Sunday, August 26, 2012

Police statistics on crime rates

The Malaysian Insider - Kit Siang roasts mum Putrajaya over crime stats claim

Lim Kit Siang today questioned Putrajaya's inaction over claims that its efficiency unit and the police had manipulated crime statistics by reclassifying offences to depict a reduced crime rate.

Pinpointing Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein as well as ministers in charge of the government's National Key Result Area (NKRA). Datuk Seri Idris Jala and Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon over the matter. Lim today said the trio should have "instantly" rebutted the "serious allegations of dishonest statistics tampering by the anonymous police officer".

On Wednesday, an anonymous letter purportedly written by policeman alleged of how crimes were being methodically shifted into "non-index" offences that were not registered as part of official statistics presented by efficiency unit PEMANDU.

"If Hishammuddin Idris Jala and Koh continue to keep their silence then Malaysians must thank the anonymous police officer for performing his patriotic duty to answer why Malaysians suffer increasing fear of crime despite claims of continuous drastic fall in crime rate", Lim said today in a press statement.

He added the government should instead appoint a new home minister"who is serious about fighting crime" and who is "honest with Malaysians about the actual crime situation in the country".

BN ministers honest? Uncle Lim was either naive or sarcastic wakakaka.


  1. The silence is definitely getting louder with each passing day. As for NKRA, we had KRA in the private sector. I believe the system was invented by someone very naive or very idealistic. You can almost always create fairy tales about your objectives and management won't even read them...

  2. There are lies, there are Statistics and then there is Ktemoc's blog....

  3. I can share with you a recent personal experience helping to take a relative to a police station to make a report on a house break-in.

    The policeman behind the desk was pleasant, but kept trying to convince us it was a minor matter that really didn't need to be reported.

    My relative insisted on making the report for a simple practical reason - some of the stolen items were covered under household insurance, and she needed the police report to make the insurance claim.

    I don't think any police action is ever going to come out from the report but its obvious to me the policemen fronting the public are under instruction to "minimise" the number and severity of crimes reported.

  4. Any stats coming out from the gomen is it crime stats, population census ( especially if only one race is in charge of doing the kira2 and compilation ), the so-called equity wealth distribution for the malay race which up til now so many years later still no 'sound' coming out to dispute the figures given by dr lim teck ghee, the eligible registered voters for any election,......any thing to do with figures and stats that do not benefit the current resident evil govt is suspect.

    In the gomen we do not trust. Period.