Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Father of all hypocrites

Malaysiakini - Selangor MB 'father of hypocrites'

Allowing the controversial Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (Kidex) project to go on will deem Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali the “father of all hypocrites”, says the state Umno.

Selangor Umno chairperson Noh Omar said Azmin was beginning to show his true colours and has forgotten his promise to serve the people.

Referring to Azmin's decision to continue with the Kidex agreement, Noh said Azmin was being hypocritical as he was merely 'all talk but no action' and that the menteri besar’s motive reeked of personal interest. [...]

The Kidex controversy is one of the reasons former menteri besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim was asked to step down in the first place.

Khalid's administration was flayed for its handling of the Kidex issue, and there were massive objections to the highway from Petaling Jaya residents.

Azmin had promised to review the project as well as all other highway projects involving the state government.

“The most important aspect of Kidex is whether all conditions are fulfilled. We will review all agreements,” Azmin had said upon assuming his post as menteri besar.

Last Friday, Azmin, after his visit to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), said the state government will not oppose to the construction of Kidex.

A few days back, Azmin Ali backed fatwa against SIS for having as deviated from Islam in subscribing to “religious liberalism and pluralism”.

Now, he backs the continuation of Kidex. Hey, didn't PKR make 'noise' about Hafarizam Harun, a prominent Umno lawyer, being a director in a company that was awarded the highway project? Wasn't former MB Khalid Ibrahim excoriated for allowing Kidex?

Thunderous applause for Azmin Ali please.

BTW, is that Captain Anwar?


No wonder UMNO and Dr Mahathir in particular had backed (directly or indirectly) his MB-ship - see TMI's Dr Mahathir supports Azmin as Selangor menteri besar.

I did ponder over his becoming the first non-Selangorean to be MB of Selangor.

And I wonder whether (though I won't be surprised if) UMNO will soon rule Selangor again, as demanded by Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka.

To know the origin of 'thunderous applause', wakakaka, read Mean-Spirited Malaysians


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    It was Azmin's design that Khalid Ibrahim was sacked from the MB post.

    As my friend Isham [tukar Tiub] had said PKR is merely a name change but the DNA is always that of UMNO. I don't understand Najib's obsession

    with taking back Selangor.

    On one hand UMNO had done a scorched-earth policy when they left Selangor.

    Even today one can see that UMNO has poison its DNA so that there will be no

    UMNO support all over the major town/cities in Malaysia.

    First they moved all the Melayus from the city to the Pinggiran and do these

    a few times, the Melayus will end up in the Hutans! First Madey gave about 10 000

    acres of choice Sentul land to YTL. And YTL do not have flats less than rm 600k in

    Sentul. How many melayus can stay in sentul?Having got Sentul YTL worked his way

    with the Najib -Ros laki-bini gomen for the whole of Kg Chubadak.

    And the Melayus have been there probabably since pre Merdeka!


    In one of the election under Madey, he had employed Saatchi and Saatchi to do

    the campaign. And the after election analysis was a real revealation.

    The Chinese [mca/gerakan] if they stand for elction they want safe Malays seats.

    And the chinese electorate is not likely to vote for the Melayus. And so the

    1 Malaysia campaign works out this way-


    mca/ gelakan [laughing all the way to the bank] - 1Malaysia , melayus and indians

    we are abang/adeks - you vote for us . Lee Kim Sai always asked for Hulu Langat-a

    safe seat . Put a Malay in a chinese electorate, solly - chinaman will say - u know lah:

    we chinese stick together. Madey read out the analaysis just after the election.


    Now the melayus , Najib-Bini Inc had planted the seeds of destruction in the BN DNA

    by destroying the Melayu houses at Chubadak [probably under Gombak] and probably

    in some other areas in Selangor too which is not reported in the main stream media.

    Do you think that the melayus will say - ah Najib is great. You gave us the Br1M we

    will vote for BN. I don't think so. If u read the tranungkite today it was

    reported that PNB lost a few Billions buying SP Setia. SOTB reported unaccounted

    funds amounting to a few billions in the 1MdB. With the blogging media today.

    bloggers like Apanama . SOTB and others will make a ' National Economy For Idiots'

    that all and sundry can under stand National Income and National Hutangs.

    If UMNO had driven the Melayus into the Pinggiran who is left to vote for BN?

    Chinese? Solly No vote for BN

    How many seats had 'gelakan ' won in the last election - 1 [ Mah's case is probably

    a fluke becoz DAP put a Melayu in a chinese area]

    How many seats had MCA won- 0?

    How is BN going to win Selangor?

    My prediction BN is not taking Selangor for ever after this , provided Azmin

    di not fuck up and he proved to be a 'good doggy' in the 'Allah' issue and on

    the fatwa issue. Sultan of Selangor does not have a succession issue that can be

    blackmailed as in Perak's case and it is unlikely that having a docile macai Azmin

    as MB that the good Sultan Selangor wants to do anything outrageous.


    khong khek khuat



    1. Factually wrong presumptions under spin!

      1)First they moved all the Melayus from the city to the Pinggiran and do these
      a few times, the Melayus will end up in the Hutans!

      The Melayus have not been moved to the Pinggiran. The lower 80% r domiciled in the ghettos - well named as the Malay reserved/Malay agricultural lands. Remember Kampong Baru? Kampong Kerinchi? & many others Melayu dominated pangsapuris? They r all within KL &/or Selangor key residential areas! So city ghettos YES, Pingiran dekat hutan, NO!

      The middle 15% r living among the mid-level income housing estates, thank you very much to that Malay housing reserve quotas imposed by the govt.

      The remaining 5% r enjoying life at the Bukit Tunku, Bangsar & Mont Kiara areas. They r the untouchable elites, leeching on the bloods of the lower 80%!

      2) And the Melayus have been there (Sentul) probabably since pre Merdeka!

      Wrong again! The Sentul land was mainly domiciled by the KTM Indians since the colonial days.

      That mamak gave KTM land to a well-connected Melayu, who then squandered away the right & sold then to YTL. So Madey didn’t give the land to YTL. The well-connected elite did!

      BTW, nobody raised a hell when the KTM Indians were relocated/evaded from the Sentul land, then. So, the Indian M’sians r indeed transparent in the eyes of the Melayu activists!

      3) In one of the election under Madey, he had employed Saatchi and Saatchi to do the campaign.

      Saatchi &Saatchi (a Jewish outfit, BTW) was only doing the marketing side. It was Lim Kok Wing (Wing Creative) who commissioned the research that indicated that the Chinese M’sians WOULDNT support the BN, unless under an imminent threat.

      Thus that mamak played the Islamic huduh game to frighten the Chinese M’sians into supporting him to win the 1999 election! The racial/religious outcomes of that game is still resonant with us till this day.

      4) If u read the tranungkite today it was reported that PNB lost a few Billions buying SP Setia.

      LiewKS of the SP Setia was once a diehard NEP man. He said so many a time if u care to read the past newscuttings about him. He played his umno game very well.

      He is now VERY angry with PNB for playing him out, by taken over the control of SP Setia from him. Thus the EcoWorld outfit.

      PNB is caught with the pant down, as there is no more capable musical chair to rotate to get some connected Melayu into the SP Setia helm for now. Besides, Battersea project hints on SP Setia under Liew, not PNB & EPF. If PNB doesn’t play the game right, 95% of the Melayus’ accumulated wealth would be vaporized down the drain, just for this project! Well for EPF, Ah Gong’s & other gullible M’sians’ money mah, so what!

      So DON’T SPIN!!!!!!!!

  2. A very warm welcome and thunderous applause to this new Noh Omar supporter....
    Don't get me wrong....I agree with you......

    1. what about you? a finally revealed Noh's supporter! What, no more supporting Anwar? wakakaka

  3. "Hey, didn't PKR make 'noise' about Hafarizam Harun, a prominent Umno lawyer, being a director in a company that was awarded the highway project?"

    Do you know who his the original proposer/promoter of Kidex KT? Honestly, I think it is not Hafarizam Harun?

    - hasan

    1. tsk...tsk...tsk... you're naughty, wakakaka...

      - hasan

  4. Kaytee,I have said many times before.PKR sorely lacked good generals and strategists.What they have are Anwar and Rafizi.These two kept shooting themselves in the foot that sometimes we have to wonder if they are schoolkids playing in the cesspool.

    These leaders have said so many bad things about Khalid that they have planted themselves and the party,and PR as a whole in a minefield.These Khalid imaginary ghosts will come back and haunt the PKR and PR.

  5. I've been very leery of Kidex right from the beginning, but I think its rather overboard to repeat Noh Omar's labelling Azmin Mother of All Hypocrites.

    I can think many far bigger hypocrites in the Malaysian establishment starting with Noah himself and his boss Na'aji.

  6. F*king stupid to call Azmin "Father of all Hypocrites"

    Go back and lick Najib's Arse.

    1. F*king stupid not to call Azmin "Father of all Hypocrites"

      Go suck his dick, wakakaka.

  7. .



    Anon 11.04

    Or it may be accurate if I cd rename you as Saipol 2.

    In a few moments , one will appreciate that you and Saipol No 1 have a

    a few things in common. I suspect that you are a penulis sundal for a few clients.

    A few DNA would be on your butt just as a number of DNA's were found on Saipol's.

    Melayus Going To The Hutan

    The migration of these people in Chubadak [in Gombak, not Sentul] will eventually

    reach the Pinggiran .And do these movement a few times they will reach the hutans.

    When I say something , I used all my experience. I go to the ground and talk to the

    people and convey the message in the blog. And I have a respectable success in

    my past prediction. Just read what my alter ego [Hanana] wrote in one of the blogs

    about the price MAS share would come to . I predicted Mas share would come down

    to 10 sen from 1 Ringgit just after the nonsensical sale of MAS to

    Air Asia. It actually went down to 14 sen.

    You have thrown some figures here and there and looked nonsensical as you have

    not shown any source and simply the assertions do not fit the profile

    of the people who had had stayed at Chubadak. Surely you dont expect them

    to move from Chubadak to a Taman?

    A terrace house in a Taman must at least cost RM 800k! A double-story house would cost at leat RM 1- 1.3 million . Ok try give the number of Melayus owning a flat at

    Sentul. Do not include melayus kept by towkays and by foreigners as mistresses in

    your data.

    My source told me he found some melayus [women] at the door receiving pizzas

    from him were in see- throughs nightie . So these melayus are not likely

    to be apartment owners !


    Land Not Given by Dr M

    Right . Co X got the privatisation initially. But when faced with a dire financial

    situation, X wanted to sell the privatisation to some foreign Co for a good price.

    But permission from the authorities must be obtained and eventually the PM must give

    the nod for a deal to go through. Now , do you think YTL outbid the foreign Co?

    We can extrapolate that YTL got the deal through his good relationship with Dr M.

    I remembered attending a Pavarotti concert which was to honour the PM. What

    actually took place is historic-


    Francis Yeoh started by facing Dr M , sembah and announced -

    Sir, Your are The Greatest!....

    clap clap clap.....

    I find no fault with what Dr M did. He had the power and he chose YTL over a foreign

    Company. So Chingkie Saipol 2 [i presume] , please be respectful to Dr M. He is still

    a great guy. He could not have forseen that his successor Najib would belligerently

    expand the land grant to cover Chubadak and possibly other new areas ..




  8. .2/2


    The Tranungkite blog

    I am not interested in the politics of SP Setia. The lembik gomen of Najib could

    apply punishment to Liew and Geng whenever, wherever they so wish. That his

    macais did not punish Liew for short-changing PNB is their stupidity.

    They have the law, the guns...They only need to shoot. More importantly

    why I refer the Tranungkite article is my other alter ego [Tokman] was talking about

    the danger of overloading lorries-

    more specifically YTL lorries, which you should have defended!

    YTL was busy making money and treated the RTD 's law merely as a suggestion.

    That we have an organised RTD with a useless MCA chingkie minister makes the

    situation untenable.

    What is the priority of this silly ministry/rtd ?


    -hid lamps/tinted glass/ number plates

    These are relatively mundane issues. Not complying wold not affect safety as

    compared to having overload lorries on the road day and night!


    I think the MCA minister in charge of transport should do his job or fuck off from the

    gomen job.

    Fucking disgrace -this MCA chingkies...

    Saatchi and Saatchi


    Muslims do not have problems with the Jews. There was a senior officer who

    married a Jew [ she converted] . They are the people of the Book, meaning if I were

    to marry a jewish woman, she can retain her religion. Arabs and Jews come

    from Prophet Abrahim . Both are semitic. I hope that everybody will understand this.

    It is the Zionist and the illegal state of Israel that we are opposing. If one were to

    study in the US or even England , the students and the professors could be Jewish!

    Whether Lim Wingy or some Ah Chai did the analysis using his hme pc does not

    matter. Statistical analysis is not rocket science . One can do it on Excel!

    Hopefully, Saipol2 you can appreciate the seriousness of what I write. I must say

    that I was unable to respond asap because thursdays/friday are my off days and

    saturdays and sundays are footie days for me..

    khong khek khuat




    khong khek khuat


    1. Thought of letting it passed, after all one is dealing with a tin-kosong, paper-pushing & gaji-buta civil servant.

      Then, the latest Auditor General’s report makes my blood boiled. Cant let it rest, or else this moron would think he has the world in his hand!

      1)Melayus Going To The Hutan

      What’s the problem with u? Don’t read well &/or yr England too powerful to deal with daily issues?

      The difference from WHAT I’d written compared with yrs - I’d clarified while u still got staffed in neverland of Melayus get marginalized by jins.

      My source r archived in many business reports while yrs r grandmother story-telling, if u care to do some REAL research besides reading Kosmo!

      Ooop, Kampong Chubadak is in Sentul not Gombak! Google the map, if u dont want to move yr ass from that aircon-ed office & since u r nowhere near Selangor/KL.

      BTW, made any killing with yr MAS share prediction? Or u r just syok-sendiri NOW with yr 20/20(???) hindsight?

      One more thing, the way u write about the juicy bits, Kosmo would pay u top ringgit instead of u wasting tax-payers’ money pushing paper in an aircon-ed office & doing yr namesake act.

      2)Land Not Given by Dr M

      Privatisation by that mamak? U should know better that it was piratisation, iff u r REALLY into the defense of yr downtrodden 80% lowest income Melayus, leeching continuously by yr 5% elites.

      ‘Now , do you think YTL outbid the foreign Co?
      We can extrapolate that YTL got the deal through his good relationship with Dr M.’

      Waloi Eh!!! do you think YTL outbid the foreign Co?

      During that period, M’sia was a no-no land for foreign investors due to the clamping of the RM-to-US$ at 3.80 by that mamak to protect his cronies & indirectly saving the M’sia economy from financial melted down. After all, it was his families/cronies that had the biggest financial exposures!

      If I want to be diligent in analysis - YTL got the deal cheaply bcoz it was either YTL or Co X (+ the well-connected front-man & background owners from u-must-no-object) went to the drain! Better some crumbs than nothing. The govt couldn’t help bcoz even that mamak had to ask Petronas to save his son’s blunder!

      1of2 cont

    2. 2of2

      BTW, can u see the fact that even given a well discounted offer; YTL has to work VERY HARD to make it worth the money now. Compare with that Co X, all it wanted was to charade its ill-gotten gain superficially without any real input &/or management skill (same like the one u r showing here!)

      So, there r cronies, & there r cronies!!!!!!

      One more thing, I WOULDNT be paying any respect to yr ayahanda any time soon. He deserves to be cursed till he meets his creator & then be punished again & again. His crime? For mis-leading & leeching a group of gullible blur-sotongs into religious hatred & racial ketuanan wonderland, by keep providing for free tongkat, time & again. & thus losing their ability to be berdikari in a challenging world.

      3) The Tranungkite blog

      Liew of EcoWorld does nothing wrong so far in the dealing of SP Setia with PNB. So how to apply punishment, unless u want to do another Sotong-type of accusation.

      Besides, Liew & Geng is too smart to out-pace PNB & he has good insiders & big big cable too. Remember, Co X? The then frontman is into SP Setia & now EcoWorld! Liew keep him bcoz of that u-must-not-object link. Yr elites r too smart by half to destroy a money generating machine.

      Suffice to say that U r out of yr league in corporate dealings. Especially when yr sources r paid junk-writers & Kosmo!

      4)Saatchi and Saatchi

      FYI, the Saatchi and Saatchi outfit during that mamak’s time was a known Zionist supporter. It was punished by the UK govt for some hanky-pansy dealings after the fall of Margaret Thatcher. The Zionist sold out & the new Saatchi and Saatchi now, is nowhere near when it was supported by the Zionist.

      BTW, ‘Whether Lim Wingy or some Ah Chai did the analysis using his hme pc does not matter. Statistical analysis is not rocket science . One can do it on Excel!’ show how ignorant of u about statistic.

      Perhaps, u come from the same group as that Wahid about the average income of the Melayus. No shame any way, u people r known to be weak in numbering. All u see is only upfront display BUT not the inside mechanism – any wonder u people get conned time & again by yr blood-sucking elites, employing CON-sultants?

      Kena con tapi masih cukup money to last 6 generation. Pity those lowest 80% Melayus.

      Lastly, for the sake of M’sia, people like u should be put to the outside world to re-learn some useful skill other than aircon-ed office tokoh & yr namesake act. BUT umno wont, bcoz then it would lost its iron-clapped nasi periuk supporters!

      U CANT focus about yr subject in hand. U DON’T do proper research, relying purely on gossips. U r poorly disciplined as indicated by yr writing – even a simple paragraphing has to be done by auto app in yr whatever branded computer/laptop. U turned Ad Homenen when u r losing, showing yr poor up-bringing.

      So, with people like u in the govt dept, any wonder WHY M’sia is going to the dogs – a pet that blur-Muslim like u don’t like & yet keep doing it.