Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 'K' factor

Kerbau, korupsi, kronisme, keluarga, kondo, korek (Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan), kapal (ta’selam), kollapsing (stadium), krack-ed (MRR2, roof of Parliament building), kepala-sakit (for Auditor General), konstitutional (blasphemies), kurang konscionable (fabriKations), kowtim-ness (Indonesian ‘bisa diatur’) … etc etc etc.

The Malaysian K factor.

No doubt every country in the world suffers from corruption, but the difference lies in its degree. Today, Malaysia has reached the level of Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Philippines of Marcos’ days and India of yonder years, etc.

How did we allow this to happen, when did it begin, but more importantly how can we stop it?


Just look at the corruption in Pakistan and other Middle-Eastern country where hudud is part of their legal system. No man, hudud won't the solution.

Look at that pimple on China’s backside, Hong Kong. Many don’t realize HK’s much vaunted ICAC was patented after Malaysia’s original ACA.

But today the Malaysian ACA or its new named MACC is an obscenity.

We were once the envy of many Asian nations but now, we have become the new laughing stock. Yes, we still have some fat to continue in our merry ways but these are running out soon, which may explain why we see an unrepentant horrendous frenzied scramble for the last dip of the snout in the public trough.

We badly need a modern-day Hang Jebat, one who is pure in his heart, brave and honest.


  1. The ruling elite was able to rob the country high and left it hanging upside down to dry,is because the people turn a blind eye,and pretend not to know what was going on.In other words those who voted for the ruling regime is as much to blame,as the robber barons themselves.

  2. Blatant corruption happening as if in a lawless cowboy country.Everything that can be taken including the kitchen sink is not spared.Even lembus too.

  3. When Malaysia was the pride of Asia,it was Malaysia truly Asia.Then some parts of Indonesia and Thailand were cowboy country.Phillipines,Vietnam,Burma,Laos and Cambodia were in a mess.

    Now Indonesia,Thailand and even Vietnam has gone forward and has overtaken us.But Malaysia because of rampant corruption has gone backwards.Soon we will be on par with Myanmar,Laos and Cambodia,if Malaysians are still day-dreaming come and gone GE 13th.

  4. KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17 — Cash belonging to two of the men charged with robbing money changers at KL International Airport (KLIA) in September has gone missing from the Selangor police headquarters.

    In a statement released last night, Selangor police said RM11,700 in cash and a wallet were reported missing on Tuesday evening.

    So it seems the loot of the anti-corruption robbers has been taken well taken care of...who else but by the mata-mata

  5. Blessed country - most people have enough food to eat, a roof over their head, a job....thousands /millions of foreigners want your job if you don't want it...
    Vote Barisan Nasional.
    Support Najib
    Get lost-Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng.

  6. Vote Barisan Nasional.
    Support Najib

    Free sodomy service provided by BN's Saiful. On call 24 hours daily.

    Caution: Rock Hudson and others died from AIDS, probably contacted during one of his sessions with Saiful

  7. Hi, Kaytee, there's a blog that I read regularly which like yours boldly lashes out at what she (the blogger's name is Elaine) sees as injustice.

    In this respect, she is to America what your sweetie Marina is to Malaysia - she castigates the US ferociously even though she is an American, who lives close by New York.

    If you have the time and are curious to have a look, here's the URL:


  8. Compare MACC's response to the Teoh Beng Hock (TBH) and the National Feedlot Corp (NFC) cases and the amount involved.

    NFC - RM134,000,000-not under MACC act.
    TBH - RM******2,400-mobilise a team to interrogate witnessess ...

  9. How about the "K"temoc factor ?