaby' after 'nat is a boy, he shd stay home playing game like balance of power n the mcdonald's game' against Nat Tan. Shame on you! Why not attack his relevations against Anwar point by point ... if you can, wakakaka.

    4. betrayal of who? not nat right? if u want to talk about nat writes n not kajang voter, then what is wrong i ask y u selective only the part on anwar? if yr point is on kajang, then how am i being diverting the topic when i choose to comment on democracy of malaysia? fact is i care less about pkr democracy, or dap democracy unless one got on their high horse.

      does what nat write a surprise to u? u call that a revelation? r u that naive? y he never reveal much when he is sort of blue eyes boy? what u expect me to retort when what he wrote is pretty common? sorry, pkr exist because break up of umno, this is a well known fact, u think i really buy fully their reformasi play, only a naive or a boy keep chasing their own tail did that.

      nat piece is sort of confession, after his stupid sailing along with wolf, tiger or whatever, he truly think tiger is cat. moreover i never claim he is wrong. i just ask why now? if not crybaby then what?

  3. lks is now a anwarista, even imitate the umno culture by threaten the chinese with 513, no comment from any independent mind?

    1. so busy lah keeping an eye on a sleazy snake oil salesman wakakaka

    2. Learn first to differentiate between "warning" and "threat".....before shooting off like an oaf. Blind, unreasoning hatred from one Ms Muppet is more than enough, wakakaka

      Independent Mind

    3. reread kt on anwar/pkr n helen on lge+hy/dap, if u still dun see any similarity, chg yr nick to interchangeable mind, it suit u better.

    4. Similarity ? your spare time, do reflect on this...."Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

      Adoi......a fool who sees similarity between food and foot.....that's how the term must have come about..."foot in mouth"...wakakakaka.

      Still Independent Mind

    5. interchangeable is actually a compliment, u dun even capable of that. stick to yr usual muhaha n wakaka if that make u feel better. i prefer to avoid in this sort of boyhood waving contest. so... whatever floats yr boat.

  4. I'd commented on Nat's blog (Malaysian flick flock) & the same two questions remain.

    In this juncture of M'siahood, who has the required charisma to lead the pack to face up to the challenge of the umno's political juggernaut & more immediately, who can stand up to the increasing umno-pupeteered royal interferences in Selangor.

    In an ideal & even-playing field world, Anwar should have been banished to the out-skirt of the political relevancy long long time ago, when he played his 1st Machiavellian money game to oust Ghafar Baba during the umno vice president contest under the watchful eyes of that mamak.

    He shouldn't be condemned, especially now, as this the M'sian politic game pattern - dulu, kini dan selama nya!

    That's until now when the reformasi movement changes all that & the rakyat have awaken. The ironic of all this - again is Anwar!

    Bcoz of this manmanlai man, so despised by many, we, the rakyat of M'sia, have managed to reach the next stage of our political awareness. This is especially so for the vast majority of the up-now naive & uninvolved blur-sotongs.

    We r more awared of our citizenry rights & we r exercising those rights RIGHT NOW. Anwar has unleased a force that he knows that is uncontrollable & there is NOTHING he could do to reverse it.

    Yet, there is still that political dinosaur, known as umno, which r not willing to face up to this changes. As it stands now, it's doing its 3Rs' might to contain & to shackle this awaken force.

    Like it or not, this rakyat awakening is still a tiny & twinkling spark. Something/someone needs to keep it aflames & continuously glowing.

    Like it or not, at this moment Anwar is that keeper of that flame so that we can expel that umno dinosaur from putajaya. The nation cannot tolerates umno's incessant greed & blundering any moment longer!

    As far as Anwar's possible treacheries in his future game plan, let him be awared, abundary clear, what happens to umno now would be the mirror. This time round, the rakyat WOULDNT be threaten/misled so easily like under the previous umno reign.

    So anwarista or not, set yr priority & don't waver to loose this chance, for the future of our nation!

    1. aha, I see. So like Nat Tan and Hannah Yeoh once were, we too must ‘rise above goodness and accept the Great Leader's evil ways’ in order to get rid of the UMNO-led government?

      we must embrace evil, okay!

    2. nope, we never claim to embrace evil, what we imply is, both saint n hypo/turncoat shd stay home, in the land of anglo, writting blog, or reminisce their glory past.

    3. See yr emotional rant again?

      Answer my questions lah!

      Why must u follow yr sifu (RPK right?) often used sarcastic one-liner attack when both of u have no answer to the right questions?

      Next time u must also activate the art of diverted tokoh to deflect question that u don't/cant answer. Just like only that half anmoh can change his political affinity mid-way while other's similar action is been condemned no end! Similarly when someone mentioned about Rafizi's 'Kajang move' as an early adaptation on Sunzi's art of war, the half anmoh shot back with an irrelevancy reply of the availability of Internet/social media!

      Similarly, I expect Nat to answer my takes, hopefully not with yr type of one-liner reply. I'm dying to hear his view, & maybe Hannah's too, based on my 'conjectures'. So who r u to reply on their behalf?

      Never been to hell & start talking about evil - u really need to take that block of weight off yr back. It makes u sound like a clown with a broken record type of chant. Know what I meant?

      BTW, since u mentioned it, what's yr better way of ridding off the umno-lead govt? Care to share yr 'enlighten' thought?

    4. it's not AI who will lead us out of the wilderness, one which he helped create


    5. HY is bankrupt of civil answers like his childish unsporting comment on Nat Tan

    6. See, again those one-linears!

      U r indeed a clown with a repeated broken record chant!

      How long can u hide behind these type of answers, for yr self created farce?

      For that half anmoh, I can understand since he had so repeatedly & unashamedly trying hard to prove his 'anmoh'-side supriority. After all he is ONLY a half-Melayu. Meanwhile have u turned into a pseudo-half Ozzie to enact yr sifu's debating skill with nothing new but same old grandmother stories (again just like yr sifu's latest tart about the fatuous beginning of that infamous NEP!).

      Both of u think that ONLY u guys can read/digest history properly & yr just-as-I-said-so abnegations r ALWAYS proved right. Both of u MUST hang more mirror around the house, just for this new CNY resolution!

      The saddest part of all yr 'analyses', whether it's about the kalimah Allah or anything on Anwar, yr true hidden suggestion is ALWAYS just this;

      Bend over & let u be f**med kaw-kaw, for dare challenging the might of ketuanan.
      What a mind, indeed!

    7. u expect a civil retort when talked about evil? ask yrself can u be a politician? i can't and i dun want. i am just puzzle y those kids that lack the "quality" rant like child, unless he is a child.

    8. I have a solution. Ask HRH Selangor to abdicate. Let Raja Petra Kamaruddin to be New Sultan Selangor & Selangor Menteri Besar & declare Selangor absolute monarchy state. Problem solved. Let support RPK ascension to the thrown with both arms, legs & the third leg.........Hahahahaha

    9. Anon of 9:04 am, February 01, 2014, this post is about an ardent devoted anwarista (once blindly loyal in his devotion to Anwar) telling us why he has now lost complete faith in The Great One, wakakaka. And what have been your response? - ad hominem attacks of a racial kind (eg. half anmoh) instead of discussing Nat Tan's road to Damscus. The porblem is you find it more and more difficult to defend AI against those revelations of fcatual happenings, whether as revealed by Nat Tan, RPK or me.

    10. HY, when someone advocated 916, a sinister attempt to defeat the supremacy of the ballot box by trickery, what other words in a democratic concept can you use other than 'evil'.


    11. Anon of 9:04 am, February 01, 2014, on 2nd thoughts, maybe we should forgive AI for hsi 16 years of do-nothing for reformasi, because as I had blogged 8 years ago in he could have been sacked wakakaka. It's ironical he was indeed sacked from UMNO but not for reforms but for falling on his own UMNO keris when he lost in a power struggle with Dr M for the No 1 post in a futile attempt to push out Dr M prematurely, wakakaka, and a 2nd wakakaka is that the front man he used to attack Dr M is today the Home Minister wakakaka.

    12. Now that I'd hit yr sweet spot, all u can come up is an ad homenin fart!

      As far as that half anmoh labelling, have I been disrespectful racially by stating the fact?

      WRT Nat's road to Damascus, haven't I raised the questions that till now u r still tap-dancing around? Either u suddenly have an onset of reading/ comprehension disjoint, or more likely u r trying that diversive skill using yr 'so called defending Anwar' gammicky chants again!

      Let me repeat, for yr sudden recurred amnesia, my write-ups had NO any element of defending Anwar so far. My takes r about if it's NOT Anwar, then who else at this testing juncture of M'siahood!

      I wouldnt care a fart about him, if at this critical moment of our nationhood, a non-Malay can be accepted by that large segment of the naive & uninvolved blur-sotongs to lead a new chapter for M'sia.

      I would also accept another Malay M'sian, whose has a proven leadership quality to take the place of Anwar.

      BUT the fact of the real matter is there is NONE other than Anwar at this juncture, no thanks to that mamak's promotion, & also umno's, inherent sycophant-first-capability-last leadership training for the past 30+yrs.

      There r many new breeds of young M'sian 'Turks', capable & forsighted, but they lack the necessary experience to run a big corporation, lack alone running a govt.

      Then, there r many just like Nat, who have no stomach for the trickery/treachery of politics, for whatsoever of their utopian idealism in REAL world of politics.

      These people choose to FORGET that even statesman has to navigate through many dirty water. Along the way, many r also been forced to stirred/splashed/played these Machiavellian tricks for the good of the masses. The only difference is much much more of them turned into politicians by swimming in this water so as to gain personally!

      Meanwhile, let me ask again, what's yr REAL take on that critical need of leadership personality for M'sia. Don't repeat yr grandmother story again if u have none! Stay on topic!!!

      Last, let me be fair to Anwar about yr claim of doing nothing for reformasi for 16 yrs.

      Once again u chose to ignore the fact that Anwar was fighting for his political relevancy - 1st in court then in jail. How long was he in gaol on a concocted charge, engineered by that infamous mamak (am I doing ad homenon again?). In the Mahatir context then, believe me, no one can do ANYTHING better. In fact, besides Anwar's lone voice, ALL other Malay dissidential voices were just simmering undergroung waiting for a leader. Thanks goodness he has Azizah to hold the reformasi movement for him. & when he took over after his released, the movement was injected with new vigorous. Meanwhile, the political awareness of the Joe M'sians had reached a new level, never seen before in M 'sia.

      It's suffice to say that without this manmanlai man's initiative, I certainly wouldn't tokoh with u here & now, while u still possibly doing yr political wakakaka on something/someone else in DU. So this is certainly credit overdue!!!!!!

    13. i use undemocratic.

      n at that time, lks, lge, rpk suma diam diam. i never read u calling them evil accomplice?

    14. Anon,
      Guess who is talking about the art of possible. What's his name? Where is he now? Kaytee admired that guy

    15. Anon,

      you're suggesting that in the Kingdom of the Blind, we pay homage to the Graeae (Anwar)? It's time to think of a leader from PAS and people like Zaid Ibrahim, Ariff Sabri, Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji and Tunku Zain Al-'Abidin, the last of whom was nearly recruited by DAP but spoilt at last minute by Tunku Aziz.

      Tunku Zain, the young prince commented in courtly euphemism (polite words) about Tunku Aziz's deliberate exposure of the DAP attempt to recruit him (I suspect he was probably seething), that "It is unfortunate that private discussions have been made public. Political parties should be able to freely engage any Malaysian citizen to discuss confidential proposals within the boundaries of the law", indeed a criticism of the elder Tunku for his unbelievable indiscretion.

      OTOH, you are fixated in the belief that Anwar is indispensable as the federal opposition leader. On issues of credibility and political reliability I do not share your fixation, and neither do I believe we need to depend on this man to be our Moses. What happens if he passes away tomorrow? Sooner or later all of us will leave this world.
      On your comment "Once again u chose to ignore the fact that Anwar was fighting for his political relevancy - 1st in court then in jail" did I comment on that phase in his life? I was talking about his 16 years in UMNO [not after he was expelled] apointed as ministers of various portfolios including Education (where his policy brought about Ops Lalang and the proselytizing or religious oppression of non-Muslim school children by requiring mandatory weekly doa), Finance (when the reckless forex trading was in progress - of copurse he claimed he knew nothing - the Finance Minister and Mahathir right hand man and heir anointed???), DPM (Sabah 1994 frogology) and acting PM (when Apcet II was thuggishly wrecked by his UMNO Youth thugs and he openly crowed jubilantly).

      Are you tap-dancing around his abysmal record as a non-reformist UMNO man for 16 inglorious years? Or maybe as I said, we need to forgive him for that because (as he confessed) he could have been sacked, wakakaka.

    16. HY, you know I whacked sweetie Hannah Yeo kau kau on the 916 bull.

      Now please read this 2008 post on my disappointment with Lim KS. Don't ever question my neutrality. I may be (currently) a DAP supporter but not a blinded party member. I can fuck the DAP off tomorrow if they fail my expectations of them..

      Also read my disagreement with Lim GE on nuclear power -

      I've also criticized my idol Bhai Karpal for (in a moment of anger) proposing the death sentence for an Indian bus driver who raped a young lil' schoolgirl, and for criticising Zaid Ibrahim based on the latter's facial features.

    17. OMG, Kaytee....If I bang sai beh chu, it must be anwar's fault.......

      Kaytee, you lost a lot money in the forex right? Hahahahaha

    18. kt, save that muakaka laughing pig, most can see u r generous to some and very strict to others. at least yr matay wumao looes has no shame to reveal his biasness, that is a rare quality u shd imitate :)

      i am not questioning u, i felt unfair. just like i never disrespect abdul rahman pov, i opine that the enemy will 'frame' one when he become too powerful, not the other way round. everyone look forward balance, sensible n rational thought.

    19. Now, that I've pulled u out from yr cosy one-liner, u start talking cock + grandmother story again!

      The names u mentioned r just yr indefensible excuse of trying to get out from my questions. What a failed attempt!

      To simply answer yr farcical try, just compare them with Rafizi, whom u admired so much earlier & now despises with a f**k. Why so le?

      See the logic of raising this question with yr proposed names? Why praised so much earlier & now condemns no end - just bcoz u'd made a bad guess due to 1st impression.

      Let me reminds u, the key factor is impression, ie not tried & tested through the rigorousness of everyday political firebaths. Once through, they MIGHT turn out to be a even bigger disappointment than pink-lip Ah Jib Gory. Yes?

      Moreover, what about their popular acceptance among the Joe M'sians, lest their controbility amongst their peers? This is a political playout, not yr daily dose of soap operas, for God(Allah)'s sake!! Don't play play, comprehending?

      Then again, Zaid is an old spended story, as I'd explained earlier, & yet u still want to use it to cover yr a**! Run out of story or just plain mamak-like amnesia?

      My CURRENT fixation on Anwar as the best bid of M'sia CURRENT salvation is factual & logical, despite of his not so cherishable pasts. I'm willing to put my money on Anwar NOW rather than continuing with the current crop of scums from umno/bn.

      What happen later after the ejection of umno from Putrajaya, we just have to deal with it as it comes. By then, I'm sure I have the major awakening & unstoppable M'sia zeitgeist to force the umno-ish trend that Anwar might revive.

      Whereas, all u can say NOW is just possible & non-tested names/scheme. Indirectly, act as I keep repeating - bend over & let the current ketuanan elites to f**k u kaw-kaw.

      This is especially telling when u mentioned 'what happened when he passes away tomorrow'! Such a defeatist mentality coming out from one like u!

      Nature works in a mysterious manner - if that happens then either it means we r deserving to be f**k by umno continuously or someone/something else would be jolted to arise & take over his role, via this sudden change of event/faith. Remember how Arab spring started?

      So, once again, whose yr best CURRENT bid? Rosmah, for heaven sake!!!!!

      WRT to yr continuous & illogical rants about Anwar's pasts, please do sleep on it for as long as u like. I'm not going to be yr tap-dancing partner on this same old same old grandmother stories. Yr continous fixation about Anwar's past snake-oil issues blinds u about the current urgent need of course changing with M'sia Maru. So much so that u keep telling us to act meek & passive to let the current crowd of politikus at Putrajaya to steer the country to the ground while lining their pockets & hoping for a miracle. Can u conjecture what WOULD M'sia be WHEN yr long waited miracle arises then? Would there be time enough to salvage anything among the very real sufferage of the then Joe M'sians? This, coming from a atheist IS just not cricket! BTW, Ozzies r crazy about cricket, r u?

      For yr reply convenience, do note me as anomie - a call sign that I'd not used for quite sometime now.

    20. why did I praise RR and then dismiss him now? It''s because of this, though he has the potential to be a notable national leader in the future, he like Darth Vader and most UMNIO-ites prefers the Dark side of the Force, as demonstarted in his deformasi Kajang Betrayal. Any independent minded bloke or lassie has the right to change his/her mind, unlike you ...

      ... who is so fixated on Anwar even though you know his UMNO 'sins' and far worse, his post UMNO deformasi bullshit proving this man politicallyu/ideologically hasn't changed an iota - which has been why you are prepared to close one eye to his lack of credibility to lead an alternative government, but in the end he is just another UMNO charcter, both in DNA and in proclviity, so what change (Malaysia Baru) are we talking about? In the event he leads Pakatan to Putrajaya, it'll be more of the same UMNO shit as has been (in his post UMNO life) demonstrated time and time again a la 916, Taiwan froggie hunt, his imperious last-minute 2008 Kelanajaya seat for his erstwhile buddy the videophotographer, Perak revolving door joke, his wax-on wax-off political attitude to Israel, etc etc and now the Kajang Betrayal.

      And apart from an Anwar-like impatience to seize majority rule by hook or by CROOK, that is precisely why you can't accept that there are other non-UMNO Malay leaders who, given adequate exposure and opportunities, can lead Pakatan or any new coailition to offer an alternative government in about 4 years time..

      Politically you're just an old dinosaur, hoping to play safe by relying on an old well-known (or notorious) model even knowing the model has shown its multitude of defects. Bad strategy as US car manufacturers would tell you.

      You claimed you want change but still want to rely on Anwar with all his known lamentable UMNO-style of politics; I too want change but prefer to seek alternative talents with better reliability (Zaid was a minister who resigned over the abusive misuse of the ISA against DAP's Teresa Kok and a Sin Chew journalist, Tan - could you imagine Anwar ever doing that? wakakaka) - for me Zaid has superior integrity and lightyears' superiority in values than your icon.

    21. looes has a style of response that reminds me of US carpet bombing, blast everything in sight and at the same time, demonizes or bad-mouths the enemy - he avoids real issue by coming out with salacious titbits, such as accusing me of every experience under the sun, me losing in the Bank negara gamble in forex being his latest or Anwar f**k my sister's cat or RPK is my sifu and Najib is my loverboy - really childish, wakakaka.

      Look, he hates RPK so to give him a dose of his own childish-like medicine, perhaps RPK f**k his sister's cat kau kau, wakakaka

    22. U r really trying hard to tap-dance out of a question that u have zero answer!

      Yr description about RR is exactly what I'd said about yr proposed personalities. Remember; tried&tested, political platform, popular peer acceptance, proven & necessary Machiavellian skill, & most important of all, timing.

      Zaid again? Go & re-read what I'd said about Zaid under yr Sate posting la!

      The difference between my take & yr choice, in fact, boils down to just this favour phrase of yrs - manmanlai.

      I sense the urgency for a quick change in Putrajaya due to the current stage of umno governing, especially by playing the 3Rs to the till. While u preferred a manmanlai miracle, knowing very well that the country is in the brink of disasters, economically & social cohesiveness, under the current reign, just bcoz of a person's past deeds!

      I know & understand the past treacheries of AI. U don't have to keep playing these grandmother stories. Meanwhile, whatever the past legacies of AI, umno is continuing with much more zeal with new treats, & yet u don't see the urgency in the required change, while looking for a 'better' alternative, who is definitely going to be too late to nurture & takeover.

      Deep down u know u have no better immediate choice (hence the tap-dancing, right?), yet bcoz of yr distrust of AI, u r willing to let a REAL & POSSIBLE M'sia renewal slips through, waiting for yr manmanlai future saviour - iff there is any more tangible things to save by then when he appears.

      Perhaps u don't sense how close at hand is the M'sia sopo calamity in yr cozy DU surrounding, thus the cock-sure wait. U can manmanlai waiting there to continue yr wakakaka tokoh, while I would jump on the best of the worst available choice, hopefully to stop the imminent tipping over & lessen the rakyat's sufferage.

      Moreover, there R other vanguards within PR - like up-&-coming DAP & PAS young turks to stop any possible umno-ish revival by PKR.

      Within the current bn/umno setup, there is NO such safety net prevention, thus the bull-dozing taiko-ish approach of umno.

      Ha, I'm a political dinosaur, who r willing to take calculated risk with timing urgency to work out a best possible solution. While, u, a johny-come-lately wakakaka political salesman, prefers to wait for a Messiah, whose arrival date is still been planned.

      Wakakaka, wait & wait & don't know how to make the best out of the worst! U r NO planner & strategist. U ONLY have infinite utopian romanticism to sustain yr long wait. Just like those idealistic boys/girls who have zilch real world political stamina -the moment when the game plan doesn't go according to their utopian track, crybabies they become!

      Read about Nero playing fiddler, while Rome burnt? That's one waiting for u!

      So, please NO MORE grandmother stories, give some more other creditable names, before u r known as Kt - the tap dancer.

    23. Hahahaha! Kaytee, I learn that from you.

      Though US lost the Vietnam war, Vietnam was completely destroyed economically. Soon after most vietnamese cabutted from the country. Hahahahahaha.

      As for RPK & other royalist farts, time to watch F U fires the King.

      Frankly speaking, RPK like people should be destroyed. Else, Malaysia will never progress. It's because of royalist farts such as RPK, melayu WILL BECOME ZOMBIEs.......They are being PUT A STICK ABOUT. Jump! Jump!

    24. "past treacheries of anwar" are NOT grandmother stories. They're very real and serve to warn us of the UMNO DNA in him. So don't tap dance away from this very real but masked threat, because what difference will it make with him as PM? I dread the very thought.

      As for your "I sense the urgency for a **quick change** in Putrajaya due to the current stage of umno governing" what do you propose? Short of GE14 a few years down the track, will it be another 916 or an armed revolution?

    25. Okay again, I may have said that again but this time......Ask RPK to take over HRH Selangor & declare Selangor a monarchial state. Then plan for referendum to turn Malaya into a monarcial statet again. Hahahahaha!

      Just like what that Suthep is doing in thailand. By the way, Thaksin & Anwar are really good buddies one. Hahahahaha! That's a fact! Hahahahaha!

    26. Meanwhile..........HAHAHAHAHAHA! BEWARE OF THE WRATH OF THE DAYAK HEADHUNTER......HAHAHAHAHA! Kaytee would be branded as persona non grata........HAHAHAHAHA

    27. KT,

      ‘As for your "I sense the urgency for a **quick change** in Putrajaya due to the current stage of umno governing" what do you propose? Short of GE14 a few years down the track, will it be another 916 or an armed revolution?’

      U finally admit that u have no alternative names, no better solution than AI for the CURRENT (have I needed to keep emphasize this?) rots facing M’sia! I would give u face (just for yr CNY horsing around Kajang Move!), even though u r ONLY admitting indirectly & meekly!

      Next time, dont just shot from yr mouth without proper ultilising that piece of gray matter resting between yr ears! U r not perkasa/umno type, ok?

      A little bit more of the Kajang Move – indeed AI’s necessary presence in the Selangor legislation is imperative to counteract the increasing umno puppeetered royal jandaness! How many of u realized that Khalid was caught between a cliff & high sea by that ‘royally’ sultan?

      1st - the royal decree about Allah that’s so out of place from a sultan, means for ALL Selangoreans.

      2nd – the unmentionable protection that he gave to Jais officials to further inflame the Allah issue, for doing the BSM’s raid.

      Khalid was caught off handed – both bcoz of his non-confronting character (especially dealing with the sultan) & his enemies/umno moles concocted ring-circling within his administration. He has his ‘plate’ full & he CANT finishes it, even if he wanted to. So he remains silence.

      Since this involved the Selangor sultan, the best move is showing subtly warming through that age-old Melayu hamba-ish character. Meaning giving face to the royal household discreetly, so that that janda sultan can quietly fades into the background, without any further interference on the Allah issue, just like ALL the other sultans.

      Kedah’s case was clearly a manipulation by the umno royal courtesans to con the Kedah regent, while his father was away in KL as The Agong. see how wide-spreading the tentacles of umno among the sultans courts? Many a time, they were hold hostage at many other incidences, to bend over for umno!

      BTW, the r more ‘sagas’ to the sacking of Azmin from PKNS. The half anmoh had already hinted about it in his write-up on Azmin’s brilliant political move. Though he is, as usual, not telling all true & yet sprinkling with some spins. Another of his I-told-u-so wakakaka future claim.

      The best look of this Kajang Move IS to check out WHAT r umnos’ next moves! U guys/gals have been shooting all over & yet still just concentrated on AI & PKR, as expected.

      Sometime, to find truth, one has to look at the reactions of yr political opponents, both in actions & in words. Currently umno is in disarray due to this sudden turn of event!

      I rest my case. KT sleep tight, u would hear NO MORE from me on this, for I’d ‘disclosed’ too much. Anything more would upturn Kajang Move!!!


    28. Your reply is the sort of syiok-sendiri-ness that a couple of my erstwhile visitors like to indulge in, wakakaka. Your silly argument 'U finally admit that u have no alternative names,' is presumptuous and preposterously pre-emptive.

      I asked you about your proposal and realistic implementation or achievement about your urgent **quick change** in Putrajaya. But unsurprisingly you cant answer me wakakaka.

    29. OK, since u r pretending to be THICK, let me do u a favour for yr Freudian slip, as I break my word of NO more from me.

      Yr word - 'Short of GE14 a few years down the track, will it be another 916 or an armed revolution?'

      From now till GE14, how long is that duration? 3+, yes? Like my broken-record-ish repeating, who else besides AI to lead us till then?

      U tap-dance around those inconsequential names whom I'd demolished, bcoz u have zilch possible person(s) who could rise & replace AI during this period. Now,l u r clinging to yr wakaka-ish presumptuous and preposterously pre-emptive claim, again no names!

      WRT yr question, it's just that u, once again, exercise yr reading/comprehension disjoint to cover yr *no alternative* & yet pet hate choice!

      My urgency in supporting AI, within the context of Kajang Move, is to fore-closureing umno's planned underhand tactic, aka May13 debacle, to happen in Selangor. AI can checkmate that move, by softening one of 3Rs in umno's plan.

      Heard of the phrase that 'Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.'?

      Umno knows that GE14 would be their end game, so to prevent that to happen, another May13 has to occur before GE14. Kalimah Allah issue plus the royalty decree r going to be inflame by these mad men, insides umno NOW.

      In none of my writings I'd proposed any armed revolution, bcoz I'm not mad.

      & yet AGAIN, u claimed that I'd not given u a realistic implementation?

      Yes, syiok-sendiri-ness is definitely yr weakness, as proven here time & again. No surprises here, especially yr favourite one-liners.

      My consistency, throughout these topic is AI, nobody else. I didnt propose any drastic '916 or an armed revolution'.

      My crystal ball glazing dont cover any period till GE14 & I dont intend to do so too.

    30. " inconsequential names", sez who? but you! I have faith especially in Zaid Ibrahim and Tunku Zain Al-'Abidin. AI is now running out of goodwill for his naughty ways - he's badly damaged goods

      "demolish" my suggested names, my foot.

      You have been the one who said (specifically) "a **quick change** in Putrajaya", not Penang, not Ipoh, not Kota Kinabalu, but PUTRAJAYA!!! Don't squirm away from your boast!

    31. Tumku Zain would not move into DAP. Thanks to UMNO & your good friend Tunku Aziz. Plus Tunku Zain's dad is Negeri Sembilan Yam Tuan Besar. Unless Jaafar family were to snatch it away from Mukriz family in NS. Not that Mamak Mukriz. Just like what Azlan family did to Idris family. Go ask RPK la.......Hahahahaha! Now you know why there is not many sultans I respect nowadays.

      Kaytee, I got a few names for you

      Why not support RPK to stand in Kajang? Or Ezra mmmmm.......? Who is Ezra? Go google la....... .

    32. Wakaka, there must be foot in yr mouth!

      Where is Zaid now? Good man with no soldiers! How to fight umno, both within & without? Haven't he proven enough about his political skill to yr (un)dying faith in him?

      Tunku Zain? Another young jigu of unproven 'blue-blood' ability! Again, where r the soldiers? U might ended up with a much bigger disappointment than RR! Or that ultra bruised-egoist tunku aziz!

      WRT time frame, u seen to have lost the Kajang Move context as if I'm advocating quick-fix. I might had used *quick change* as a metaphor, it's definitely not in the context of instant armed uprising ala Bangkok style.

      This time I've to admit for my own folly of not been specific. But...but...sigh.. stretching an argument over & beyond a fixed core of axiom over a temporal relative time-line... never mind, u wont understand, especially yr blood pressure is fast rising & thus is clouding even more of yr already silo & stubborn AI-bashing.

      Tsk...tsk.., yr fixation of rejecting AI at all cost is worst than a scorned woman over a freezers hell!

    33. both need exposure and the opportunity to be involved at the sharp end. I rather them and their necessary time-exposure than leaping from the UMNO pan into the (another UMNO-ish) fire

  5. Kaytee,
    Macbeth is more suited for Najib especially when his wife has asked to unsex herself so as to be as brutally ambitious. Hahahahaha! I have always said about the royals who has seemed to skewered out of their constitutional role. Of course, the culprit is RPK. He encouraged it. But then the picture of selangor sultan officiating Hard Rock Cafe in MELAKA surrounded with UMNO leaders including the former & present CM does not help RPK's cause.
    Since Sultan of Selangor read news from internet, perhaps he should watch To Play The King. What Did Francis Uruqhuat said finally to the King?

    "My family came south with James I. We were defenders of the English Throne before your family was ever heard of. It is to preserve Freedom and Tradition that I must now demand your abdication."

    Isn't RPK being afraid that the present of Anwar would PUT A STICK ABOUT........?

    RPK & Hisham Rais are old boys of MCKK. Hisham Rais is definitely a melayu. So, the rubicon has crossed but history shows many has fallen.....Perhaps, RPK to prod further into the history which sides has fallen the most? The people? Oh perhaps, all melayus in the eyes of RPK are ignorant bastards, too easy to manipulate

  6. HAHAHAHAHA! Let see what Kaytee going to say about this? The man has spoken........HAHAHAHAHAHA


    1. Looes, you make R, who is a turncoat, look respectable !
      What a letdown !
      Please avoid him like the plague !

    2. Wow, seriously, RPK really doesn't know WHAT THE FUCK DEMOCRACY IS. I wanna ask CL Flamiarise, who condemned kaytee as nobody as he refused to debate with kaytee in Aussie land, why he call RPK as FEUDAL 10K man. Kaytee can condemn HY as CRYBABY......CIBAI HUA YONG IS WET BEHIND HIS EARS......OK, I AGREE.......But CLF........That's no fight.....CLF VS KTEMOC......NO SHIOK man........Hahahahahaha!


      Kaytee, just watch that bloody youtube la

      It's very simple.....One fella resigned. No mention in the constitutional that he needs to give reason......Law says that within 60 days must have election.......SO WHAT THE CIBAI FUCK RPK SAY ABOUT DEMOCRACY.....HE'S NOT A CIBAI KAJANG LANG.....WHO THE CIBAI ROYAL FUCK TO DICTATE WHETHER THE DEMOCRACY IS CHEAP OR NOT

      I love this part about how FU FUCK THE KING

      Since RPK says that HRH selangor read blogs......


      I HAVE NO WISH TO DESTROY THE MONARCHY. My family came south with James I. We were defenders of the English Throne before your family was ever heard of. It is to preserve Freedom and Tradition that I must now demand your abdication

      F U : You may say that sir but your opinion doesn;t mean anything

      RPK should read this further.......

      Why King Edward VIII abdicate? Why King Charles lose his head?

    3. clf refuse to entertain a dap wumao name looes, who share a common ancestor with that anglo ranter. in fact no one want to entertain looes n his tv series la. looes pls go join yr cousin at manchester n let him whip u kao kao, then upload the sm to youtube, i promise to watch.

    4. HY,
      As if I care........I am pretty active in Din's blog. Perhaps, CLF is hunting dingos in the outbacks. It's fight between CLF & kaytee that I seek

  7. The snake oil salesman charms his way oozing across the floor.The ultimate chameleon,

  8. Dear HY…

    During the Baling riots AI was arrested and jailed because he desecrated the Malaysian’s and UMNO’s flag. Then, despite his strong criticism of UMNO/BN he accepted an invitation from MM to join UMNO/BN and his government in 1982. Was AI not a turncoat too?

    I guess that in your mind, it does not matter what people think of the previous AI. It does not matter about the moral high grounds. What matters most to you is on wining the rivalry and to throw out a corrupted and scandalous-ridden government out of office. It appears to me that you are using someone to achieve your goal. That’s bad of you. If you are successful, cor blimey, such government of yours will not last long. No?

    In my mind, political leaders have to face the public eye and subject themselves to be the target of fierce and brutal public criticisms. As a result, it will push our political leaders to new heights and our politics into new boundaries.

    My friend, I think you should be consistent “hypo/turncoat shd stay home”… eh?


    1. dear hasan, fully understood. ai is perhaps a evil, a turncoat, a villain. as long as he choose to share the people struggle, i give him benefit of the doubt. if he choose to reverse his path, i will fight him. i think i am consistent.

      rpk support najib. no?

    2. Dear HY....

      Even though AI’s agenda might also addresses my goals and objectives; I did not see him as a political hero that deserves the benefit of the doubt. I would not subscribe to the idea that it is rightful for AI to show aggression in his strive to get hold of power even by an undemocratic or unconstitutional way. I also see the forced by-election in Kajang as hindering the democratic process – not enriching it. And I think RR deserves that ‘pordah’ from KT. By the way, you can continue giving AI the benefit of the doubt until the old bogies fade away though.

      RPK supports Najib? Well, in his maiden speech as the 6th PM of Malaysia, Najib said: “So, today I ask you to join me in this task of renewing Malaysia. I urge us to rise to the challenge of building a One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now. Let us begin this great journey together”. Perhaps, RPK is giving Najib the benefit of the doubt too.

      I just hope you could still remember about more than three years ago when I told you I have stopped visiting that bugis royalty blog when I discovered from his writes he could be a protagonist with two or more faces. Cheers..

    3. Likewise RPK! All royalists must be destroyed. Mahathir should have finished the works he should carry out for.

      RPK is nothing. Unfortunately, there are too many zombies melayus out there. Hence, RPK must be destroyed. He represent le ancien regime

    4. dear hasan, 1234 easier...

      1) behind najib is umno/bn, behind anwar is pr. see the diff? rpk a turncoat. period.

      2) 2 or more face is common, but rpk was never a observer, he involve deeply. he today accuse one he shower with indulgence in the pass, n he dare fucking thick face to say i told u so.

      3) i am partisan, during a period at least b4 pr come to power. kt claim he is neutral, wharever that mean, even helen never claim she is neutral.

      4) i never see anwar as hero, my chinese school background make me dislike anwar more than many other politician. i believe strong man politics is bad to democracy, anwar lack the dictatorial trait of mahathir n lky. he care about his image n how the world look at him. thus at this junture, i believe he is one of the better person to make msia more democratic.

      5) having said that, i still no clue what kajang move is about. i think it is about diverting issue, mengasah pisau yg tumpul.

    5. Dear HY,

      "he care about his image n how the world look at him." Is that really from you HY?

      AI is very poor in Image management. Did he not vow to seize power? Has any of our PM ever made known of his ambition in such a way? Don’t you think AI has got an image of a desperate politician? AI may have got the charisma and renowned international reputation, but that do not necessarily translate to winning the GE. AI is overly dependent on public sympathy and his international popularity. AI must learn to obey the rules because he has already shown that he does not want to obey the rules.

      AI and his coterie need to go back to school and learn how to engage especially the rural communities. The key to political/electoral success is not 916, Black 505, forced by-elections, witch-hunts which are of little relevance to the substantial political issues; or bloggers or f..k c b web on-line debates (Re: Your latest comment in Dr Hsu’s Forum), etc.: It is very much dependent on loyal constituencies and members. It is about continuous grassroots canvassing and participation in societal programmes and personal alliances, and to constantly maintain an active communicative link with the voters of both rural and urban constituencies. What strategic planning brilliance is Kajang Sate?

      It looks like... berarak mendung kelabu… walauapapun kau dan aku tetap kau dan aku …ya

    6. hi hasan, i think we agree at least that ai care about international popularity ie image and therefore rarely derail too far away from the track. if ai is brilliant, that would be excellent, if he is not, what u n me can do? fact is he deserve public sympathy and many want him to lead, or in the least umno still perceive him as the major threat n treat him as great opponent, who else enjoy the same stature?

      it is nothing complicated about persuasion of voters, what we need is time n a good grasp of timing to transform mindset, for example both urban malay n non to ignore the threat of 513, especially among the chinese (so pls forget about that cb father n son), n lastly, so call personal alliance that needs money, the more the merrier, which we either dun have, or not the right thing to do. mca/gerakan died bec of umno, ketuanan umno demolish any sort of alliance btw the chinese n mca/gerakan, what would be yr advice when come to east malaysian n rural malay? i am all ears.

      the only strategic move for kajang is perhaps durian have too many thorn n pr don't know what to do with it so they invite us to makan satay instead.

      layang putus tali tukar tali dulu, kalu masih tak terbang then kita tukar itu layang, akhirnya mesti capai langit biru. okay ka?

    7. Dear HY...

      I agree with you that personal alliances may involve favouritism and vote buying, thus this is another area for us to explore and debate.

      I have been watching NN since his KYUEM days and also his London days at Kings College. He has worked/did internship for the Labour Party. NN knows a lot on the re-election of the New Labour (UK) in 2005. He is the man to watch.

      Hey my brother you know padi beras and kelapa sawit inside out, perhaps should know better than me on how to win the heart of the rurals.:)

      Sekarang nie angin kuat dan tali selalu putus….layang-layang hilang…. kena beli layang layang baru…


    8. my sarawakian fren told me many prefer taib to rule forever rather then let any p msia party in.

      my ns, melaka n johor pkr fellow only said hope for the best b4 ge13, bec kampung no wind of change, anak bandar balik kampung cakap politik mesti akibatnya hubungan tegang.

      chinese vote pr en bloc bec of umno/pas/anwar, nothing to do with dap.

      thus u r right about the "societal programmes and personal alliances, and to constantly maintain an active communicative" but how to do i think we dun know. have u read mao thought encircling the city? i opine only pas can do, but dap must shut up.

    9. As our country develops and educated voters swell, the rural will become urban. Let the urbanisation takes its natural course. There will be a lot of problems if we try to accelerate or hasten the process. Hence, we have now the race, religion, royalty, rights and riots issues.

      Everything that is man-made can and will change in accordance to time, place and people. For now I would be contented if I could find an effective answer to the overpowering spins and manipulations in our present political environment. I would be happy if I could fight and contribute for a fair media/journalistic practices and for a fairer election process. I would be delighted if I can have more friends like you.

      When will we have our first East Malaysian to become our PM? When will we have our first non Malay MB/PM? It took 220 years for a non white to take oath of office as the 44th President of the United States. If we can do it say in less than 99 years and before our 21st PM, would it not be a great achievement?

      By the way, my Sarawakian friend told me that they are going to have a new TYT and CM very soon... maybe next month.

  9. Here we go again. We have too many blinkered supporters who think personality is the solution to all our problems. It matters not That person time and time again thumbed your values and principles until you have no dignity left, you still follow that person even though he has never committed to your cause.

    When will malaysians ever learn? You must know what you want and demand out of your leaders. Its not that you follow the politicians. They follow you. This kajang fiasco is clear cut wrong. There are many ways to skin a cat. But Anwar doing this trying to give a moral pretext of saving pakatan is a plain lie. PR must have enough intelligence not to justify this.

    The issue with our politics are systemic. One of which is political financing. If Anwar wants to do what bn is doing, then may god have mercy on us. We're totally doomed. And if you support this, please don't ever lecture others on proper governance, democracy and accountabity.

    1. CBMF,

      Knowing sooner or later the umno mene (go googling for its meaning) in u would force u to give yr 2cent spin.

      So for u, it's destined for umno to blunder M'sia kau-kau to line their elites pockets while feeding foc crumbs to zombies like u in the name of ketuanan. It's a ok, bcoz this is tanah Melayu (a name coined by yr colonial master) to fool & control feudalistic zombies through puppeteering.

      CB, how do u know that AI is going to do a bn trick on us? R those PAS&DAP vanguards, morons like u?

      Crawl back to where u have just awaken, yr zombie rant has NO value here.

  10. Thanks for starting chuckle-vision, KayTee.

    Young Nat Tan has seen the light.
    DAP disappoints yet again for backing Anwar for the MB post.Don't want to see the light?
    Anwar's Sodomy 2 hearing deadline is closing in on him
    The Sultan of Selangor has final say on the MB candidate.
    PKR who won the least number of Selangor seats wants the MB to pump RM250million into its coffers for "election" purposes. Sheer political thuggery or what?.
    And then 56 consttuencies make up Selangor and this 1 called Kajang will be the decider of a new MB? Selangorites can do the math lah.

    1. Are you a melayu? If not, don't talk cock. I also see the light too. I felt that all royalists such as RPK to be completely destroyed. Otherwise, many melayus would still be zombies. Don't believe me ask Hisham Rais. Too bad no Robbespierre in Malaysia. Hahahahaha!

  11. I've met Nat Tan before. He is a pleasant, personable young man, intelligent and knowledgeable.
    If the political discourse in this country were less divisive, less toxic, I can imagine Nat Tan and Ktemoc could be great friends. exchanging ideas on the 80% of concerns which they can agree on.
    Unfortunately Nat Tan was a PKR supporter , an Anwar supporter. So that earns him the pejorative epithet Anwarista, Myrmidon, an enemy in Ktemoc's books.

    Support for PKR/ Anwar becomes THE defining divider in Ktemoc's mind.

    How sad.....
    Relax, as far as I know, Nat Tan may be dissapointed with the Kajan maneuvers, but he has hardly become a Raging PKR or Anwar critic.

  12. Now Theresa Kok exposed as a racist.

    Faced with PKR cronyism and DAP chauvinism, I will vote Barisan Nasional.
    Easily the better choice.

    1. cbdad "ini amoi memang keterlaluan, menyinggung rasa dan tak sensitive, cepat cepat pegi akui salah dan minta maaf. kalu tidak 513 nanti."

      cbson "itu selangor punya hal, apa kena mengena dgn penang, benz i plate nombor p la, bodoh punya selangorian"

    2. Theresa 'exposed' as a racist ? Says who ? If coming from Umno, then we can safely come to conclusion she is NOT a using the well-tried proven formula....anything with Umno, black is white and vice versa lah.