Saturday, November 26, 2011

Politics - play safe, play the race

Much as I may wish, I personally doubt Pakatan will form the next government, EVEN if it wins the majority of the seats in the next general election.

Huh? You may exclaim at kaytee’s strange assertion above.

For a start, I am troubled by many factors – UMNO’s advantage of incumbency, our remarkable EC and other state apparatus (which performance had been amply demonstrated in Perak, Selangor and during the earlier days of the Pakatan-governed Penang), increasingly royal political activitism, the judiciary, etc.

But the most worrying factor has been the centrifugal policies and behaviour of Pakatan itself.

We witnessed a sampling of this in the period of campaigning leading to the last Sarawak state election and its sour-grapes aftermath, PAS increasing reversion to its intrinsic hudud-inclined stripes, as well as in recent remarks by PKR leaders.

The new PKR ethnic hero is Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, its Youth Chief, who has borrowed (or inherited) a leaf from his mother organization, UMNO Youth, by selling his and his party’s appeal on a Malaysian sure-fire best-selling platform, definitely one to warm the cockles of the heartland, namely, Ketuanan Melayu or Malay-supremacy.

While UMNO Youth under KJ has quietened down a wee bit (perhaps because KJ wants to present himself as a less crude and more cosmopolitan politician, or because UMNO Youth has already farmed out its brown-shirts and steel jackboots to Perkasa), PKR Youth has instead eagerly adopted its ethno-centric tactics.

The acorn sure as hell doesn't fall far from the oak tree.

According to
Malaysiakini Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin called for a constitutional amendment to state that only a Malay can be appointed prime minister.

Jettisoning his party’s mantra of (wakakaka) reformasi, he justified his ethnocentric persuasion, stating: "The lack of such a constitutional provision allows irresponsible quarters to manipulate Malay anxieties about their future (should a non-Malay be appointed PM). This is because of the suspicions they have of those from other ethnic backgrounds. Such manipulation can cause them to feel unsafe and create tensions. This way, the Malays will always pin their hopes on these so-called Malay champions, who turn out to be the real enemies."

And he comes even complemented with a very supportive BN-type lapdog in the person of his deputy
Chan Ming Kai, who stoutly defended his Taikoh’s siren call to the heartland.

The term ‘political prostitute’ was recently aired to pinpoint someone who was usually referred to by the 'whore’ synonym, but I wonder whether we can use this term, ‘prostitute’, as a verb (instead of a noun) to describe Shamsul’s racist proposal, .....

..... that in calling for a policy which is 180-degrees in direction to his party’s claimed ideology, he has 'prostituted' PKR’s credentials for rewards, to shore up his personal popularity (pre-election) as an ethnic warrior and his hope for heartland votes.

We also recall all too well The Great One’s support of Pak Haji Nik Aziz’s proposal to implement hudud in Kelantan. 'The Renaissance Man' became unashamedly 'The Reneging Man', all just for attention because at that time he was racked by anxiety over what he perceived as his diminishing relevancy as Pakatan’s de facto (wakakaka) leader and that of his party in the loose coalition.

Bigotry as a 'whatever it takes' justification to win seems to be a prevalent mentality in PKR, because I recall that in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 elections in Perak, its 'Lost Socialist' demanded, in most unexpected, unbecoming and unbelievable behaviour for a so-called ‘socialist’, that the State exco must be made up of an ethnic composition that was representative of the Perak population by ethnic percentage, meaning the PKR-PAS bloc (effectively PKR) ADUNs should get the lion’s share of the exco position.

So, with such an ethno-centric proclivity in PKR and an equally dismal religio-ethno-centric mentality in PAS, I doubt Pakatan will remain cohesive as an alliance to form a new government even if the component parties manage to resolve the pre-election division of parliamentary seats and win majority rule.

Dr Hasan (PAS Selangor) and the Mufti of 'Malay Unity' may yet realize their dreams.

Do not be surprised by the butterfly metamorphosing into a slug (caterpillar).

Dirgahayu Bangsa, Pordah anak Malaysia.


  1. Hi Kaytee,

    I am a fan of your blog, but I have to remind you that it is rather obvious Shamsul was just trying to challenge Umno to put its money where its racist mouth is. Shamsul himself provided a caveat to his statement by saying that it is Umno who's always asking raising the who's-the-PM/MB issue to Pakatan with the objective of raising doubts among the Malay masses, and he only wanted to prove Umno's sincerity. DSAI also reaffirmed that the constitutional amendment "suggestion" is not PKR/Pakatan's stance. I seriously don't think Shamsul or anyone else in Pakatan would want that amendment to happen, because it is obviously a stupid move that would lead to political suicide.


  2. Lim Kit Siang for PM

  3. I'm far, far more worried about Lembu mega "loans" and $ 500 M commissions for submarines that cannot dive.

  4. Opposition politicians and the BN politicians are all alike.Most of them have IQ's equivalent to the NFC's condo lembus.Always shoot themselves in the foot or get caught stark naked in the cookie jar.

    If the PR,especially PKR really is serious in wrestling Putrajaya from BN,they should make sure that their candidates know how to make use of their brains.Their leaders are acting like spoilt brats and cry babies,making themselves be seen as minor leaque players.

  5. This is Malaysia. It is either the deep blue sea or the devil.

    The good guys prefer to form civil liberty set up because 'politics is dirty'. So when good guys don't want to get their toes wet, scoundrel abound......

  6. Mr Bean would be a splendid prime minister for Malaysia except unfortunately he's not a Malaysian so sadly he won't be in the running.

  7. F*ck the hair splitting.

    Its ABU - anybody but UMNO.

  8. The choice is between devil we know and the devil-in-disguise..... although lately the latter's slip is showing.

    Imagine, if DAP is not painted and deliberately perceived as an extreme non Malay party, how different the scenario be. It would be able to grow from strength to strength and could even go it alone and comfortably discard PKR which is basically a wannabe Umno. And it won't have to have that strange bedfellow PAS too ( who would be hellbent to have Hadi Awang as Prime Minister after Anwar if they had won putrajaya).

    Menang, tak menang sama aje. Like uncle Karl said...... "“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

    This is the fate of Malaysia

  9. Just close your eyes, put an "X" mark against Dacing, like they taught you all these years.

    Everything will be OK.

    Anwar is history

  10. Its a bit amusing , at the same time rather sad that people like Ktemoc spend all their blogging energy to amplify how terrible Anwar Ibrahim and PKR is.

    While the real Thugs and Crooks and Racists in the country (hint: The federal Ruling Party, especially its core GodFather) get away scot-free.

    I'm no fan of Anwar or PKR, but I think Ktemoc has lost the plot, totally.


    Ktemoc, what will you do if you lend some money to an ugly friend, and then that friend turns round and say, " I have nothing to do with the loan".

    Rape her?

  12. I became an adult in 1963, and have been watching the Malayan/Malaysian political scene for all this time.

    I'm neither a friend or foe of Anwar Ibrahim. I've never met him, and have no intention of ever meeting or listening to him.
    Call me a disenterested observer.

    Probably no other politician or any other individual, for that matter, in Malaysian history has been subject to such intensive and continuous attacks by Government officials, the Police, Print and Electronic Media, Internet media (including this blog).....

    He may not be a pleasant person, he may well be unethical or immoral...who knows...

    But does he really deserve such treatment ?

  13. Finally you have come to your senses, KT.
    Pakatan will not get Putra Jaya and that al-bontoti will never be PM.
    That Shamsul is purposely provokong UMNO to reply to his idiotic statement that a Malay must be PM.
    He is putting a noose round his neck.
    UMNO is not that stupid.
    With people like Shamsul, it is confirmed Pakatan will continue to be in the opposition.

  14. Unfortunately, Buttercup, UMNO REALLY IS THAT STUPID

  15. Is K*c stupid, or what ?

  16. DAP = Chinese Racist Party

    Ask Nga

  17. Hey, you should be proud of your metallic black skin, like the Black panthers in America. It kinda glows in the dark, so that you don't have to put reflective strips on your clothes and helmet