Friday, June 28, 2013

The Jonker Walk Shame

The last time MCA and DAP got together in agreement on an issue was on 11 October 1987 at the Hainanese Association Building, beside the Thean Hou Temple in KL.

The temple that Mahathir thought was Shaolin, wakakaka

Mahathir who was then PM wasn't happy and remarked (words to that effect): "Those who are familiar with Chinese history would know what happened when Chinese gather together at a temple in opposition to the government."

Obviously he was either a Chinese kungfu movie fan wakakaka or his Chinese advisor(s) had told him about Shaolin Temple and the gathering of the Han martial artists there who were opposed to the Manchu rulers.

However, the issue in 1987 was not about Manchu rulers but UMNO rulers or one in particular, the Education Minister, wakakaka, who was suspected by the Chinese Malaysians of attempting to undermine a central pillar of Chinese culture, namely, Chinese vernacular education, in a sneaky manmanlai fashion, wakakaka.

The parents and teachers of students at vernacular schools were deeply disturbed when that particular Education Minister (wakakaka) appointed some 100 senior assistants and principals who were not Chinese (Mandarin) educated, to head Chinese schools.

There were deep deep deep anxious suspicions that the Education Minister was out to undermine the usage of the Mandarin language at Chinese schools, because with the appointment of those senior assistants and principals, students and parents would be forced to use English or Malay to communicate with them. The move was seen as attempting to limit the usage of Chinese in the schools.

The Chinese gathering involving the usual suspects (Dong Jiao Zong, DAP, etc) AND also MCA and Gerakan.

As usual under such a 'Chinese unity' situation, UMNO Youth responded with its bangsa (raja dan agama) threats, when we then saw Najib Razak as UMNO Youth boss issuing his notorious threat of bathing his keris with Chinese blood.

Most of those who convened at the temple to object to the Minister's naughty move were then rounded up by the police and without any trial, sent to Kem Kamunting under the draconian ISA to enjoy nasi kari kosong and the mosquitoes there, some for a few years like Lim Kit Siang who, it was said, earned his law degree there (by distance education).

Coincidentally, during the police Ops Lalang, MCA Deputy President Lee Kim Sai just happened to be on leave in Australia wakakaka, while young Najib walked around untouched as befitting his position among The Chosen Ones, and then smirking gleefully, succeeded in 'persuading' the late HRH Sultan Selangor to strip Lee KS of his datukship.

That was almost 30 years ago, Today, we read in Malaysiakini that both MCA and DAP 'defend' Jonker Walk.

Jonker Walk

It's always bad feng shui for MCA and DAP to agree on anything, and the bad feng shui is UMNO.

The politicization of Jonker Walk in Malacca has been a shameful 4th (not even 3rd) World act of arrogance and petulant revenge by UMNO against the Chinese. It has been a wilful alter ego to UMNO's condemnation of Chinese 'ingratitude' which I had previously blogged as Gratitude - an UMNO anachronism in a democracy.

But leaving UMNO's anachronistic and preposterous perception of 'ingratitude' aside, will Jonker Walk become another Thean Hou Temple, to once again annoy the most powerful man in Malaysia (Mahathir) with the consequence of Ops Lalang Mark II?

Perhaps not, because Gan Tian Loo, MCA Malacca Head, who is also the Jonker Walk committee deputy chairperson, as reported by MKINI, in supporting the Malacca CM's closure of the Walk to traffic, "... took a guarded approach, denying that he was leading the protest, adding that he was merely there to 'survey' the site after receiving several requests from the traders."

Additionally, new Tourism Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz, reminded Idris Haron, the Malacca CM that It is Jonker Walk, not Jonker Drive, implying the latter has been childishly wilful in opening the Walk to traffic to deliberately deny the mainly Chinese hawkers from plying their trade in the usually closed-to-traffic thoroughfare, an act seen as motivated by racist-political revenge.

Thus Gan will be reasonably safe as he has a bit of UMNO-rized Nazri-rized cover for his backside.


  1. Lks and LGE turn this again into a racial issue.

    And again why is it when Chinese unite to fight for a perceived Chinese interest its not racist but if Malay does that its racist? Why is it When in Penang the Malay traders perceived actions against them as racism but you guys dont support them? instead you guys accept whatever rubbish LGE says and thus not racism.

    Ps. Did you again censor my write?

    1. when Chinese political parties do unite (only once in Malaysia's history) it was about the standards of Chinese education, and guess what happened to them?

      This Jonker Walk shame could not be seen as Chinese unity (I just made a wakakaka cynical remark about it) because as mentioned, the Malacca MCA chief was tiptoeing through the BN tulips, and refused to come out bravely as MCA once did in 1987. Even if it has been, it would be about the livelihood of the hawkers who were deliberately denied the space to play their livelihood.

      When UMNO and PAS talks about Malay Unity, it's always about their political strength (majority in parliament, deny Pakatan strength, etc), and never about services to the Malay people.

      And where was it I censor your comments?

  2. It seems that Ellese doesn't troll every blog as one would suspect or she does but with blinkers. Ms. Muppet & brood of Cats seems to think that "padan muka" for the Chinese, DAP & even MCA since their mouth piece is a "musuh dlm selimut". Whereas, if you read their male counterparts - the Doggies, it was pointed out that the cawangan did a number on Ali Rustam. He ran in a "safe" seat but still lost. The story goes that "people" didn't want him to proceed to Federal level and therefore, advance futher by the end of the year. Aiyaaah... ini khabar2 angin daripada org di dalam, mana kami orang kaki lima tahu apa kebenaraannya?

    But now for the CM to take this action, isn't he cutting his nose to spite his face? Its called "smallness". If we think that tourist visit Mlcca just for the beach, we must be daft.

    But KTee's point of the "Shaolin" incident is relevent especially if we see who was the education minister at that time... Aaah, that was politically motivated and that person is really dangerous. For this Mlcca situation, its "childish" while the Penang situation you quote lies in Kimma or maybe hmmm... korma?

    But any how, like commentors in the last posting say - looking for a scape goat again for an internal struggle in order to wipe one's finger prints for the dastardly back stab... wakakakaka

    1. You're right that Ali Rustam is not wanted by UMNO in its upper echelon. He was previously barred from election to a deputy presidential position on allegations of money politics in UMNO. He is very popular with the ultras but an embarrssment to and thus not desired by UMNO's mainstream leadership

    2. Ms Muppet has a wild theory that Jonker Walk is Christian influence lurking behind Chinatown, by using a picture of a 1908 Tamil church at the entrance of the walk. Such a desperate effort to link Jonker Walk to her favourite whipping boy.

      Maybe this Jonker Walk issue has to do with coming UMNO elections?

    3. Anon 9:58

      Anything to get her followers whipped up into an anti Xtian hysteria. They have a Pavlov reaction to rumours of purpoted Xtian plots like dogs to the sound of a bell.

      If Ms Muppet posted about secret Xtian symbols on road signs at every simpang empat rest assured her minions will be foaming at the mouth

  3. BN forms government without most of the Chinese support.
    What are the options now?
    1. woo them back by providing them with more goodies? Or,
    2. make life difficult for them? So unbearable that they will endorse BN in future (assuming that BN is unbeatable).

  4. Aiyaah.. whatever we say, people like Ellese have blinkered views or there is a concerted agenda. Chinese voted for PAS who are Malays and an Islamic party. Not voting UMNO doesn't mean Chinese are rejecting Malays. Its just rejecting a form of governance.

    All said & done, Malay politics is not settled and therefore, poses a challenge to others while the turf is being fought for like what is starting in the Wanita UMNO elections. If Ali Rustam survived, he would have threaten TSM's position unless both of them take on Najib. But who knows? Rustam may still make a comeback.

    But to Ellese credit, she takes on a more intellegent discussion compared to this (readers below 18 years are encouraged not to read. wakakakaka):

    This is why an anti-racism law should be put in placed quickly.

    1. Let them be. We cannot legislate against stupidity.

      I love seeing the sudden change in the faces of the UMNO ultras from elation to shock when the CM of Melaka did a volte face on his decision. Jonker Walk is one of the main draws of tourists to the city and revenue to the state. I am sure someone must have talked some sense into the CM.

  5. ""Now, we see most of the Malacca residents fully supporting DAP over MCA candidates, who have been serving them. Hence, we decided to cancel the night market and we hope they will be happy," - Idris Haron, Melaka Cheap Minister in his own words.

    The original, and accurate statement of intentions, by the Malacca Cheap Minister was that the closure of Jonker Walk was intended to teach the Malacca Chinese a lesson for supporting DAP.

    The subsequent backpedalling on it being a solution to traffic flow, and its conversion to Jonker Drive (you can have your stalls on the Kaki Lima) is all spin.

    The Cheap Minister doesn't seem to get in his thick skull that people have a right to vote for whichever candidate or party the support, and it is up to the politicians to convince the people that they are qualified to hold power.

    In an odd way, UMNO has become even more arrogant after GE13. Even though Barisan Nasional as a whole got a drubbing in GE13, UMNO has interpreted the result that UMNO can do anything they like and remain in power forever, even if Chinese support is 0%. Fuck the Chinese.

    The hawker issue in Penang is totally different. The hawkers were illegally occupying public land, and in violation of various MPPP regulations. When action was taken against the hawkers, UMNO Penang are the ones who manufactured a racial issue out of it.

    Jonker Walk walk was a government sponsored initiative, a successful tourist attraction mind you, and it is clear from the Cheap Minister's original interview, that closing it IS a racist decision.

    Anyway leave Idris Haron to his decision. He's less than 2 months in office, and probably doesn't realise without the tourism industry, there is Nothing Much in Malacca.
    Malacca was just a sleepy coastal town in the 1960's and 1970's, You could almost lie down in the middle of the road.

    1. Frankly in a twisted way I'm nostalgic of the "sleepy hollow" days of the 70's or even before the declaration of "world heritage city" by UNESCO. Life then was relaxed and very bearable. Now we have horrible traffic congestion stretching from Ayer Keroh toll booth right up to the city centre (and not necessarily Jonker Street) from Thursdays to Sunday and EVERYDAY if it is a public/school holidays. Maybe this Jonker Street issue will slow down the flow of tourists into Melaka which may not be a bad thing to us the local non-businessmen.
      Ps How bad is the tidal wave of tourists to the non-businessman locals? We have long given up going to the city centre on weekends/public hols unless absolutely necessary.

  6. Anwar Ibrahim....root of much evil in Malaysia.

    Najib has many faults but his are more errors of ommission and weaknesses. His inability to swing the establishment around for substantive economic reform, his weakness in facing the ultras in his party.

    Anwar Ibrahim on the other hand is a genuinely and actively diabolical persona. That so many , especially the Chinese and Indians have swung behind him is a dangerous development for the country's future.

  7. The Chinese in Malaysia will benefit if they get their children to lean English as a main language in addition to BM and Chinese language. Citizens of countries that place a premium on English are the ones that will exploit the Internet Age to its fullest.

    1. It is a rarely discussed fact that a large and increasing number Vernacular School leavers are unemployable. They fail to make the transition to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan, having poor command of Bahasa Malaysia as well as English. Few among these will have the opportunity or afford to attend Chinese Independent Schools.

      They have zero chance of getting tertiary education and their job prospects often end up in the informal sector or the grey job market like selling pirate DVDs.

      I'm not referring to those from middle-class families who have wider exposure to English, or can afford to send their children for tuition to make up for any deficiencies.
      These are normally underperforming students from the less fortunate social strata of Chinese.
      A few may become rich entrepreneurs in the footsteps of Loh Boon Siew or Lim Goh Tong, but most will end up at the bottom of society, without the cushion of the NEP.

      Neither DAP nor MCA are addressing this, obviously, because there is not a peep from either "Chinese Education Champions" on this issue, which I'm aware is a very real problem and a threat to the economy of the Chinese in Malaysia.

  8. Dear KT,

    Thanks if you don't censor. Probably there's a technical fault.

    On jonker, it became racial when lks says so. The fact one Chinese Mca tiptoe bn you don't disregard the 90%. Even when Malays unite you can't get 90%++. But still people argue Malay unity is racism. Funny logic we have.

    On me having blinkered view, you can challenge me. Come to my blog hakbersuara coz I don't censor. If you're honest and rational, we can have a good dialectic discourse. Otherwise ill reply in the same manner. Then we can see who has blinkered myopic views. Tell you what, I'm at this theme saying lks LGE and dap are racist according to their own definition. None have been able to say why all these so called leaders are not.

    1. Please define racist and racism.

    2. What do you think the meaning of racist and racism of lks and DAP? Anyway dealt with it in detail on my blog.

    3. Ellese A, you wrote: "On jonker, it became racial when lks says so."

      Do read Rocketman's comments (at 3:32 pm, 29/6) above, and pay particular attention to the second paragraph which reads: "The original, and accurate statement of intentions, by the Malacca CM was that the closure of Jonker Walk was intended to teach the Malacca Chinese a lesson for supporting DAP."

      If that is not an act of blatant racism then you can say that the rape of a woman is not a violent act but merely a man's over-enthusiastic appreciation of the woman's attractiveness.

      Or are you going to spin that as having nothing to do with racism at all but just an exercise to encourage the traders there to vote for the Fascists in every General Election?

    4. Ellese's definition of racist and racism is quite simple and straight-forward. Anyone talking about his or her own race is a racist and practices racism. She could not see anything more beyond that.

      Among all the political parties, DAP are the ones really fighting for all races whether individually or collectively, for the overall good of the country. Many of their members had gone under the ISA for the North-South highway project which we now know has unnecessarily burdened the Rakyat. They are still trying to buy back PLUS and all other tolled roads with the sole intention to cut tolls and lighten the financial burden of the people.

  9. KT, You Red Bean Army kah ?

    1. I like to EAT red bean soup. The silly idea of a red bean army became abundantly clear when it was touted to have hundreds of millions for its budget. Only an UMNO pulut army has that sort of budget

    2. True KT. Up until now the BN cannot grasp the idea of millions of social media users tapping the retweet and share buttons defeating its multimillion dollar propaganda budget.

      Our super-expensive radio, TV, press, internet cybertrooper Golliath routed by a leaderless mass of smartphone, ipad, computer users sharing youtubes and posts? Impossible!

  10. Ellese, once overhead when Mr. XYZ (MCA guy) was ADUN (real story). It was a BN programme and his guest said..."waah Indians so powerful because see, there are so many Indian parties in BN on stage!" YB laughed and said, more doesn't mean better. He pointed out that on stage, was only ONE Malay party - UMNO. That is strength.

    UMNO has tried to maintain Malay unity and non-Malays or non-Malay parties have never disputed this need of its existence. Tun M in the early days saw beyond just a Malay vision but a vision for Malaysia (when we even had a Malay chair the UN). The Malay dynamics of leadership abruptly changed with UMNO Baru (Semangat 46 challenge by KuLi) and then DSAI. First, it changed the total course of Tun M's thinking & vision for Malays and second, the place of non-Malays in support of the opposition fractions(not talking about DAP). 1969 was also a result of internal struggles within UMNO.

    However, DSAI has been the most influencial factor in today's Malay struggle for leadership. Therefore, many would like the Malay leadership crisis to be settled. Having said that, it a globalized world, it may be harder done since even the Malays do not see along ethnic lines in following global socio-political thinking. Then there is a growing sector of Malays influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Enuf said...

    We are not all DAP lovers nor do we support the present under attack on daily basis situation. You as a thinking Malay woman speak of dialectics, hopefully in a Hegelian sense. If new ideas and changes arise out of discourse, then Malaysians will become better but if are set in our views, its the beginning of the end...

    1. Thank you for the write. I think all of us are barking on the wrong tree. We have systemic political problem. The way to change values and behaviors of our politicians are by changing incentives and disincentives of politics. Many are still stuck thinking changing of personality will solve the issues. It does not and will not.

  11. Jonker Walk, Jonker Drive.....all OK.
    No need to turn this into a mega racial confrontation.
    DAP is just a troublemaker.

    Lim Guan Eng should focus on administering Penang - goodness he has enough problems and maladministration there.
    I'm Lim Kit Siang has plenty to do to get to know his new constituency Gelang Path.

    1. so it's okay for Idris Haron to misuse and abuse his powers as CM to take revenge on the hawkers by doing away with the closed walk.

      Is that the role fo a people's representative?