Sunday, November 02, 2014

Azmin Ali backs fatwa against SIS

Azmin Ali as new MB of Selangor backs fatwa against Sister-in-Islam (SIS) as having as deviated from Islam as they (SIS) subscribe to “religious liberalism and pluralism”.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, a board member of SIS, at a press conference two days ago asked:

“What does it mean when they’re accusing us of being so-called liberals and religious pluralists?

“Can they please define these two terms and say exactly what it is we did that is liberal and pluralistic, and somehow also against Islam?”

Azmin Ali told SIS to just accept the fatwa.

So the sweeties should just suck on it??


  1. Are we witnessing history repeating itself just hardly a month?

  2. Azmin is really "trying" to be funny.
    Just take a good look at Azmin's family members.

  3. Kaytee,if Khalid was still the MB,Rafizi and Pkr stooges,including Tony Pua will be going all over town talking how useless and helpless Khalid is.Now just look at Azmin.Just not into his first 100 days in office yet, and the dwarf already had his wings clipped.

    If Azmin looks more useless and helpless than Khalid than how is he going to solve the seized bibles issues.How about the water and highway deals? Pkr and PR have planted themselves inside a minefield.A ticking time bomb waiting to go off in Selangor politics?

    No wonder,Jibby is so brave for once coming out with his war cry that it is time to wrestled back Selangor from a much weakened PR.

    And the reason that Rafizi.Tony Pua and gang of stooges are so quiet ar church mice is because they have Saiful's dick stuck deep down their throats.And Manmanlai?Too busy pondering the outcome of his appeal verdict.

  4. the gaffe guy who know's9:11 pm, November 02, 2014

    When it comes down to the Muslim religious authorities,PKR,DAP and PAS are powerless.Only big bro Umno can assert it's authority among these appointed salaried cronies.

    Khalid Ibrahim must be enjoying this comedy of circus clowns, and in his mind must be wondering if the PR cows have finally decided to come home?

  5. the new kampung man9:52 pm, November 02, 2014

    Compare Khalid to Azmin,is like comparing a cat to a mouse.

    Khalid has the balls to show the middle finger to PKR supremo Anwar,Rafizi and their sworn followers.He do what he does as the MB,and answers to no other politicians except the rakyat.But as the boss he expects the politicians under him to be answerable to him,only.

    And Azmin answerable to who? To Anwar and Rafizi too? And who else? Nasution? And who else? Such a weakling when so much hype into his appointment in not been pull by the nose by Anwar.

  6. the gaffe guy who know's10:52 pm, November 02, 2014

    Since tomorrow is Anwar verdict day,let us talk about this ass loving man.

    His defence team is now bringing up "what about consensual sex" among two grown up adults? Doe this means that the people around him all along knew that this man was bonking asses or had his ass bonked by someone else?

    Then is it fair to say that Mahathir did the right thing by kicking him out,and having him charged with sodomy? Then sodomy (i) is not a fantasy or political persecution? Then it is also fair to say that sodomy (ii) is also true and not a trump up charge? Because based on his defence arguments,he did indeed fucked or sodomised his aide,Saiful.

    1. One thing at a time.....heard of this strategy ?

      The charge is that he raped poor Saiful. So to get that charge out of the way.....if can prove no rape, then this charge will be thrown out. Consensual sex would mean NO RAPE. By this method, Anwar need not to go jail.

      Now as to the consensual thingy......that will be another battle lah. By then, if Saiful still wants to pursuer this, (meaning he's willing to go to jail too if proven true ), it will be another time and another court house, and another set of evidence ( fabricated or otherwise ). But the main thing NOW is to escape the rape charge.

      Got it ? It matters not the actual truth. Only the 2 actors concerned will really know what really happens between them.

  7. During the BSA saga, I read that RPK had written extensively that the state and Federal religious authorities answers only to the Sultan and King respectively. For that reason, nobody should bark at the MB, Khalid Ibrahim.
    Now this is yet another religious (Islamic) matter which MB Azmin's administration have no power to oppose or support. I did not read that Azmin support this Fatwa in other medias. It was only reported that he respect the The decision, which was already made. Now respect is not the same as support or backing it. Members of a Fatwa council only need to heed the command of the head of state. So, it is my humble opinion that any displeasure in this matter should be addressed not to a cilvil government or cilvil court, but to the head of Islam. For Azmin to say otherwise will surely incur the Sultan's displeasure.
    Azmin has not said that the same respect will not be given to SIS decision to sue. He is smart enough just like Khalid, neither to oppose the sultan nor the aggrieved. Has SIS written any objection letter to the Sultan of Selangor already? If not, why not? How could anyone presume that it is better to sue in cilvil court instead of pleading with the Sultan whose authority is absolute in matters of Islam?
    In the next few days, some people may be accused of going against the Sultan, customs, etc., which will make things worse. BN will surely try to pit the Selangor gov. against the Sultan or make it look like it is against the people. Either perception is good for BN, but we should know that nothing will be achieved by barking at the wrong tree.
    As for me, I respect the Fatwa against yoga and if you ask me, I also respect our Muslim neighbors' choice to practice yoga for physical wellness. Please don't turn respect into "backing".

    1. Dont read too much into what RPK said!

      He picks & choose, & then distorted to suit his writing. He termed it as throwing a cat among the pigeons.

      All he wanted is to vent his bruised ego & wounded pride!

      As a ummat Islam u SHOULD know that there is NO hierarchy among the faith. So WHY should a figure head is been specially chosen to represent the ultimate authority in M'sianised Islam?

      A colonial British political play to placate the feudalistic blur-sotongs, with the collusion of the royal household?

    2. Although I do agree that RPK's articles lately are mostly agenda based, but in this issue, he explained about the state law and he also mentioned that PR has the majority in the state assembly to change the law. Alas, the 1st person to suggest it was placed under sedition act.
      Is it not a reality that the law says that the Sultan is the head of Islam? Is not the religious councils appointed by the Sultan and reports directly to him alone?We can argue and debate till kingdom come with all logic here on what is right and quote plenty of Quranic verses to support our argument, but in the end, the law will have to be amended or corrected. Who has the balls to table such an amendment? And will the Sultan agree to sign it? I don't think so. Then how? Change a sultan? Dream on.
      So either obey the law or tell the YBs to change it. It is the law. Leave the state admin out of it. Azmin has no power, save those within the provisions of the law.

  8. Correction: BSA should read as BSM ( Bible Society of Malaysia)

  9. What about kiasu chow kieh Ridzuam Tee.Boh lam phar kieh?

  10. anti bigots fighter3:42 am, November 03, 2014

    Hahaha,sooner said than done.Azmin is kiasi.Birds of a feather always flock together.

  11. All the shit PKR said about Khalid will eventually hit the fan and back onto their fucking faces.Khalid will have the last laugh.

    The next PR state to fall will be Selangor,not Kelantan.

  12. .


    Hello Ktemoc. Sir

    Good that you are always bringing the latest Islamic issues

    to be discussed. Again I must congratulate you for such

    a brave endeavour.


    So far I have not seen a book 'Islam Made Simple' or 'Islam

    For Idiots'. I will try to demystify the concepts so that you

    could argue the case to all and sundry.


    Whether a man is in or out of Islam is a simple matter

    of accepting the terms of the syuhada . Listen to the videos of Yusuf Estes



    The Syuhada [Rule No 1]

    To be a muslim one must accept Allah as his one and only God and Muhammad

    [Peace be upon Him] as his messenger. I will refer to this as Rule No 1.

    If one accepts the declaration in totality, he is a true muslim.

    If he accepts the above declaration with buts and ifs [and exceptions] he is out

    of Islam [sesat]

    The corollary arguments to Rule No1 are the ones that many people got them wrong

    that put them out of Islam [sesat]

    By declaring Allah as your one and only god , you must accept the Holy Quran

    as His Word and believe in his Commandments. Some body of slutty women believe

    that they can declare the syuhada but wants to ignore

    Allah's commandments as a form self-proclaimed easing on the rule. [set by the


    What Allah Prescribed in The Quran


    Surah An-Nisa: marry 2,3 or 4 women...

    Allah says man can marry 2,3,or 4 women

    To belittle the Quran tantamounts to rejecting God's Word. Remember Rule No1 :

    believe in God.

    Corollary: His Words in the Quran must be acepted without exception.

    Read the Book -Islam The Misunderstood Religion [available free reading online]

    The author Muhammad Qutub says people who reject such a simple ruling

    put themselves out of Islam.[sesat]

    The Plurality Argument

    Recently Brader Anwar brought a few Indonesian Theologians from Nadatul Ulama to

    give a lecture on the Plurality of Islam at the UIA. I cannot delve at length on

    the definition of Plurality as you can discern what your fav idol- Nurul Izzah

    always mention it. The self-proclaimed-easing that modern day sluts

    want to say-'there is no compulsion in religion'. Again Refer to Rule No1.

    The Quran is a book of laws -laws are not like traffic rules where motorists can

    take the rules as a suggestion. Again if you ignore God's laws you run foul of Rule

    No 1.

    I take it as an Self-Proclaimed- Easing on the Strict Laws of the Quran.

    When the Quran mentioned that one must take God as The One and Only god- it

    meant just that and no more. And if a Muslim who prays in the Tokong

    for a 4 digit forecast run foul of the strict tenets.

    [contd 2/2]

  13. .





    Because he has made a request [doa] from a Hantu [a form of satanic relative]

    .He runs foul of Rule No 1- Only one God and No Other.

    Before the coming of Islam arab were praying in temples with many Idols-each

    representing a variety of gods specialising in blessing separate requirements

    of the request [pray]

    When Islam came all form idols are prohibited. It is made clear praying to idols

    would amount to to putting another god next to The One and Only god- fouling Rule

    No 1.

    Interesting fact about the Nadatul Ulama of Indonesia. Gus Dur was the NU chief

    during his lifetime . When he became President, he and his cohorts

    camped at his ancestor's grave site. So a group of curious members of a

    Foreign press were asking Gus why he was camping at the graveyard.

    He told them that he wanted to communicate

    with his ancestors. This is very much like the Taoist praying to their ancestors.

    This pagan act runs foul of Rule No 1. There is only One god that a man must pray

    to and the use of intermediaries [ancestors's spirit] is a no no in Islam!


    It is important that you explain to your readers the Rule No 1 to all and

    sundry so that they would understand better . Youtube videos of Zakir Naik and

    Yusuf Estes [a one-time catholic ppriest] would help you understand the shade of

    grey that leaves a person [sesat] to be out of Islam



    khong khek khuat



    1. dear khong khek kuat a.k.a kuku kecil kia (wakakaka), thanks for your explanation though you spoilt it with two regrettable mentions (one being also an error). Your first sad mention has been about your referring to women you don't like being assertive as sluts, wakakaka (stop fantasizing lah; I did long ago, wakakaka again).

      Your second sad mention (a gross error) has been "Taoist praying to their ancestors" Taoism is a very high level intellectual religion which like Buddhism promotes no god (or ancestor worship). Admittedly some deviant sects which claimed to be part of Taoism have been doing so, like teh Muslim Gus Dur and our Bolehland Bomoh Nyior & Buloh, wakakaka.

      However, Confucianism promotes ancestor worship not because Confucius believed in the soul of the dead - he didn't and Confucian scholar had for a couple of thousand years in China and Korea discouraged such superstitious beliefs.

      Confucius said that for society to be in harmony, everything and everyone in that society must be in a state of propriety (behave and must be seen to behave properly) thus men (mankind thus including women) must behave in a proper order, like subjects showing obedience and loyalty to the king, sons to fathers/mothers and even more important than parents, to the teachers/instructors, juniors to seniors, younger brothers to elder brothers, etc etc. These would be best seen in rituals. Thus the ritual of ancestor-worshipping (including wailing and wearing of sack-cloth at funerals, wakakaka) has been all about this order, a visual demo of respect to elders, and not about superstition.

      In this sense of proper respect to seniors, elders and superiors, Confucianism actually makes the Chinese the most loyal monarchists wakakaka - hope someone tells the HRHs wakakaka again.

      Chinese superstitions do exist among those who still worship Chinese native or folklore gods, an act stemming from shamanism which Indonesians and Malays also subscribe to, hence bomohs etc.

      One question, can you please tell me why Muslims pray to the Kaaba?

    2. What a load of trash from a sesat!

      1st, tell me, do u believe in hadiths & Sunnahs?

      2nd, tell me also since that in ummat Islam, all r equal. Then why the sole authority of the Islam in M'sianised Islam rests with the royalty?

      Answer, 1&2, CLEARLY, the u continue tokoh about yr rule number 1 lah!!!!

    3. Confucianism also tends to make many Chinese very loyal Barisan Nasional supporters....which was largely true until 2008.

      A combination of "the straw that broke the camel's back" and widespread Internet-enabled dissemination of independent information finally cracked BN's stranglehold in GE12.

    4. "Also Known As --- kuku kecil kia". Omigosh, hahahaha, well KT there's no doubt that your sense of humour is indisputably admirable!!! Tip of the hat to thee!

    5. Hi kt,
      Muslim don,t pray to the Kaaba, they pray facing Mecca where the Kaaba is located. Jews pray facing Jeruselem, some Chinese pray facing the sky towards Tiankong.

    6. Hi khong Khek Khuat,
      Your comment is so long, but your point is only 1; rule No. 1 and one is a Muslim.
      Then in the same breath, you started explaining that one who does not follow the Quran is not a real Muslim, meaning he will go to Hell.
      I read again your Rule No. 1. Quran is not mentioned in that rule.
      That lead me to ask the question: did the companions of the Prophet went to Heaven since there was no Quran during their time. All they did was profess the Rule No.1 you mentioned. When we convert to Islam, we only recite this Rule No.1, but we never mention anything about Quran. So if one converts, then die immediately without even knowing what a Quran is, is he a Muslim or not?
      When was the Quran written and before it was written, how did Muslims qualify as Muslims without obeying the Quran, hadiths and fatwas during that period? Therefore you should say that obeying the Quran is Rule no.2 or 1A applicable to our present day. Perhaps believing in Rule No.1 yet contradicting Rule No.2 or 1A will still get one to heaven, but without any virgin or reward, just like those who went to heaven before the Quran was written. Otherwise how do we explain why Rule No.1 which makes one a Muslim, yet did not mention the Holy Quran at all?

  14. Kiasu-Ridzuan Tee

    Kiasi-Azmin Ali and PKR stooges


    Kiachenghu-Alwin kayboh kia


  15. The issue is actually scarier and much wider than just Azmin's one-liner, which to me is of uncertain meaning.

    First of all the e-fatwa.
    Selangor Fatwas are legally binding on Muslims in Selangor, therefore , they have the force of law.
    Fatwas have even been used to restrict non-Muslim activities such as the one banning Bahasa Malaysia Bibles containing "Allah". Lawyer Edmund Bon may be charged for sedition for saying that fatwas are not legally enforceable on non-Muslims, which is actually correct.

    Who issued this particular e-fatwa, who are they accountable to, how come it didn't get properly published , as any legally binding government regulation needs to be.

    What do fatwa-ters mean by "liberalism" and "pluralism". WTF is that ?
    What do they mean by "any form of social media that goes against the "ajaran Islam dan hukum Syarak" to be blocked by the MCMC ? Hey, Ktemoc's blog could be blocked at this rate......for criticising those who are opposed to dog-touching.

    One of the important requirements of jurisprudence is that any law must contain in itself a clear definition of the offence. Otherwise its a useless law, either toothless because its vagueness makes it unenforceable, or too wide ranging , creating grave injustice, because almost anyone could end up being charged and found guilty.

    1. "vagueness" in law allows the authority to make or firm them up as they go along, wakakaka

    2. Will the Selangor majority YBs pass a law that any Fatwa must first be debated in the state assembly or amongst all Ulama Councils of Umno, Pas, PKR and the 3rd Force(whatever it means) and must reach a consensus before it can be gazetted into law? 1,400 years of interlactual and scholarly debate also cannot reach one single set of doctrine acceptable to all Muslim. Same goes for the various Christian denominations. How to reach a consensus on every Fatwa?

      Laws are made by the victorious. To change the law, you first have to win the fight. Some would suggest a change in GE 14, but Selangor is already won by PR in GE 13 with over 2/3 majority. So where is the change? Even Azmin said today that he will bring the issue of bible seizure to the Sultan after having met with the Religious authority. It is still back to square one: the Sultan.

      Just like I suggested for Sis to appeal to the Sultan on the Fatwa against SIS, that is still a better option than to sue the Selangor government.(named as defendant). Even if SIS has been sentenced to death, still the Sultan can give a pardon. Just ask nicely with respect. Don't demand this and threaten that. As Malays, Sis are also subjects of the Sultant, is it not? BSM did not sue anyone and they are getting closer to a solution at least.

  16. Well, we have to understand that Azmin who is now the YAB Menteri Besar, has already given his oath/pledge to ‘memelihara dan melindungi kesucian serta keagungan agama Islam sebagai agama negeri, mematuhi kedaulatan institusi Raja-Raja dan mempertahankannya daripada digugat oleh mana-mana pihak’. Thus, if PKR were to sack Azmin and appoint a new MB, the new MB would still articulate the same.

    On SIS, I think the fatwa council, are of the opinion perhaps SIS has developed itself into a philosophical movement that interpret the religion of Islam based on its logic and reasons. How can the Malays/Muslims move forward or be progressive if their thoughts are shackled by dogmas of religion? Quite a true and relevant thinking though..?

    But just hold on first; the next question is, can ‘semua manusia, termasuk orang bukan Islam, boleh berijtihad dan menginterpretasikan Islam/Quran berdasarkan kepada logika mereka masing-masing’? If the answer is YES, then I would agree we do not need the ulamas/clerics/priesthood caste? Thus, every Malays/Muslims should be like Kassim Ahmad? Why? This is because Islam is no longer a religion from heaven? If it is so granted and fatwa-ed, would jealousy and animosity amongst all of us end..?

    BTW, this scenario or situation has already being well covered by God in the Quran in Surah Ali-Imran 3:19 “Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. And those who were given the Scripture did not differ except after knowledge had come to them - out of jealous animosity between themselves. And whoever disbelieves in the verses of Allah, then indeed, Allah is swift in [taking] account”.

    Whilst Islam recognizes the freedom of thoughts and the right of reason to arbitrate between theological positions and disputes, on the other hand, many Muslims have been uncomfortable with the presence of plural/liberal Islam especially with those who are ‘yang nyata-nyata mengandalkan dan merasakan mereka itu lebih betul’ than Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah. Hence, although their minds/ways are not anarchists, what they were/are doing may/can be deemed/considered as propaganda capable of misdirecting the masses. Heck, it is quite a true and relevant thinking too..?

    - hasan

    1. Freudian slip?

      'Whilst Islam recognizes the freedom of thoughts and the right of reason to arbitrate between theological positions and disputes, on the other hand, many Muslims have been uncomfortable with the presence of plural/liberal Islam especially with those who are ‘yang nyata-nyata mengandalkan dan merasakan mereka itu lebih betul’ than Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah.'

      How oxymoron can that statement be?

      Remember this;

      In the famous book, "Taq-yeed Al-Ilm", Abu Hurayra said, the Messenger of God was informed that some people are writing his hadiths. He took to the pulpit of the mosque and said, "What are these books that I heard you wrote? I AM JUST A HUMAN BEING.

      If the Prophet can claim to be human, then how could He be exempted from criticism?

      Or is this a spin from nowhere?????

    2. I'm unhappy with the overall implications of the E-fatwa against Sisters in Islam.
      However, I have to agree that Azmin as MB, is in no position to support SIS or criticise the fatwa, at least in public.

      Maybe he should have kept quiet, but then again, an MB can hardly just keep quiet when asked a question like that.

      Islam in Malaysia has become an intellectual desert.

      Its an offence to think, to say anything that is contrary to what a small inner religious elite rules. The risk for transgressing this groupthink can range from arrest and charges, to death threats to physical intimidation.

      A religion has to remain intellectually alive, there has to be room to discuss, to debate.

      If I look at the history of Islam, there has been debate and evolution over the last 1400 years Various religious scholars have contributed to the debate and changes.
      Some of the changes were actually more regressive and conservative, but basically, it has made Islam a dynamic religion, not a fixed, rigid one.

  17. the gaffe guy who know's11:53 am, November 03, 2014

    Azmin,PKR and PR.BE SERIOUS,BE PREPARED AND TAKE NOTE.Your Khalid Ibrahim's comedy circus will come back and haunt PKR and PR in Selangor.Azmin will definitely become the shortest reigning MB in Selangor history,because like Najib said,Umno will be back with a vengence to retake Selangor.

  18. With the PKR,DAP and PAS going at each other's throats,it will be a miracle if the coalition will be around come GE14.It is not the PR is fucked.It is the people who sacrificed for the fuckup cause that is fucked.

  19. @ Anon 10:55

    “If the Prophet can claim to be human, then how could He be exempted from criticism?”
    What are you tokong (talking) man? Wakakaka… From where did that come? Can you understand what I write or not? So, unschooled! Wakakaka again…

    Please read what I write in Malay again, i.e. ‘yang nyata-nyata mengandalkan dan merasakan mereka itu lebih betul’! If you don’t understand that statement let me translate it into English: ‘manifestly believe and feel that they are more accurate’. To whom did I aim the statement at? Is it to Prophet Muhammad or the people at large? It is to the people at large, right?

    Thus, if you read the whole sentence in English: 'Whilst Islam recognizes the freedom of thoughts and the right of reason to arbitrate between theological positions and disputes, on the other hand, many Muslims have been uncomfortable with the presence of plural/liberal Islam especially with those who manifestly believe and feel that they are more accurate than Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah.'

    Now let me throw back your questions: (1) Freudian slip? (2) How oxymoron can that statement be? (3) Or is this a spin from nowhere? As per your request, I will always remember this. Wakakaka…

    - hasan

    1. Trying to be play semantic?

      Not an inch close!

      If u cant understand, or wanted to claimto well-schooled, then read yr writes & mine thrice before u comment.

      If u r still blurX2, then ask! There is NO SHAME in asking, even for a chauvinistic blur-sotong.

      BTW, yr translation tak tepat lah - so don't show off. Just remember the fool who open his mouth for the world to acknowledge his stupidity.

      One more thing, I quoted my source since unlike u I don't cherry-pick my infos, or just comb through the cover synopsis.

      So keep wakakaking.... u have a lot of readings to prove that u'd 'learned'. & that's just yr baby step toward educated!

  20. absolutely good read

  21. Looks like there's a lively discussion on religious matters going on here.

    Over at OutSyed The Box the latest commentary is also about religion, on the subject of "fiqh" specifically. Definitely worth reading - one might come away enlightened!

    The title of the post is - Undang-Undang Buatan Manusia Masuk Bakul Angkat Sendiri

  22. .


    I am not able to discern the meaning of 'ku ku chia'. If there are intentions to question

    my manhood , I would gladly do the honours if anyone care to

    remove their pants and bend in front of me-my friend isham and geng

    would also respond as such. This is just a joke. Say what u want. If

    I can dish out names surely I am prepared to take the brickbats that

    go with the territory.


    As for the wrong assumptions of Taoist belief I must confess that I had learnt

    wrong things from my chinese classmates who were equally blur on the

    sophisticated aspect of Taoism. My grandparents were not highly educated in chinese

    literature as to understand Taoism and even if they knew, they would find it

    embarassing to teach me sophisticated subjects like tantric manouevers

    which had its origin in Taoism. Perhaps you could run a series of introductory

    articles on the subject.


    Coming back to the slut thingy. In the old days people in England would call their

    young man sloven and and their young women slut. I am sure modern

    assertive women like members of SIS Sendirian Berhad would have thought

    that being called sluts is not reprehensible. This is evident in that

    there is no adverse comment on the slutty thing.

    In my world I look at women as Bik Momma or Sluts

    Bik Mommas are the domineering types . It would appear that you have

    been transformed from preferring sluts to Bik Momma types who would nudge you in

    the right direction with her big arse!

    A Thousand Apologies

    Nevertheless I would take back the slutty thingy with a thousand apologies

    now that you have mentioned it as objectionable.

    Why muslims pray in the direction of mecca?

    In the beginning the direction of prayer was Baitul Maqdis -jerusalem.

    Soon after Allah ordered that the new Qiblat [Direction] is Mecca.[Refer Surah 2:143]

    God has not revealed the reasons why mecca was chosen. Mad chinaman would

    ask why not Beijing? When one cannot establish the direction of mecca , he

    is free to select an arbitrary direction

    URL :

    Look at surah 2: verse 143 .Allah's commandment on the Qiblat


    The thought of billion of people praying at the same time is mind-boggling.

    There was an effort to replicate Qiblat thingy -the doing of a good thing on Earth's Day

    by a United Nation by the people of the world. It must look like he earth is suddenly

    switched off when viewed by astronauts at the space station. Even when Dr Muzaffar

    is at the station he could identify the kaaba so that he made his prayer in that


    So Ultimate reason. Look at Rule no 1 . Belief in 1 God. Corollary: obey his

    commandments or risk becoming sesat. Simplique!



    khong khek khuat\



    1. dear khong khek khuat, kuku kecil kia is just the k-3 alter ego to your khong khek khuat, and as Taoism teaches, the yin to the yang, wakakaka.

      In a couple of Taoist (deviant) sects, yes there are sexual practices called He Qi (Joining energy).

      Tantric manoeuvres hail from India as the word 'tantric' comes from 'tantrism', a practice of a subset of Hindu branch of Shaivism. In the region between India and China (Tibet) and the subsequent importation of the region's religions into China, invariably we have various commingling of religious practices as in Vajra Buddhism (the Tibetan sub-branch of Mahayana Buddhism which has been widely practiced in Mongolia)) which merges Hindu Shaivism (Tantrism) with Buddhism, hence the very powerful occult practice of the lamas, which is actually against the teachings of Buddha. The current Dalai Lama has discouraged occult practices amongst the lamas, but I doubt they'd listen to him, wakakaka.

      There is also another deviant sect of Taoism called Mao-shan which practiced occultism, but is generally shunned as evil by mainstream Taoists, though the label of 'evil' has been quite unfair to them, wakakaka

  23. SIS looks like its full of lesbos , promoting LGBT and Free Love.

    No wonder Anwar Ibrahim supports them...

  24. @ Anon 10:41 and @ Anon 11:28

    Part 1

    OutSyed The Box (OTB) said:

    1. “I was born into the Hanafi sect. So I had something in common with the Taliban who are also Hanafis. But lately they have become Salafi or Wahhabi influenced.”

    2. “My view is that from a strategic point of view Kassim Ahmad should not have attacked the extra Quranic (meaning it is not part of the Quran) writings of Bukhari, Abu Muslim, Tarmizi, Abu Dawood, Ibn Maja and Nisai. Their writings are collectively known as the "hadith collections". ”

    3. “I feel that Dr Kassim would have achieved greater impact on the Malay psyche and opened up their minds if he had criticised the fiqh or the ilmu fiqah.”

    4. “What does this mean? This means that the jurisprudence of the sects or fiqh or ilmu fikah is NOT Allah's law. These are man made laws.

    My Comment:

    OTB has mentioned that the Quran and the Hadith should not be attacked. Hence, no objection if Muslims are to follow the teachings/guidance from both the Quran and the Hadith. No argument here.

    OTB is of the opinion that the Malays should open up their minds on fiqh. Fiqh is the juristic interpretative legislation build upon the principles of the Syariah, which must be attuned to the needs and context of the society and social milieu in which it operates.

    Thus, it is understandable as to why the different sects of Ahlussunah Wal Jamaah would have non-identical fatwa(s) for example on dogs, zakat, and the accidental touching of ‘lelaki dan perempuan bukan muhrim’.

    Fatwa is an Islamic legal ruling. If the fatwa is derived from the Quran and the Hadith, the aforesaid fatwa is considered superior and valid.

    However, if the fatwa is derived from FIQH i.e. human interpretation and reasoning, the aforesaid fatwa cannot be elevated to the same status as to the superior sources of the Quran and the Hadith. As mentioned by OTB: “These are not laws from Allah. These are just man made sectarian laws.” To give an example, the fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini on the death sentence on Salman Rushdie was from fiqh, thus, it was not an expression of Allah’s decree.

    The aforesaid fatwa was only accepted by about 12 percent of the Muslims in the world. OTH, Al Azhar University, the oldest Muslim learning institution in world, disagreed with Ayatollah Khomeini, issued another fatwa that Salman Rushdie cannot be convicted without trial.

    …. To continue in Part 2

    - hasan

  25. Part 2

    Thus, on ‘jihad seks di Syria, kahwin misyar, lelaki dewasa bersusu dengan wanita bukan muhrim (fatwa from Egypt and Saudi Arabia), mengintai wanita mandi (fatwa from Egypt)’, OTB must give the full and complete history of the fatwa for critical assessment. Most important: Who gave the fatwa and from what sect? But for those who acted blindly upon the incitement of those fatwas (OTB has said “However the Muslims like to bury their heads in the sand and just surrender their otak to the golongan yang tidak menggunakan akal. So they are doomed”), they would be denigrating Islam, and worse, they would be bringing Islam into confusion and disrepute to the eyes of the world.

    We have already discussed enough on dogs. On zakat there are Muslims who give direct to the really poor and the needy. I am not going to argue on that. It is not an issue. On the ‘tersentuh lelaki dan perempuan’ during pilgrimage in Mekah, this is an exigency (or dharurat) situation (I can even eat dog meat and pork if just to stay alive). Normally, there are about three million people in the mosque during the Haj period. However, there are pilgrims, who follow strictly to the Shafi’i teachings, who will go and take their ‘wudhu again’, if ‘tersentuh lelaki dan perempuan’. I normally bring a small bottle of water with me to wipe my face, hands, forehead and feet (the ‘wajib’ wudhu ritual) if I ‘terkentut’. Wakakaka... Because if you ‘terkentut’ all sects are unanimous that you must do ‘wudhu’ again.

    Lastly, on OTB’s ending: “These are duduk dalam bakul angkat sendiri laws. They can differ between the sects. AND..jeng...jeng...jeng ..they can be changed. Ikut suka hati.” Well, that’s from him and Hanafi sect point of view and perhaps from the Taliban point of view too. Wakakaka…

    - hasan

  26. - hasan,

    Thank-U for your expositions on Islamic teaching. I have enjoy reading your comments all this while.

    Re : [... on ‘jihad seks di Syria, kahwin misyar, lelaki dewasa bersusu dengan wanita bukan muhrim (fatwa from Egypt and Saudi Arabia), mengintai wanita mandi (fatwa from Egypt)’, OTB must give the full and complete history of the fatwa for critical assessment. Most important: Who gave the fatwa and from what sect?]

    I had been reading OutSyed for a long time and remembered that he had made individual blog postings on the above topics some time back, maybe at least a year or so ago. He has removed his arkif and so all his older posts are no longer avialable.


  27. .


    while otb makes laughable easy reading, one should realise that the syed
    pick up stories from dubious sources. Take what the he said as a story akin to
    juicy gossips. . Do not take seriously on the gossips which is now made up to
    be facts,

    That is why go to Rule no 1. All other gossips are good for the dustbin of the mind.

    There are assertions /stories run by syed in the past which run foul of Rule No1.

    There are no exceptions to Rule No 1. Syed is sesat. I hope he goes see an Islamic

    Theologian and learn where he goes wrong.

    I find no fault of his anecdotes and analysis on the financial mismanagement that is

    going on in the country. As a muslim brother I wish that he comes back to comply

    with Rule No1.


    khong khek khuat


  28. .



    Brader Teo,

    You have raised an interesting question about Quran and Hadith and of the people

    who were living during the prophet's lifetime.


    Reminder of Rule No1.

    Belief in 1 God and His prophet Muhammad < Peace Be Upn Him>

    The Quran is only collected and written after the Prophet had

    passed away. It is the Commandments that one must follow then

    and now too. What the Prophet said or his explanation on the

    verses of the Quran as received by the Prophet is a guide of the people.

    The Koran contained laws which need to be interpreted for everyday use from

    what the Prophet Muhammad had explained during his lifetime.

    You were right Rule No 1 did not say about hadith [the collection

    of what the Prophet said] because Islam is simple and not complicated.

    If there is a complex issue then one can look at the hadith for guidance.

    The hadith is never a condition in the syuhada.

    MY Take is simple. Live with the Rule No 1 as your guide, Insha Allah

    God will be with you always . Read the Quran from the link that I have put

    down earlier and you will find the answers. Know the 40 attributes of Allah by heart

    and you will learn all there is to know of your God. Most important of them-God is

    Merciful and Forgiving and And knows what is in your heart.

    No need to be obsessed with collateral issues- the hadith. Rule No 1 must

    be the pillars of your belief. If this strong, the other bits and pieces

    will follow. Do think about hell but if you know your Quran, there is also

    heaven. God make everything in pairs so that you may enjoy the fruits of

    His creation : Man.women : Hell, Heaven; Positive, Negative ; Real, Mirror Image;

    Without the hadith, how does one pray and understand Rule No 1 and belief [ in the

    message brought by the Prophet

  29. .



    Look at the sad scenario- Gus ran foul of Rule No 1. Belief in 1 God. Imagine that.

    Collateral issues like the hadith are irrelevant. if there are gates to heaven , Gus

    had failed to enter the first gate! After one had mastered Rule No 1, Insya Allah

    God will guide you along the right path. Ask God in [pray] in your heart, while you sit,

    sleep work, inspiration [help] will come to you.

    Surely God will come to those who seek Him.


    I take the hadith as a guide to understanding of Rule No 1. It is not the main thrust

    of our life. Imagine a computer [containing knowledge] was passed down to you,

    how would you look for knowledge in the computer. The hadith is akin to a user

    manual -without which you will struggle to know Rule No 1.

    But if you can understand Rule No1 without the hadith , there is nothing wrong with

    the overall philosophy . Just like the famous OKU physicist who understand the

    machinations of the Galaxy without ever reading the Quran! Enrico Fermi could

    unravel the equation to the sum of an arithmetic progression at 6 years old.

    He did not have to go thru the schooling system to learn how to do it.

    Likewise if God wills that a Mat can unravel Rule No1 without going thru the hadith

    , just like Fermi did with the equation, that surely is a gift from God.


    Sometimes we look up to the Ulamak for guidance. They can come up with

    nonsensical declaration which run foul of Rule No1. In catholicism , their

    god is a three in 1 God. This is made clear when the Council at Nicea decide to

    follow the Trinity concept and dustbinned the concept of 1 God with Jesus[PBUH]

    as a Prophet. But there are modern ' ulamaks'like Dr. Asri here want to say

    that the catholics can call their three-in-one God Allah which runs foul of

    Rule no 1. No amount of expertise in hadith can help you when one gets the Rule No1

    wrong. One has to be confident of Rule no 1 and not get sidetracked with

    biblical stories and anecdotes to shake your tawhid -belief in Rule No 1.

    In the old days of King George , it was said the prestige of the chancellors

    [of the church] was measured by the length of his robes. Don't be fooled by a

    Phd of an 'ulamak'. If what he said runs foul of Rule no !- his opinion goes into the

    dustbin. Simplique!



    khong khek khuat


  30. Anwar Ibrahim is almost certainly going to jail very soon......
    Time for Ktemoc to find another favourite target....I suppose Azmin Ali is about the best alternate....

  31. For many outsiders, especially in the West, the Death Fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini against Salman Rushdie was their first introduction to Islamic Fatwas.

    The Death Fatwa did a lot of damage to Islam's reputation among non-Muslims.
    It continues to reverberate today, as Salman Rushdie is still at risk to appear in public, because the Death Fatwa is still in force.

  32. Now we know why Asmin said what he said - the Selangor Sultan has spoken.