Monday, June 10, 2013

Party polls - PKR worse than UMNO

TMI - Umno members urged to continue supporting Najib

UMNO will be having its party election sometime this year. What about PKR then?

Ask him about Apcet II

Saifuddin Nasution, PKR's Sec-Gen, said PKR members are tired from the recent elections and thus its party polls (sometime end of this year) should be postponed. UMNO members somehow are not tired, so mana boleh PKR members tired?

If tired, don't continue with Black 505 campaign lah. If continuing with Black 505 campaign, it means PKR's politicking is still on full steam, so don't give excuses to avoid party polls.

Mungkin Azmin Ali takut dijatuhkan dari jawatan deputy president, ya?

Who is actually the Boss of PKR?
Thunderous applause please, wakakaka

The dwarves are aware their leader is now damn bloody unpopular with members for his ketuanan behaviour and his feral rudeness towards party president Dr Wan Azizah. His pretending to be against his inner coterie member, Saifuddin Nasution, being appointede as Khalid's ketuanan (not Pakatan) state political liaison officer won't help him.

PKR members MUST insist on party polls as scheduled and get rid of the dwarves to protect Dr Wan and her daughter, Nurul Izzah, especially the latter as she's your party future.

Continue with Dr Wan as party president and make Nurul party deputy president. Forget about Khalid Ibrahim (he can be just a VP) as he's scared of the AI-AA Terrible Twins.

PKR, protect her, protect your party's future

And make sure you get someone truly independent to run the party polls, so what happened last time won't recur, wakakaka.

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  1. KT, PKR will do very well if it appoints you as its chief adviser.

  2. SOKONG.....seratus percent sokong ! Let's protect our princess so that she's ready for real leadership in 8 to 10 years' time. NO NO and NO to the mafia cotorie....btw, saifuddin looks like a thug, so not surprising that he showed his ganas muscle in APCET II. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise PKR did not rule the country as it hoped to after the last GE. For those who are disenchanted by the UMNOism on both sides, then the last GE's outcome could be regarded as the best outcome.....BN (esp UMNO ) not getting what it wants and PKR did not get to rule.

  3. I think they are still better than the Bullshit DAP CEC elections. That sort of pretentious hypocricy is even worse.

  4. KayTeeKia,
    Izzah got 3 or 4 other siblings plus in laws. Ok or not to put them automatically as the knights of the round table with Queen Arthur at the helm! ( King Arthur took sabbatical leave to teach at Univeristy de Croissont )

  5. the mean machine8:44 pm, June 10, 2013

    Kaytee,it is time PKR members show the door for Anwar's blue eyed boy Azmin.He has to be man enough to admit that his so damn good leadership cost PR the seat to Putrajaya.They should have sent him to the vet and have his marbles removed.

  6. Fuck PKR.
    UMNO Is light years better.

  7. Kaytee,
    You know why I love all the series of Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister. I thought that you would be very particular interested to watch this episode " The Middle Class Rip Off" especially from 18 minutes onwards. How Bernard Whooley, Jim Hacker's private secretary help Jim to deal with political intricacies within the administrations? Now you know how Azmin & Anwar are like tag team. Just watch! Bernard is so pro active that he has arranged the private secretary of environment secretary to meet up with Jim to hehehehehe......

    Enjoy, my friend!

  8. Wakakakaka. What a joke this posting is dear Kaytee. Asking Keadilan to hold party polls? Hmmm what polls when the Ketua Umum Mat Leather King is never elected. That wifey is President and daughter is VP. Pointless. Waste of time.
    If you must know, why Malays generally do not favour Keadilan is because of Anwar and family. It seems like the Chinese are the only ones so keen to see Nurul Izzah as PM. Sorry lor. Never in a million years.
    It's like asking daddy-O as PM which is well-nigh impossible, Nurul Izzah becoming PM is just like a puppet on a string pulled by the Gift of God father. Throw out the family and Azmin and maybe, I said maybe Keadilan will be the choice of the Malays.

    1. buttercup oh buttercup.....who would be taken in by your words ? Just a small reminder....prior to GE13, you lambasted pkr and the taliban party, with only dap escaping your ire. Now that dap showed some success, you suddenly remembered that the chinese harboured ambition to take over the have chinese as pm and well dpm...luckily you did go so far as accuse the chinese of wanting to put in a chinese agong, wakakaka. NOW you declare that..."Throw out the family and Azmin and maybe, I said maybe Keadilan will be the choice of the Malays." poppycock....buttercup....these 2 words go well together....that's what you are venturing to M2D since the host there have changed tune....which must be sweet music to your ears.

  9. Just ponder this. DAP CEC polls was a fiasco. Keadilan hmmm leaves much to be desired. So how do you expect them to be a ruling party and rule PutraJaya? That is why Allah.did not give his blessings to them. Allah knows best what is good for Malaysia.

    1. Yes...Allah knows best. That's why pkr cannot rule and umno did not get Selangor and Penang, those jewels in the crown, and even 7 seats less than previous, inspite of all the huge cheatings the best money and guns and goons could buy. And PAS got its face smeared in the mud. And, you said it...Allah knows best. And let's just wait out while utusan, the mouthpiece of umno, screams its guts out daily...screaming for chinese blood, hahahaha

  10. As the saying goes...

    You can take the politicians out of UMNO, but you can't take UMNO culture out of the politicians.

    Who is the mother of all the problems, UMNO.


    1. Kaytee was lamenting about all other parties but UMNO ! Poor UMNO the punching bag for you ABU guys.