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Lee Lam Thye, a Malaysian

The Malaysian Insider - Prioritise welfare of PDRM personnel, says Lee Lam Thye

Lee Lam Thye - indisputably a legend in KL and among older Chinese Malaysians as a quiet, soft spoken but redoubtably effective DAP politician. Borrowing and paraphrasing the popular title of the film 'Singh is Kinng'*, I have no hesitation in declaring 'Lee Lam Thye was Kinng' in Kuala Lumpur, where his electoral constituency was Bukit Bintang.

* the word 'king' was deliberately (mis)spelt 'Kinng' on advice from an Indian numerologist . Not unlike Hong Kong film makers, Bollywood is fussy about good feng shui when starting or launching a film.

The sad part of 'Lee Lam Thye was Kinng' lies in its grammatical tense, namely 'was'. Today, the younger ones, even DAP members (with no clue as to their party's history) hate him for no other reason than he chooses, since his publicly declared retirement from politics, to be a non-political non-partisan Malaysian.

Whoooaa, that won't do in today's Malaysia for current politics has gone 'George Bush II', as per that low-brow Dubya-ish 'you're either with us or against us'.

This (extract on Lee only) was what I wrote in an earlier post Gentlemen in ungentlemanly Malaysian politics in March 2010:

when I read readers’ comments at various places – Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider, my matey Susan Loone’s blog, etc – I seldom see a reasonable and balanced or civil comment. The comments would in general be feral, ferocious, and frightening, not unlike rabid salivating attack dogs unleashed ;-). It seems these are worse at RPK’s Malaysia-Today wakakaka. […]

They adopted George W Bush’s doctrine of "either you’re with us or against us", just black or white with no grey in between.

Likewise the attacks against Lee Lam Thye were scurrilous, sleazy, sickening and by some scumbags whose pubic hair weren’t yet in sight when Lee LT was already performing sterling services in KL.

Lee was virtually a demigod in the eyes of his constituency and woe betide any political challenger for his seat – my uncle told me in each general election he actually felt sorry for those MCA pollies who were ‘nominated’ by MCA leaders to stand against Lee. They were probably unpopular members, good only as cannon fodders wakakaka.

Maybe the following poem by kamikaze pilot, the late Matomi Ugaki, should be dedicated to those foolish or 'pushed forward' to stand against Lee Lam Thye:

Flowers of the special attack are falling
When the spring is leaving.
Gone with the spring
Are young boys like cherry blossoms.
Gone are the blossoms,
Leaving cherry trees only with leaves.

MCA cherry blossoms? Totally crushed by Lee Lam Thye! Wakakaka!

Poppy, MCA's Bukit Bintang cherry blossom

Of course Lee retired from politics but these young punks couldn’t, wouldn’t respect his decision and let him be as he went about his Malaysian way. He was only ‘acceptable’ if he was like them, feral, ferocious and frighteningly moronic in blind hatred against anything and everything UMNO and BN.

Same stuff happened to my matey Hsu Dar Ren in my post Gerakan hopes to snatch a new breath of life. Just because I refer to him as my matey, a commentator called him a ‘running dog’, just as some others had so termed Lee Lam Thye.

Hsu Dar Ren

Though I dislike the BN for its terrible governance and divisive antics, I do have friends in Gerakan, MCA, UMNO and wakakaka even MIC. I don’t see the need to maul them as well though of course I would certainly challenge their political policies if these are not supportive of fairness, transparency, accountability, or just wasteful.

In fact I was delighted to see that Hsu had written a letter to Malaysiakini titled The ascendancy of right wing politics. Read it if you think he is a ‘running dog’.

Some people like Lee Lam Thye and Hsu Dar Ren are gentlemen through and through, civil, soft spoken, well-mannered and treat even their political enemies as fellow Malaysians. In politics one doesn't have to assume one of the extreme positions like the general UMNO apparatchiks or anwaristas.

And I am glad Lee and Hsu aren’t.

Also, in another much earlier post (October 2007) titled The necessary demonization of Lee Lam Thye I wrote (extracts only):

Here is an outstanding former DAP stalwart who was the best performing opposition politician bar none. Neither my political hero Lim Kit Siang nor the late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon could match his popularity and the respect the people of KL of an earlier generation have for him.

Yet to today’s political Johnnies & Ginny’s-come-lately, he is a “hypocrite, a spineless turncoat who goes with the flow. His past actions have clearly shown he is a ‘yes-man’ and ‘brown nose’ and he is certainly not independent nor trustworthy” – see comments on the post.
So, on the above pseudo-logic, for Lee to be trustworthy in the amoebic minds of these J’s-come-lately, he must, according to their tadpole worldviews, be a ‘no-man’. Oh yes, he must buck the ‘flow’ in accordance with their wondrous views of which way the ‘flow’ has been going. Yes, Lee should bloody well conform to their dictates or ‘de facto’ assessments.

What about the critics themselves? Certainly they would say ‘no’ to the establishment! But what would they say to the man who can walk on water.

No, I wasn't referring to Yeshua ben Yusuf, but the bloke whom visitor {zzz} informed me “Didn't you know the guy practically walks on water?” in an earlier post Guess who've been singing that old tune "I'd have been sacked ..."?

Read the above post and see whether Lee Lam Thye or He who walks on water has been a ‘spineless hypocrite’.

And pause to consider whether you critic-wonders of Lee Lam Thye aren't ‘yes men’ yourselves (to He who walks on water, the unelected 'leader')?

And where is it stated that Lee must act or opine in accordance with your Winching Wendy's wishes to be not spineless - oh, don’t you now dare forget to compare Lee with who’s really spineless. [...]

I had questioned the biased criticism that “Lee hasn't made any statement contrary to or critical of government policies without first taking the wind directions” by asking the following:

(1) Must he?
(2) Has that been his style even when he was at his pinnacle?

Visitor {xxx} commented: “You speak with hypocrisy. There're bigger issues at stake now than just bread and butter issues. If he wants to be left alone, it's very easy, he only needs to back out from the panel.”

“Since he allowed himself to be on the panel, he should expect to be scrutinised to the fullest.”

“This is what democracy is all about. Can't take the heat? Get out of the kitchen, or in this case, the panel.”

It’s quite obscene for him (or her) to mouth the phrase “This is what democracy is all about” while at the same condemning Lee, as a citizen who has retired from opposition politics, from accepting an invitation to be a panel member. Hellooooooooo, can Lee be allowed to decide for himself, or should he toe your line?

And as a former opposition politician retired from active politics, if that doesn't make him an independent person, who then is? He who walks on water? Lee as an independent person is under no f-obligations to say things that you only want to hear.

Democracy, my bloody foot - you have no clue what democracy is!

{xxx} continues to show his/her ignorance of the phrase “Can't take the heat? Get out of the kitchen” by applying it to a retired politician sitting on an panel for independent investigation, but WTF, why let facts bother the mealy-mouth attack on Lee.

* {xxx}'s nick can be seen on an earlier post titled Leave Lee Lam Thye alone.

Unlike in the West, in Malaysia there is no room for civility outside (or stand down from) politics, where politicians from both sides of the House could sit down and have a drink or two and laugh about matters ‘off the record’ as colleagues rather than as political adversaries - not even for retired politician who has not taken up politics but wants or is willing to do some public service work.

But regardless, what Lee LT has suggested today, namely prioritizing welfare for PDRM personnel, is all too correct. Though we have come to equate the PDRM as an unpleasant, unsavoury, and disreputable organization, we must make the effort to be conscious of what Napoleon Bonaparte once said: 'There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers', and thus not marginalize a group of fellow Malaysians.

Undoubtedly, most of the PDRM senior officers are of the carma (Samad Said's cari makan) variety, with some more enthusiastic than others in wanting to please their political masters. And we know that some have set bad examples in more than one way - in politics, in their disregard for rule of law (alleged pally buddy with underworld kingpins), in their 'style' of living and allegedly in 'close one eye and open one palm'.

But like ordinary soldiers, the mata-mata are not all that well-paid, and even if we can argue they are, consider their natural urges in the face of some of their officers living lives like the rich at Monte Carlo, or when they ride their motorcycles past a palatial mansion in Selangor styled like a Bali Palace. I wonder whether Dr Mahathir meant this when during his premiership he promoted 'Leadership by example'?

Yes, we most certainly can tell those mata-mata off with a 'that's no excuse' for wanting a similar get-rich-quick approach in the course of their work. But shouldn't we first sack the bunch of those bloody bad examples, staring from the top?

In the meanwhile, we should support what Lee LT has advocated, that we look after their welfare. Remember, they're Malaysians too.



  1. "...But shouldn't we first sack the bunch of those bloody bad examples, starting from the top?"

    Easier said than done. Who will do the sacking?

    The whole political-economic-administrative gooey have coalesced and ossified into one self-serving organism, with tentacles in every nook and corner.

  2. Lee Lam Thye is a true malaysian. He is also a gentleman in the truest sense of the word.

    Some said he was ousted from DAP due to internal political wrangling.

    But some sources hinted that Lee left DAP due to personal reason/s. RPK in one of his posts has openly stated that his family suffered dire financial distress due to his wife's reckless gambling and that is the real reasson why he left the party ?

    Anyone care to elaborate on this ? Perhaps there is a misprint in that RPK's post on this matter ?

  3. reread those article and comment on ai and aa, lu sama saja la, talak mirror kah?

    at least ai n aa still go against a corrupted regime unlike llt, kl people vote dap (or opposition) and not llt, what respect r u talking about? the respect already go down to drain long time ago. y not ask him to contest under bn in bb see how much respect left for him?

  4. Let LLT sit on the faces of those empty barrels that dare criticised him.Hehehe.

  5. Lee Lam Thye is one of those behind the National Service programme?

  6. Lee Lam Thye is one of those behind the National Service programme?

  7. 'There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers'

    From recent my run in with a couple of PDRM foot-soldiers, that is definitely untrue.

    The constables were nasty, corrupt, racist and brutish.

    I'm very sure their conduct had nothing to do with the IGP or any PDRM brass orders (no doubt of course that these PDRM Biggies are also guilty of many transgressions).

    I'm old enough to know very well Lee Lam Thye's services to his constituency at the time. So I will not say anything bad about him.
    Non-political voluntary public service is very common in UK , for example.

    Just to add that because Barisan Nasional, especially UMNO has insinuated its corrupting and abusive influence into every nook and corner of almost all of Malaysia's institutions, there is practically zero room for Apolitical Public Service work, especially at national level.

    A well respected friend of mine recently resigned his position on the National-level executive committee of a Voluntary organisation, because of the way it was being co-opted into the BN political agenda. Most of the other august members of the national committee seem quite happy or unworried about the politicisation of their work.

    My friend did not make a fuss of it - he just quit.
    Its all a matter of personal choice and conscience, I suppose.

  8. Lee Lam Thye
    In his days he was the Bukit Bintang man
    No Bee Anne man could unseat him
    He worked throughout his tenancy

    With his old typewriter
    He would walk the road
    He helped those who needed it
    He was reachable to all in his constituency

    He didn't have to campaign
    The people in Bukit Bintang did it for him
    Every election he would win
    MCA had to crawl back to its shell

    Because of internal squabbles in DAP
    He quit his post and politics
    And devouted his time and energy
    Helping the people and country

    Though many had said he was a frog
    He had his principles in his life
    He quit all positions in DAP
    For a while he was alone

    Then he joined Kuok foundation
    Later he joined other organizations
    All the while still helping the people
    In different capacity yet still a man of principle

    We don't find such personality
    Coming up through the nation
    But his works in Bukit Bintang is well known
    The helpless can count on him for assistance

  9. Lee Lam Thye became popular through DAP support and he played out DAP'
    He was bought by umno B.
    One who says Lee Lam Thye is a gentleman, you know who he is.
    You mention his name to Susan,she will laugh at that crazy pot.
    He claims pally pally with few bloggers with no shame.

  10. Malaysian Chinese hates Lee Lam Thye as much as they hate Ling Liong Sik.
    This post is hoping young Malaysian Chinese do not know.
    The deal is that he stays out of politics and the Government will give him something to do.
    Without LLT, BN was hoping for a good chance to win Bukit Bintang, and so they did for few terms, and lost back to DAP later.
    Lee Lam Thye can be bought with money easily.
    Chinese call him Umno running dog for decades.
    PS: Slowly, you can see this is a BN blog.
    All the bashing on BN fellas are just to win your trust to believe everything he says.

  11. Mat Sabu is Mat Sabu, who coined the slogan "ABU" "ANYTHING BUT UMNO"
    He is PAS vice President, very popular politician..
    Only an idiot will compare Mat Sabu to Lee Lam Thye.

  12. CSL and his deputy,KHAIRI,NAZRI AND NONG CHIK would all smell LEE LAM THYE'S boots if they would all together stand in GE 13 against him.

  13. Lee Lam Thye was bailed out of personal family difficulties, that much I can say without betraying confidential info.

    He was "helped" out by people connected to BN, and like anything to do with that corrupt party, it obviously came with strings attached.
    To Lee Lam Thye's credit he refused to be an outright BN operative. However, he had to quit the DAP and also serve from time to time as a "BN-friendly" non-politician.

  14. One thing I would like to say about Lee Lam Thye.I do not know him personally,but I have seen him a few times with my own eyes taking out his typewriter from the trunk of his car,to help his constituents type out some forms or whatever.For whatever reasons he left the DAP,he did not behave the way Tunku Aziz did towards his own party after he left.At least he was a gentleman,have real balls and behave like a grown man should.He never cried and act like a spoilt brat,and never had an axe to grind with his old party.ipj trnalye

  15. Lee Lam Thye had real balls.Bigger than the monster's balls.Anybody who say bad about this gentleman better look at themselves in the mirror.Cowards only laugh at others because it made them look better,braver and that feel good thingy.Hehehe.

  16. If Lee Lam Thye had balls, he would have stood for another Bukit Bintang election as Independent.
    His house was thrown with cow dungs.
    Fucking words painted at his walls, numerous times, and stopped when he became a "WHO?" a nobody.

  17. "Lee Lam Thye had real balls" but not real enuf to face the hardship he encounter?

    by any standard he is better than many "scumbag", or he is less "scumbag". however i personally have very less respect toward him like some hare did.

  18. Lee Lam Thye is a TRAITOR to DAP, very ungrateful, most selfish and have no balls to expose corruptions, fearing being arrested and go to jail.
    He only know how to talk big standing on a DAP ticket, attracting listeners with his 3 languages, especially Tamil.
    He sound fearless but deep inside, he has no balls.
    Without DAP Lee Lam Thye is a nobody.

  19. LLT balls are made for making babies,and not for politics.
    When the Govt. give him titles after titles, you can be sure where is he standing.
    Remember he is not a multi millionaire to get all the titles and his so call social work are not recognized by UN.

  20. Lee Lam Thye is a running dog for BN.
    Anon 10.21 said it well.
    He turned traitor to DAP.

  21. "When the Govt. give him titles ...", like Anwar Ibrahim? Like Khalid Ibrahim?

  22. Unless I'm mistaken, we're not debating Anwar Ibrahim or Khalid Ibrahim here.
    Its about Lee Lam Thye and his alleged collaboration with BN... or not.

  23. Kaytee just an observation on your perception (and hence you advocating) that the colloquial term "carma" to having been coined by Samad Said recently...that cannot be correct?

    Carma has been used by all servicemen from the time I joined the service back in the early 80's it must have been coined way back before that..(the meaning has been the same - in crass terms in Malay it is meant to be "Bodek" but is also used to mean "to curry favours)...Kaytee probably can do his thesis on this word and earn his Ph.D.....(This is my carma with Kaytee) :-) Cheers

  24. Grapevine had it that LLT was paid a million bucks to quit DAP and politics , just like that lowlife RPK.
    Perhaps everybody got a price tag ,including Ktemoc?

  25. Everyone is a potential whore....its only the asking price which is different.

  26. Gentlemanly (and -ladylike) politics is gone and mostly buried in Malaysia and I'm very clear where the root cause lies.

    I've seen it operate effectively in the UK, and it is certainly very commendable. MPs from opposing political parties treat each other more like friendly sports competitors rather than enemies. Government data, good or bad is freely shared and discussed in Parliament. The Leader of the Opposition and their Shadow cabinet have government-paid staff and offices.

    But that's the UK. They don't have a Prime Minister who met privately with a "complainant" before a hospital visit and police report was made, and Balaclava clad commandos used to arrest and charge the Leader of the Opposition on trumped up sodomy charges - based on dodgy DNA evidence, it turned out.
    The UK doesn't have an election commission chairman who speaks of the Opposition as "The Enemy"....

    The end result in Malaysia is most of those remaining so-called "gentlemen" are those who are too weak, soft and insipid to make a clear stand on issues.

    No its not George W Bush-ism in the Malaysian context to demand that individuals who claim to be leaders stand up and be counted on where they are on issues.

    Political leaders can and should remain civil and courteous, but not being evasive or silent on issues vital to Malaysia's future.

    That's gutless politics, not gentlemanly politics.

  27. if we are going to refer to 'grapevine' then there's lots of grapevine talk about Anwar too, but like all grapevine talk, it's shiok sendiri masturbation only

  28. monsterbaby, are politicians allowed to retire from politics? is there any rule saying they must not take on jobs offered by the BN government? Even the Pakatan state government of Penang employed a Gerakan man to run its business

  29. Anon of 1:36 PM, October 01, 2012, read my post again to note my criticism of Anwar for his lack of balls in the following paragraphs:

    What about the critics themselves? Certainly they would say ‘no’ to the establishment! But what would they say to the man who can walk on water.

    No, I wasn't referring to Yeshua ben Yusuf, but the bloke whom visitor {zzz} informed me “Didn't you know the guy practically walks on water?” in an earlier post Guess who've been singing that old tune "I'd have been sacked ..."?

    Read the above post and see whether Lee Lam Thye or He who walks on water has been a ‘spineless hypocrite’.

  30. another "grapevine" is the supreme democratic leader lks that forcibly occupy the toilet bowl not shiting but dont let others shit as well. is they y llt go shit at bn? maybe some prefer this version of "truth"?

    aiya, this post really 捉虫入屎忽.

  31. is there any rule saying they must not take on jobs offered by the BN government?

    No, he is free to take on jobs offered by BN.
    He should also know, given the context of BN's pervasive politicisation of most national institutions, that many of us will consider that he has been co-opted into the BN political machine.

    It might sound cruel, but those are the facts.

  32. Lee Lam Thye finally understood the ultimate futility of his efforts on behalf of the DAP , sterling though they were.
    And he quit the DAP.

    Regrettably, he never really became an overt political supporter of the Government, but his work in non-governmental bodies has been examplary and most valuable to the nation.

  33. Hahaha...I suppose that would be the Dream Ticket for BN.

    Lee Lam Thye standing as a candidate for BN MP. I bet he could win any urban constituency, Bukit Bintang, Bagan, PJ Utara, Bandar Melaka....

  34. no monsterbaby, those are not facts but prejudices based on UMNO vs PKR partisanships - precisely why I titled the post LLT, a Malaysian! meaning LLT is above those prejudices and partisanships

    Watch out for my coming post(s) where I'll show the PKR people what AI did in comparison to LLT wakakaka.

  35. If we must sweep everyone down with one single bamboo pole, then I prefer Lee Lam Tai to Anwar Ibrahim and Tunku Aziz, just to name a few. LLT is still the best, 'weak' though he may be.

  36. Do you deny that most national institutions are now political extensions of Barisan Nasional ?

  37. LLT is fishing votes for BN with his unrecognized non Govt. work.
    He is a running dog for UMNO.
    So is Ktemoc.
    Ask Malaysian Chinese who is above 60 years old about Lee Lam Thye.
    Lim Kit Siang trusted him and he played him out wholesale.
    Without DAP, LLT will not be what he is today.

  38. Don't play-play...that is KT
    s demigod you are criticising...

  39. An interesting fact not mentioned in Ktemoc's post is that Lee Lam Thye is a Director on the Corporate Board of Media Prima Berhad - Malaysia's top UMNO propaganda machine and attack dog.

    NST, Berita Harian, TV3 etc.

    Can't really blame him - I suppose he has to Carma like everybody else.

  40. Really odd company Lee Lam They keeps these days.

    Really odd company.

  41. Anon 9:04 Pm
    Correction , its not Odd Company.

    Its Bad Company.

    As they say , a man is known by the company he keeps.

  42. Lee Lam Thye is definitely no longer a street fighter.

  43. First of all Lee Lam Thye was never a street fighter.He was not a man who let his big mouth and spoilt baby antics to do the talking.He was never a man who was always looking for a fight or confrontation with the Umno/BN.

    He was well like by his constitutuents because of his hard work serving the people.Lee Lam Thye can come out of retirement from politics and stand on a BN or independent ticket and still win again.

    People who criticised him are those too young to know nothing kakis.Wet behind the ears big crybabies ones.Know little about the person but speculate to make themselves be heard or feel important.Like that useless ox-furd Khairy,all teaching their mothers how to suck marbles.Hehehe.

  44. For all those who say bad things about Lee Lam Thye.Lee lam Thye can teach those big mouths know nothing brats how to suck marbles.Till today can any of those big mouths useless good for nothing come out with comments from LLT which deemed detrimental to DAP.If nothing to back up your comments,please go ask your mother to teach you guys how to suck eggs,the proper way.Hehehe.

  45. No body of big mouth smart asses dare take up my challenge of coming up with hard facts instead of screaming wolf,and accusing LLT after he has left the opposition.Lee Lam Thye is a good man,so leave him alone.

  46. If DAP field a monkey in B.Bintang also can win. Who is Lee Lam Thye?. 1. They awarded him Tan Sri. 2. They awarded him only a few millions compared to Hee Hee Hee. 3. They got him appointed on the board of a few big Public Listed companies, gaining more than 1/2 million ringgit per year. At that time he was staying in Taman Maluri, Cheras, and his wife was a heavy gambler owing MCA connected along money that need to be paid. He certainly cant go to Michael Chong for help so the only way is to turncoat. I don't think he regretted all this because he is now very rich compared to the late Fan Yew Teng.

  47. Fan Yew Teng left DAP but never play out LKS.
    He was living in Bangkok and LKS visited him few times before he died as a pauper.
    He was a brave street fighter.
    Comparing Lee Lam Thye to Fan Yew Teng is like comparing a devil to an angel.

  48. Comparing a devil to an angel.Come on.Do not be such a sore loser.Be a jantan and show that you have the monster's balls.

  49. LKS visiting Fan YT - what bullshit. Fan left DAP in acrimony. If his brother is still alive, then the youngest MP in Malaysian history and by now probably 64, ask him.

  50. Ex-NS Balik Pulau9:10 am, October 02, 2012

    Anyone who has been involved in the National Service Organisation can tell you the level of graft has been deep and wide.
    From supply of uniforms, to laundering, to transport, to food supply, to the management of the camps, to the construction of new camps.
    Arising from that corruption has been a culture carelessness and callousness which has lead to unnecessary deaths and violence as well.

    I have no idea whether Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye was on the take, but I'd laugh my head off if he didn't know about the miasma of corruption surrounding the whole National Service organisation.

    I don't know whether he did anything to stop it, or mitigate it , or speak up against it.
    Maybe he did, "behind closed doors" as they like to do in BN.

    Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye was correct when he said he and the NS Board were not responsible for the execution. But that's a cop out. The Board definitely had an oversight responsibility and authority to advice, provide guidelines and set things back in order if they went out of line.

  51. Lim Kit Siang put out a post about Fan Yew Teng and he said he met Fan as a friend in Bangkok.
    Is Ktemoc saying LKS is a liar?
    Why, if KT can keep exposing LKS is a liar , he will be rewarded with millions and a Tun now.

  52. as menyioned, Fan left DAP in 1978 in acrimonious circumstances join the SDP. It's true that he was invited by LKS to rejoin DAP which he did in 1998. But that's quite different from LKS visiting him in Bangkok.

  53. as for the 'street fighter' bullshit, the people prefer MPs or ADUNs who can represent them productively and meaningfully, like Lee Lam Thye, LKS, LGE, Karpal Singh, Teresa Kok or the late Fan Yew Teng, and not just running around on the streets glorifying himself like you-know-who.

  54. fyt is one that shd earn our respect, not bn lackey like llt. i sometimes suspect kt knowledge of dap is still at juvenile level. llt is no difference with most contemporary mca leader that not wearing a mca badge, for instance look at yap pian hon, the once humble and helpful serdang state assemblyman and once with dap as well, that close both eyes on every other pertinence issues that have greater impsct to the people.

  55. I have to confess I care little about what Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye did or didn't do in Bukit Bintang in the 1970's or 1980's.

    My generation's most significant interaction with Tan Sri Lee has been his role as the Chairman of the National Service Training Council.

    I have to say from my point of view that it is the Nadir of his career.
    There is a fetid stench of corruption and putrefaction surrounding almost the entire procurement process of the National Service organisation, as accurately pointed out by a commentator above.

    Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye may or may not have anything to do with the graft and abuse of power surrounding the NS program, and he may or may not have done anything to correct or oppose it, but he is frankly Damaged Goods in my eyes.

  56. Actually, I seldom see a reasonable and balanced comment in Ktemoc's blog when it comes to his favourite whipping target...

    Sama-sama lah..

  57. "running around the streets glorifying himself like you- know-who" said ktemoc.
    Who is that "you-know-who"?
    Why talk with hints?
    That's how a gay{pondan} talks.
    Are you gay?, hint hint hint.

  58. "i sometime suspect kt knowledge of dap is still a juvenile level" said Hua Yong 10.24am.
    "I seldom see a reasonable and balanced comment in ktemoc's blog when it comes to his favourite whipping target...Sama-sama lah" said Anon 2.36 PM
    What has that "juvenile" has to say?

  59. If LLT didn't do his work as a running dog, he would'nt be given a Lan Silly title right ?

  60. Someone who has been informed repetitively he's not welcomed here should not post comments at my blog if he has any self respect (not that his comments have ever been relevant to my post)

  61. Anon 11:26 PM,
    In my line of work, I get to deal with a number of Lan Si's from time to time.
    To be frank I have never known one Lan Silly I would consider for a friend...haha...

    I have never met Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, so I won't pass judgement on him.
    Just suffice to say that he is not in good company.

  62. like Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim?

  63. Hello from Australia,
    I happen to be writing a chapter in my novel about my experience back in the 80s on DAP, Lee Lam Thye (Malaysia's Wu Shiong, a folk hero) and Karpal Singh (Malaysia's Atticus Finch) - sad though at Lee's leaving DAP, but still inspired by a good man with a BIG heart who fought hard for the little people of KL. You see, I met him when doing my little bit for a poor family in his electorate whose granddaughter had to be housed in a chicken barn. And Lee was there, with his ubiquitous typewriter. To me then, he was Saint Lee!