Tuesday, November 01, 2011

UMNO's venom is spinach for 'Popeye' Lim GE

When I hear such words and phrases:

• ‘Unity’ [as in Malay, Muslim unity],
• The Chinese or Martians will take over the country [though with nary a mention of millions of illegal Indonesians, Filipinos and Bangladeshis already allowed into our country],
• There will be a Christian PM,
• They will make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia,
• The communists are lurking behind every melati tree in Penang
• 2,500,000,000,000,000 Malay Muslims have been converted to Christianity,
• A Chinese CM is biadap towards the sultans
• Etc etc on such like threats to Malays and Muslims and their raja, agama & adat

I then know UMNO is in deep deep deep political trouble, and more so when Dr Mahathir, its greatest icon since (ironically*) Hang Tuah, has also joined in the scare-mongering, presumably with the ulterior aim of frightening the hell out of the Malays and nurturing an ethno-siege mentality in their psyche, to stampede them towards their only ‘hope’, namely UMNO.

* ironically because I believe Dr Mahathir like Dr Kassim Ahmad despises a palace sycophant like Tuah

As Samuel Johnson told us more than 200 years ago, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Why has UMNO, in its current battle manoeuvres against Lim GE and DAP Penang, its threat in vogue, considered it has to resort to the ‘last refuge’, an unethical ethnocentric scare-mongering?

In the past, prior to 2009, UMNO had only considered DAP as a kutu Chinese-based party, a MCA problem and certainly not that of UMNO.

Indeed why has UMNO lately become more and more dreadful of a mere kutu Chinese-based party?

Hmmm …

Even a future hope like KJ has sadly succumbed to such shameless guttersnipe slandering. Actually, KJ’s action has shocked me more than any other UMNO sins. Sayang saja!

The latest incident against Lim GE has been by the Mat Rempits. Ayoyo ama, I wonder who in UMNO used to promote them?

Alas for UMNO, it seems Allah swt has not been kind on its actions against Lim Guan Eng.

The more UMNO attacks Lim Guan Eng, directly or indirectly (by persecuting Lim’s 16-year old school boy), by itself or through its agents, Malay and Chinese wakakaka, the more popular Lim becomes, much to the chagrin and anxiety of Penang’s Gerakan and MCA.

It is as if UMNO’s vile, vicious & vitriolic venom is some form of sweet succulent spicy spinach to ‘Popeye’ Lim, turning him super sexy and strong.

But the real answer is of course Penangites have been revolted and repulsed by the incredulous, indecorous, indecent, inexcusable, iniquitous lies propagated by pro UMNO bloggers and the head of UMNO Gelugor Division. Their outrage has been further fuelled by the obvious inaction of the MCMC and Police.

So, is it any wonder that members of Penang’s Gerakan and MCA have been banging their heads on the walls at UMNO’s continuing stupidity in making Lim more and more popular by attacking him with foul flagitious fabrications?

They have been made to vicariously bear the full brunt of Penangites’ contempt and anger for UMNO’s beastly barbarous bullsh*t.

And it’s not as if UMNO fails to understand Penangites aren’t like the good folks of the heartland, where non-heartland Penangites (whether of DAP, MCA, Gerakan or PKR affiliations) already dislike UMNO.

Mind, UMNO doesn’t care two f* about the Chinese and Indian Penangites leaning more and more towards Lim – these voters are known to be lost cause for BN. UMNO is petrified that Malay Penangites will continue swinging over to Lim’s DAP.

Thus UMNO attacks Lim with whatever it can ‘manufacture’ to ensure the heartland does not swing any further towards Lim and the DAP. In the process it knows it is destroying whatever faint hope Gerakan and MCA might have entertained.

Tough, just collateral damage for Gerakan and MCA. When the ship is sinking, it’s every rat for itself …

… which has been why I have often posted that the DAP is not the Gerakan or MCA’s greatest foe. UMNO, their so-called ally, is! wakakaka.


  1. alla... oops, sori, alamak !!

  2. I'm voting for BN this coming GE.

    PR, especially DAP has shown its true colours, and its UGLY.

  3. • 2,500,000,000,000,000 Malay Muslims have converted...

    Buddy, there are only 7,000,000,000 humans on this planet. So it seems you have included the birds, the bees, the bacteria and the viruses...

  4. The only change in DAP I see is LGE's hair color. No longer Brylcreem black. It's Mahogany Brown.
    New hairstyle. At a glance looking like Al-Bontoti and Chua Jui Meng.
    Stye of dressing also changes, ladies and gentlemen.
    Change of visage but image still the same - racist chinapek.
    Beware of the emperor in new clothes.
    A superficial make-over.

  5. Anon of 7:45 AM, November 02, 2011, you're right - lots of slugs and yucky bacteria in cesspool wakakaka.

    wakakaka to you too, my dear Buttercup ;-)

  6. bravo kt,
    correct, correct, correct.

  7. Pukimak DAP babi mampus5:16 pm, November 03, 2011

    UMNO is petrified that Malay Penangites will continue swinging over to Lim’s DAP.

    In your dreams:


  8. wakakaka, yea man, based on a statement by Ahmad Mokhtar Muhammad, adviser to Persatuan Anak Jati Melayu Pulau Pinang (Pajim). Why not wait for statements from Pertubuhan Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia, Pertubuhan Seni Silat Gayung Pulau Pinang (PSSGPP), and Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) Pulau Pinang as well? wakakaka.

    Anyway, despite that it's a statement by Pajim, it's interesting to note what its adviser said, namely: ... but essentially the battle is between Umno and DAP in Penang, which proves precisely my point that UMNO is so sh*t scared of the Malay voters swing towards a clean DAP-led State government wakakaka.

    In fact the swing trend has been so noticeable that even DCM Mansur Othamn, PKR's No 1 man in Penang, had been worried enough to throw PKR's so-called multi-ethnic credential to the wind to appeal to Penang Malay voters to vote PKR so that (words to the effect) "the Malays can continue to have a voice in Penang" wakakaka

  9. To stay in power in Penang, DAP has to work in the context of the Pakatan Rakyat. Lone Ranger politics would be disastrous and play straight into UMNO hands.

    Can we stop the "PKR as enemy" nonsense ?

  10. not DAP who started the 'voice of the Malays' line wakakaka

  11. Peel the veneer of 'multi-ethnic' off PKR and lo and behold.....we see UMNO. Or rather, a mini version of BN - with the pkr malays as the taiko (ala umno) and the pkr chinese as the ass-kissing mca and of course the pkr indians as the tambi mic.

    And PAS lately.....with its hudud obssession, anti concerts, anti gays, anti PPSMI !

    So when DAP goes to a pow-wow with its partners to discuss plans how to take over Putrajaya with the imminent GE round the corner, what does it sees? On its right, it sees an Umno look alike, on its left, it sees a taliban.

    Putrajaya here we come, NOT ! hehehe

  12. "Popeye" Lim ?
    More like Poppycock Lim, the most obvius bullshitter in Malaysia, after An-us-war Ibrahim, that is.

  13. no doubt this whole issue has blown up in the face of khairy, doktor kangkong novandri and umno.

    muhiyiddin, not keeping up to date with the latest news... decide to jump into the hole to join khairy at the bottom, frantically digging deeper to escape. hahahaha

    our source tells me the cybertrooper unit was working too hard to salvage khairy and moohee's reputation... hahahaha.

  14. Pukimak DAP babi mampus3:06 pm, November 17, 2011

    "UMNO is petrified that Malay Penangites will continue swinging over to Lim’s DAP."

    Still dreaming