Thursday, July 30, 2020

Musa shows he has the numbers but too late


Musa shows he has the numbers but too late

Court dismisses Musa Aman's appeal in 'rightful Sabah CM' case ...

Musa has posted a photo on Facebook as proof that he has the numbers needed to form a state government. 

He again insists that the governor had a constitutional duty to consider his bid to form the state government."But if it's true the state assembly has been dissolved, I honestly say that we will fight in the coming election to give the people of Sabah a new government that is stable and fights for the interest of all Sabahans," he says

Too late mate. Shafie Apdal did what could only be done in Sabah - blocking access to the Yang DiPertuan Negeri to deny Musa Aman any opportunity to show he has the confidence of the majority of the Sabah State Assembly, and dissolving the DUN thus evoking a snap election - yes, t'was another 'backdoor' manoeuvre, wakakaka.

Maybe it's for the best as a one-seat majority would be pretty unstable for a Musa government. Here's the opportunity for Musa to re-demonstrate Shafie Apdal could only form a Warisan state government in May 2018 via the notorious backdoor with BN frogs by winning the state elections again.


  1. after so long, the host use the term backdoor again.

  2. QUOTE
    ...Shafie revealed that his government had 45 SD (statutory declarations) – two-thirds majority in the 65-seat state legislature. However, powerful figures from Muhyiddin’s federal government, including that of Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin, have been flying to Sabah to pressure, threaten and bribe some assemblymen, leading to the ultimate betrayals of at least 13 assemblymen.

    Desperate to cling to power, Muhyiddin’s representative has reportedly offered up to RM20 million each to Shafie’s boys to switch sides (Lahad Datu assemblyman Dumi Pg Masdal said he was offered RM20 million to leave Parti Warisan Sabah, but he rejected). Spending RM260 million to topple the Sabah state government is definitely cheaper and less risky than to hold a state election.

    It’s unknown whether the 13 traitors have been fully paid for their betrayal. But common sense says payments would be made only after Musa successfully topples Shafie government, which unfortunately had backfired spectacularly. If they are lucky and smart enough, they should have demanded and received some non-refundable deposits from Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin.

    There’s a chance, however, that the 13 traitors may have gotten nothing at all. Worse, they might be slaughtered by angry voters in another 60 days. The simple fact that former PM Najib Razak has expressed his shock and displeasure over Shafie’s move to dissolve the Legislative Assembly suggests that Muhyiddin government probably did not anticipate a state election.

    1. Such deals usually involve large up-front non-refundable deposits because the prospective frog will argue they are taking a big risk if the maneuver fails.

      So UMNO likely be already be out-of-pocket by Mega Millions of Ringgit, with nothing to show.

      That is why Thief and his flunkey blog-owner here is so upset.

  3. A point missed out by Malaysians about the difference between the governors of Sabah and Sarawak with Penang and Melaka.
    TYT in the East Malaysian states are titled in full as Yang Dipertua Negara, and not Negeri as in the peninsula.

  4. You have got to be kidding that photo and dodgy SDs are the appropriate way to take over a governmemt.

    The only correct form is a Vote of Confidence, or Vote of No Confidence, or defeat of Supply or other major legislation in the Legislature.
    Don't confuse this with the process by the Ruler or Representative in the case if Sabah to appoint a new governmemt after an election.

  5. Musa's walking stick has magically disappeared together with the mysterious ailment that struck him right after GE14 when he disappeared overseas for months for medical treatment.

    And fittingly he chooses to hold the Number 7 in the "proof photo".....ha ha ha...he obviously doesn't know Cantonese..."chat" means Thief.

  6. Why Ktemoc so Sakit Hati because his idol Thief's party spent Hundreds of Millions of Ringgit to buy over frogs, only to be checkmated by the dissolution of the Assembly.

    The deal is usually 50% pay up first, 50% upon delivery, so UMNO would have lost plenty dough.
    Padan Muka !

  7. One of the worst black spots in the history of the Malaysian constitution was in 2009, when the Sultan of Perak ordered the sitting Perak Mentri Besar
    to quit, on the basis of interviews and SDs.
    At the point in time, the Pakatan Rakyat state government was still completely functional, it had not lost Supply, it had not lost a Vote of No Confidence in the Assembly.

    What caused the Sultan of Perak to make that dodgy move, or what pressures were brought to bear on him, especially by The Thief , we may never know.

    But since then, all kinds of Low Life have used this as a precedence to bring down functional State and even Federal Governments.

    Even Mahathir made the stupid or maybe deliberate mistake of thinking his resignation as PM was a mere formality.

    Wrong. In the aftermath of a General Election, there is no government , and the Ruler appoints the leader who in his opinion has the confidence of the majority in the House. That is as far as it goes.

    The Ruler, or representative in Sabah case Cannot order a sitting PM or MB /Chief Minister to resign. It has to go through the legislature vote, not Dodgy SDs or Photoshopped Photographs.