Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scum of the (Malaccan) earth

Anwar Ibrahim, like the batter in a game of softball, has had three strikes against him. He should be out but in the name of fairness under the eyes of heaven, and not of the umpire or court, I hope he won’t be.

Okay, let's start off this game or discussion by what or who we understand to be ‘supporters of Pakatan’. Well, they could be those who support all the three or four parties within the loose coalition or are just backing only one of them, like for example, a staunch Muslim Pakatan supporter backing only PAS, or kaytee rooting just for SNAP wakakaka, anyway Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban.

Now, it’s an undeniable fact that some or even many of Pakatan supporters don’t like Anwar Ibrahim, yes, even those in PKR who initially joined in the hope of achieving an idealistic dream but who are now somewhat disenchanted but still bravely soldiering on.

Though I am not a card member of any of the Pakatan component parties I am nonetheless a supporter, and certainly one of those who don’t like Anwar Ibrahim or Azmin Ali. My reason? I find both to be even worse than some (though not all) UMNO blokes.

But when I examine the three strikes against Anwar which should sent him out, namely:

(i) the sodomy II charges,

(ii) the recent reversal of judgement by the Sodomy II judge on the trial within a trial, about the illegality of Anwar’s arrest in 2008 and the non-admissibility of illegally obtained evidence, an outcome not entirely unexpected, and

(iii) the current brouhaha about the sex video a la Chua Soi Lek's self-admitted escapade ...

... I find the whole disgusting politically driven nonsense utterly repugnant, more so when the sex video was brought out just as the sodomy charge began to lose its momentum and credibility, because the unfolding events became more and more incredulous, as incredulous as various types of spermotoza swimming about in gay (excuse the pun) abandonment in a shitless @r$eh*le (excuse the second pun, wakakaka).

And to add grievous insult to injury, the man who now claims joint ownership of the initially-mysterious Datuk T (the 'producer' of the sex video) is none other than Rahim Tamby Chik.

You don’t know who Rahim Tamby Chik is?

Ask Lim Guan Eng! He knows him only too well.

By the by, some years ago Lim GE was unjustly incarcerated as a common criminal in prison. And his crime? For daring to stand up to his public duty and expose a case of statutory rape to defend the rights of an underage Malay girl against the iniquity of her rapist. In so exposing a crime which no other dared do, Lim spent years behind bars. The PM of that dark era has yet to apologize for the grave injustice to Lim.

That cruel episode, where the hero was imprisoned for the evils of a rapist while the villain laughed his way out of a disgusting crime, was the classic tale beloved of Hindi, Chinese and Malay film making. The injustice made the heavens weep but alas, unlike the script in the films the hero wasn’t cleared of his criminal record. Only the Malaysian public defiantly redeemed his virtue by electing him to be the Chief Minister of Penang.

I find it particularly brazen of Rahim Tamby Chik to say of Anwar’s alleged sexual acts captured on video, as reported by The Malaysian Insider, that he (Rahim) … wanted to show that a person with high ambitions of wanting to be national leader and prime minister of Malaysia was not qualified, and that the matter is important especially to Muslims because they will not accept a person without honour and integrity to represent them.

Honour? Integrity?

Look who the f* is talking?

Excuse me while I puke … and it’s not because of the sex act on the video.

And just to remind you, my dear readers, I am a bloke who don’t even like Anwar Ibrahim.


  1. Please don't be taken in by this KT.
    It is Anwar's own plot to accuse the Government.
    It's to distract us from his refusal to give the DNA sample.
    Also PKR's coming defeat in the coming GE.
    That Shahrul Eskay is his friend. So you can take it from there.
    Anwar is always acting on a pity patter platform. Like to play the victim part.

  2. Kaytee,
    Eat this if you are vouching for SNAP

  3. Scum of the earth says it all!

    Did anyone ever ask him to swear on the Koran?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  4. Buttercup, c'mon lah, AI is not that stupid as to play such a dangerous game where he'll be equally screwed (excuse the pun wakakaka) by either the sodomy case or the CSL-type escapade.

    looes74, it could well be the case, or it could be an undercutting-demonizing-SNAP media release (misinformation) by PKR. I recall that it was PKR who struck preemptively, greedily and arrogantly that it would contest 52 of the 71 seats (how about DAP, PAS, SNAP?) in a unilateral media release (its usual tactic to undercut other Pakatan component members, just as it did in 2007).

    And you take my joke about supporting SNAP too seriously wakakaka. I do not even have a feeble grasp on Sarawak politics other than knowing it's even more unstable and finicky (froggy) than Peninsula politics.

  5. KT

    Not stupid, just desperate. It's showing.
    Do you know who that Shazril Eskay is?
    We'll see. Let the police do their job.
    Suddenly he has full confidence in our poor man in blue.
    But if the result is not good for him, the police will again be vilified.
    Malaysians know him so well.

  6. Ktemoc,
    Sarawak Report is independent you know. Heard of the Sarawak Free Radio. Come on!
    Now, I am going to send 2 more link. Well, I believe since you are neutral, don't forget to whack all side including Zaid Ibrahim
    EAT Them

    That answer you question why not Bahrain.....You also choose side....Come on! Is Zaid so innocent?

  7. What a wonderful Malaysia! Has any one seen the blog called "Malaysian Scandals" especially the bit about the X-ray? Soon Malaysia will be the porn capital of the world with this Oscar winning sex performances. Keep it up,Thamby (pun intended).

  8. looes74, I'll write a new post as a reply to you on why (I'm of course only speculating but provided we aren't biased, we all can make intelligent guess-timates) Zaid did what he has been doing

  9. Ktemoc,
    All I am saying that nobody should be spared. No even Zaid. What the hell he is asking Anwar to release DNA? Why is he embracing one katak called Tan Tee Beng into Parti Kita? Or is it Parti Kitar? Especially not too long ago, Zaid is asking for Tee Beng's head

    Not my bastard.......

  10. buttercup,

    hope your young kids dont get to near that child rapist. the mahatir lackey is untouchable. you never what he would do to your kids. but then again, you may not care coz of UMNO goodies.