Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hopping, hullabaloo, humbug

Malaysiakini - CM defends proposed 'anti-hopping law'

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said his administration's plans to enact a law to prevent state assemblypersons from switching political allegiance mid-term is to protect citizens from a breach of public trust and protecting democracy. […]

"For any elected representative elected on a party ticket to hop or cross over is an immoral, unethical and unprincipled act that shows utter contempt for the democratic choice of their voters.”

"If they were elected on the party they represent, they should resign their seat and seek a fresh mandate from the people if they chose to leave the party platform on which they were elected on," said Lim in a press release today.

He argued that democracy meant that voters should be given another opportunity to judge whether the decision by the elected representative to switch allegiance is acceptable, or not.

Precisely my stand all these years, and why I despise you-know-who, with the plural in ‘you-know-who’.

But alas, Koh Tsu Koon somehow found his voice (and balls) to tell Guan Eng off on this, as reported by MKINI in its news article Anti-hopping law: Koh slams Lim for double-standards.

Our dear Headmaster deputy Headmaster on NKRA asked Guan Eng why the latter didn't say a word about the two Sabah frogs, Lajim Ukim and Wilfred Bumburing, leaving BN to form new parties which have allied themselves to Pakatan?

Koh squeaked: "Where is the consistency? I did not see (DAP stalwart) Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng protest when two MPs (members of parliament) from the Sabah BN jumped into the Pakatan fold.”

"So, why practise double-standards now. Is he doing this for (merely for) show?"

I can answer that for Guan Eng. Lajim and Bumburing have NOT leaped into any Pakatan component parties, as they have formed their own parties. If they wish for their new parties to support Pakatan, I won't say that's of a frog-ological nature.

Okay lah, I admit I sound technically (and defiantly) correct but in reality morally f* weak in my attempted defence of Guan Eng.

That's the f* trouble when DAP patronises a Master-Chef who insists on serving les cuisses de grenouilles.

les cuissee de grenouilles

Also, I learnt that frogs are haram for the Shafi'i, Hanafi and Hanbali (though okay for Maliki) schools of Islam - hmmm, there must be an Islamic moral in this for our Muslim politicians on both sides, not that they care two figs.

Previously, DAP sweetie Hannah Yeoh, not unlike Guan Eng, had suffered from the same diarrhoeic affliction in 'consuming' the dish of les grenouilles de 916.

But it's a curse that DAP needn't have to suffer as its spiritual leader, my hero Karpal Bhai, has repetitively warned against eating non-halal stuff.

The problems surrounding defection have been made deliberately worse by an earlier BN-dominated parliament legislating to prohibit those, who resigned from their positions as MP or ADUN before their elected terms have run out, form standing as (respectively federal or state) election candidates for 5 years. It's this rule that has effectively prevented Dr Wan Azizah from re-contesting in a federal constituency.

Malaysiakini reported in its article Ex-PM decries DAP's anti-hopping law that Dr Mahathir asserted: "We are free ... we say we want to liberalise, to be able to speak one’s mind and criticise people and what not; that is our freedom. So what is it now in wanting to prevent people from party hopping?"

MCA president CSL made more or less the same statement about the federal constitution guaranteeing the freedom of association, as if the BN has ever respected the constitution, having changed it more than 200 times in a the last 30 years of rule to suit its political purposes.

Besides, since we all know the general Malaysian voting preference of electing a representative on the strength of his/her political party rather than the candidate as an individual, what about the rights of voters who voted Party A only to find their votes have gone to Party B?

So CSL, what about the voters' rights? Or would this be the only way that MCA can dream of ever having a MP or ADUN after the next election?

But then, shouldn't Dr Mahathir's claim of liberalness be also applicable to the wish of a MP/ADUN who may want to resign on political principles to re-contest again? So why had the (earlier) UMNO-led government legislated to prevent this by imposing a mandatory hiatus of 5 years?

Don't tell me the bullshit that it's to prevent wasting public money in holding by-elections, because allowing the rakyat to elect or re-elect their desired representative should be their fundamental rights and an overriding priority, where by preventing the MP/ADUN who has resigned on a matter of political principle to re-stand, would be effectively denying the rakyat their choice of re-electing said candidate.

Rights, choice, principles - these are issues far more important than saving a few dollars, tax-payers' dollars, not the government's.

So, Dr Mahathir, you can't claim it's 6 on one while denying half a dozen on the other, because that's hypocrisy and double standards. And don't tell us about the Master-Chef as he was your protégé and his heart, soul and proclivities are still like yours, in and of UMNO wakakaka.

Incidentally, at this point, I must define who's a political frog because it would appear many still don't understand the distinction. The frog has to be a MP or ADUN who was elected under the banner of, say, Party A but takes his MP/ADUN position across to, say, Party B (even if he/she puts on a show of not joining Party B but votes regularly with Party B). In other words, a frog is one who treacherously betrays the choice and trust of the voters.

OTOH, a member from, say, Party A who is NOT a MP or ADUN and who leaves to join another political party, say, Party B or Party C, is NOT a frog. He or she most certainly has the right to freedom of association that Dr Mahathir and CSL have talked about, as this person won't be reneging on or betraying any voter.

But the biggest culprits aren't frogs but us, the voters. We Malaysian voters are the most stupid and hypocritical people. We are stupid because we kept re-electing contemptible frogs like Ibrahim Ali and his ilk. We are hypocritical because we claim we despise frogs yet accommodate them as heroes when they leap to our side.

We lack the political maturity of the voters in countries like Australia or New Zealand for it seems we do not really know how to deal with frogs, both those hopping away from or hopping into our favoured party. In more than one way, we actually encourage frogs by our inconsistent attitude towards them.

So pordah pariahs (that's us, not those opportunistic frogs)!


  1. Shut the fuck up,Koh.Abrahim Ali and Nasri have said your party Gerakan and Mca are history.

  2. Like Nazri said recently, any attempt to legislate the anti-hopping law will go the way of Kelantan in 1992, ie. a court ruling that it is unconstitutional.


  4. "I can answer that for Guan Eng. Lajim and Bumburing have NOT leaped into any Pakatan component parties, as they have formed their own parties. If they wish for their new parties to support Pakatan, I won't say that's of a frog-ological nature.
    Okay lah, I admit I sound technically (and defiantly) correct but in reality morally f* weak in my attempted defence of Guan Eng."

    Let me be the Devil's Advocate on this, though I am a Pakatan Rakyat supporter.

    But Ktemoc - you earlier excoriated Anwar Ibrahim for frogology over exactly that same sequence of recent events in Sabah.

    How come you F*ck the hell out of one and defend another over the same issue ?

    Are you sure you are not applying double standads ?

  5. KAYTEE,in your previous articles you were asked to write more about the Princess Nurul.

    Stop wasting time on Koh Soh Koon and Chua Sooi Lek.They are political has-beens and are irrelevant to the political arena.Hannah babe is better discussing that the two creeps.Or even Joceline Tan of the Star,although she is sure an ugly bitch.

  6. aiyoh, anon of 11:10 PM, August 26, 2012, tolong lah, read my post again to see where I stood/stand on Lim GE remaining silent on the two Sabah defections. I had admitted I was merely being defiant when any defence of Guan Eng over his silence would have been morally weak, in other words, I couldn't really defend him for his silence [actually I still can but I won't wakakaka]

  7. Ktemoc still looks like trying to tap dance too finely in his defence of LGE vs. excoriating Anwar Ibrahim.
    Too clever by half , AKA double standards.

  8. Aiyoh ktemoc the stupid is confused lar.

    All along I have said DSAI or PKR is not to be blamed.

    U want to stop party hopping then pass a law.

    The judges sayy it's unconstitutional? Amend the constituition then and shut those Barisan Najis crony judges up!

    Problem is najis Razak is the one preventing this it's really Barisan najis that wants this ability to buy MPs

    Why blame somebody from stealing when u make it legal to steal!!!

    U say it's morally wrong? Pordah lah! What a naive statement !!

    LGE is on the right track. Something I said should be done in parliament

    Look at who is not passing this law lah!! It's najis Razak !!!


  9. Frankly, I was disappointed with both Anwar and LGE over the Sabah frogs.
    The difference between jumping to form a new party and joining another existing party sounds like hair-splitting, if you consider the context of why frogging is objectionable.

    Admittedly , I do recognise gradations in wrong-doing, Anwar's being obviously a sin of commission, LGE's being more of a sin of omission.

    DAP needs to be very careful and mindful of the "Seduction of Power" when dealing with PKR and Anwar Ibrahim.

    For more than 40 years, DAP survived on solid principles, public contributions, plain water and fresh air.

    The Pakatan Rakyat alliance now brings control of one state, and a major role in another state, Exco positions, municipal councils , state GLCs etc.

    That's just appetizers compared to the lavish Banquet which Federal power will mean.
    Its not just far fetched theory - as things stand, its likely a 50-50 chance BN will be gone in GE13.

    Ah, but you must be willing to sit at the same banquet table with my Frogs and sup with them, says Anwar Ibrahim...

    If that situation arise, that will be a tough call for LGE and the DAP.
    Stick to principles or take those seductive Cabinet seats and GLC directorships...

  10. Ktemoc's bias is showing up like a sore thumb......


  11. Aiyoyo...pergi mana principles ??

  12. Rocketman....tabik man....betul cakap you tu ! I might not agree with you all the time ( whenever you deign to comment here laa, heheheh ), but your this particular comment is so spot on, every sentence of it !

    Yes, yes...sins of commission and omission, and the seduction of power.

    "For more than 40 years, DAP survived on solid principles, public contributions, plain water and fresh air".....this line is bear repeating eh ?

    Hope we see you more often here....unlike some others who's really making a nuisance of themselves but KT being KT, he welcomes all except the very very abusive, heheheh.

  13. Oi Anwarista Fanatics.....make up your minds.... !

    You just can't get away by insisting KTemoc is supporting BN and doing his best to 'lead the young voters astray' and now that his " bias is showing up like a sore thumb..." for his so-called fervant support for LGE, how can lah a BN man sokong a DAP man ?

    Stupid is as stupid does....

  14. What's so surprising about DAP wanting the anti-hopping bill.
    They have a valid reason for this.
    Most of the frogs are from DAP and Keadilan. These two have lots to lose.
    BN people do not jump to Pakatan.

  15. "BN people do not jump to Pakatan"

    Why state the obvious ? BN people just do not want to suffer. Why jump for nothing ? Where's the money if lompat to Pakatan ? Abok pun tadak.

  16. Smart alecs like Ktemoc likes to place their bets on all horses in the race.Hehehe.

  17. "Smart alecs like Ktemoc likes to place their bets on all horses in the race.Hehehe."

    Smart Alecks like you don't even know what you are talking yapping about, hehehehh. Right or wrong, just hantam, kiasu mentality....just don't care if come out looking like a fool. Arguments full of holes. Even if have different opinions, others could still agree to disagree, but the sh*t coming out from the likes of you does not even compute, no sense, no logic laa. Podah.

  18. kiasu mentality.hehehe.used the brains that the skies gave to your blockhead.hahaha.

  19. Sounds like a broken record...heheheh

  20. Continuing from the title of your post..."humbug"...Lim Guan Eng's announcement of the anti-hopping law that he plans for Penang is exactly that.
    Any good constitutional lawyer could have told him that.

    Rules governing the qualification or disqualification of MPs AND State Assembly Representatives come under the ambit of the Federal Constitution. Both Kelantan, Sabah and Sarawak have tried to put in place such anti-hopping laws in the past, and in every case, courts have declared such laws ultra-vires to the Constitution.

    Waste of time unles you manage to convince 2/3 of all MPs to pass the necessary constitutional amendments.

  21. "Waste of time unles you manage to convince 2/3 of all MPs to pass the necessary constitutional amendments."

    so what would u suggest to convince 2/3 of all MPs to pass the necessary constitutional amendments that don't waste time? by writing and saying this n that are against the const?

  22. DAP should do it the proper way - introduce the necessary Constitutional amendment in Parliament.
    Trying to pass such a law in the Penang State assembly is a waste of time and a humbug.
    Hypocrisy for lunch , anyone ?

  23. "DAP should do it the proper way - introduce the necessary Constitutional amendment in Parliament."

    fair enough, but isnt this a waste of time as well?

  24. yes its a waste of time.

    becoz Najis Razak and Barisan Najis is the one who wont pass it.

    So better wake up your idea who is really against party hopping in this country, u stupid doongoos like ktemoc the stupid who keep blaming PKR.

    Bloody idiots.


  25. I've been very tolerant of you sunwayopal, despite your constant abusive language. But I reckon there must be a limit to your vileness so don't exceed the bounds of civil conduct here

  26. the truth must b biting a bit close to u huh.

    feeling a bit too much truth ?


  27. I don't mind your so-called truths wakakaka, but please refrain from abusive words like 'u stupid doongoos', 'bloody idiots' etc. You have begun to sound like one vile monster.

    Also doesn't add value to your diatribe wakakaka

  28. Much same as u not adding any value whatsoever keep blaming PKR but overlooking fact that its your illgetinmate brother Najis Razak thats the real 'frogology' asshole in the matter


  29. as I mentioned before, voting out BN is already a given. But my more important aim is to ensure we don't vote in UMNO MK 2. The inner core of PKR is UMNO MK 2, complete with all the same characteristics

  30. where got such scenario as voting out Barisan Najis is a given but not voting in PKR?

    So, in a case where AA is direct against Barisan Najis, what r u doing then??


  31. unless you're in Permatang Pauh or Gombak wakakaka, no point in telling you

  32. Permatang Puah and Gombak voters are miles apart.
    What is ktee trying to drive at?