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‘Happy To See Him Suffer’ – M’sian Woman Admits Using Black Magic On Bully Who Called Her Ugly.


‘Happy To See Him Suffer’ – M’sian Woman Admits Using Black Magic On Bully Who Called Her Ugly.

She is still hoping for him to be dead.

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Regardless of one’s beliefs regarding black magic, the act of casting a spell on another individual is undeniably sinful.

In a startling confession, a Malaysian woman boldly admitted to resorting to black magic to exact revenge on a former classmate who had bullied her.

To make matters worse, she displayed no remorse for her actions; rather, she 
derives satisfaction from witnessing his suffering.

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M’sian curses classmate with black magic

This woman’s sinful action was exposed by an X account, @detikseram, revealing how it all began.

In the anonymous post, she talked about the suffering she went through because of her former classmate in university. She described how he kept insulting her appearance, which always made cry alone.

“He insulted me, saying my face looked like scabies, I was as skinny as a mummy, and that I was not pretty. He didn’t hesitate to say all sorts of things about me in front of everyone. I suffered for five semesters because of him.” she said.

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Currently working as a teacher in Johor, she recalled how she stood alone, defenseless against his mockery, as her other classmates remained silent witnesses to her suffering.

Opt for black magic

Unable to bear the insults any longer, she chose to resort to black magic against her classmate. She admitted to seeking assistance from a practitioner to use the black magic.

Photo for illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva.

“Every day, I get messages in my WhatsApp group about him being in pain and getting weaker. It makes me happy to see him suffer,” she audaciously said.

Despite being happily married, she continues to pray for her former classmate’s demise, unable to find forgiveness in her heart. “I’m waiting for him to die because I can’t forgive him,” she asserted.

She is aware of her wrongdoings

On the other hand, she knows she’s done wrong in God’s eyes but can’t let go of what she’s been through.

“I know I’ve sinned, but I can’t stop seeking revenge until he’s dead,” she concluded.


kt comments:

Her hatred cannot be placated, hence even though she's now happily married, she still harbours ill will against her arch enemy. The hurt she suffered must be indescribably immense, though from my point of view,  I have to say she has been silly to allow that man's psychological torture of her dominated her mental state.

Based on above, I too have a story to tell you: In my life, career and experiences I have had many foes but while I might have disliked them, I have NEVER HATED any, EXCEPT for one. Yes, there was a former acquaintance I did HATE immensely but thank goodness I stop hating him about a decade ago when I came down to Australia - as they say, 'out of sight, out of mind' wakakaka.

He was a former professional colleague (and even a friend) I had had the grave misfortune to encounter, but much worse I had somehow became in his eyes a 'career competitor'. He's Chinese like me, and also from Penang, which was why I became his friend at the start.

But as years passed, and we progressed in the same company, somehow he saw in me a very dangerous 'career competitor'. he was a small-minded person, limited in his competency and very vicious. That's when I learnt from mutual friends how he was constantly 'sabotaging' me left, right and centre, even FABRICATING lies and kerbau-ish stories about me to our superiors, obviously with the aim of destroying my career prospects. A note of importance, he did that to every Chinese (Chinese only) he saw as a 'career competitor'.

Sadly, his wicked work succeeded beyond his efforts, with the worse lie being the allegation I was a racist oppressing the poor Malay subordinates in our department. In Malaysia that sort of lie was inevitably fatal, despite my Malay subordinates speaking up for me - t'was too juicy a piece of gossip to throw away, wakakaka. 

Well, he was promoted, and without any sour grapes I believe, way above his competency. I can say this because I had been 'cleaning up' his 'mess' in several posts (of his) I was assigned to, for the precise purpose of taking over and 'cleaning up' his scandalous 'mess'. I suppose that could have added to his jealousy and hatred of me.

Alas, unfortunately for me the Boss who gave me the task of 'cleaning up' was coincidentally posted overseas so when the poo hit the fan (only on the rumour mill that I was a 'racist'), there was no one senior enough to speak up on my behalf - only insignificant Malay juniors.

No, despite my inevitable helpless 'hatred' for him and his lies, I did not consult a bomoh to kowtim him, wakakaka. Instead I left the company knowing the 'racist' allegation had virtually kaput-ed my career. T'was a blessing in disguise as I performed far better than I would have back in Malaysia. The irony has been that when he was my 'friend' he mentioned numerous times to me he was sick of our company, and was going to migrate to Australia. Instead I did, wakakaka.

There's more but let's leave it at that.


  1. Someone should cast a black magic spell on that fat Madanon minister for being a racist.

  2. Wakakaka... There is plenty of evidence from around the world that curses and spells work... whether it's purely psychological , spiritual or physical, who knows ?

    A person got cursed...the person later suffered death or misfortune..