Friday, July 31, 2020

Significance of "Nominated" assemblypersons in Sabah



The five nominated assemblypersons in the Sabah legislative assembly have the same voting rights as their elected counterparts, say lawyers, and can even be the CM.


  1. Ha ha ha all paraded like the fish tank massage parlours in Bangkok. Same profession too....the oldest in the world. No.7 is the papa-san.

  2. Sabah has a number of Native minority communities, which would otherwise not get any political representation at all, because they form just negligible part of any constituency.

    So the idea of nominated members in the uni-cameral legislature was not wrong per se, but as usual, a good idea can get warped by dirty political maneuvers.

  3. Peaceful Moses must now be shitting bricks. What did he promise to the frogs. Now he must pay. For sure the 12 frogs want to re-contest their seats, but will surely face the wrath of their voters. Maybe now have to pay them more NOT to contest...ha ha ha....

    Oso Musa winning his own seat again won’t be easy. In GE14 he was flying the UMNO flag, and won his state seat N42 Sungai Sibuga by a mere 2,184 votes against Warisan. The corresponding parliament seat P184 Libaran was won by UMNO with a narrower majority of only 678 votes. Spoilt votes alone was 948.

    Three huge problems -
    1. Musa is no longer with UMNO.
    2. He does not have control of the state resources. 3. He has only 60 days.

    So what’s that question again - do voters vote for the individual or the party?

  4. One likely possibility.

    Pouring MORE money into Sabah by those cornered umno elites now facing possible long holiday in bamboo river resort!

    Sabah has a lot of frogs, waiting for the biggest bait.

    Has Shafie gotten more 'bullets' than these back-against-the-deep-blue-sea desperados combined?