Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarawak CM Taib can thank Azmin Ali for saving his hide

"A startled PKR came back to ‘offer' four seats, instead of three. Snap responded to this infantile insult by announcing 11 more candidates for 11 more constituencies" - Paul Kadang of SNAP, as reported in Malaysiakini’s Snap: Seat talks with PKR on the brink

Imagine we're back in school. Forget about Interlok for this post. Instead let’s revise a bit of maths.

Divide 71 by 4, and the result is … 52?

OK lah, divide 71 by 3, and the result is … what? 52 again? How can?

How about 71 by 2? Yet 52? Sheeesh!


That’s the sad story of Pakatan cohesion (or lack of) in Sarawak on the eve of the State elections. Much as I hate to agree with Peh Mor, he’s right in that Pakatan can’t work together, because the maths PKR is employing, regardless of whether it's in the English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil or Iban language, is hard to follow or swallow.

And if Pakatan can’t agree in Sarawak, thanks to PKR, how do you expect them to agree federally?

Poor gentlemanly Lim Guan Eng has put on a brave face to save the coalition, stating that DAP and PKR have agreed to the sharing of some seats. He was trying his decent best to save the coalition that PKR is recklessly jeopardising or will one day destroy.

But decent and honourable as Lim has tried to be, he can’t hide the known greed, arrogance and deceit of some PKR leaders in pre-emptively declaring (via a media release) it will be contesting in 52 seats in Sarawak. It’s the same underhanded undermining and under-the-belt tactic it used against DAP in 2007.

Then Tian Chua was the prime mover, or Big Chief Sittinghitting Bull. He heads the ‘Chinese’ section of PKR and saw that his section and himself would become redundant if DAP swept all the Chinese-majority seats (which incidentally Anwar Ibrahim agreed with Lim Kit Siang that DAP should stand in while PKR campaigned in Malay-majority constituencies).

Today Tian Chua is singing the same old song, and even has the hypocritical cheek to preach to the DAP that 'PKR needs Chinese-majority seats too' in Sarawak to demonstrate it (PKR) is a multiracial party.

Tony Pua dismissed him as nothing more than a lil’ Napoleon (obviously trying to find a role for his Chinese section in PKR) who has the shamelessness to come up with such a hypocritical declaration (kaytee’s terms here) when he fails to see his own party has arrogantlydenied SNAP the Iban-Dayak majority seats.

Not only that, PKR has the unmitigated arrogance or (to borrow/paraphrase a term used by Paul Kadang) ‘infantile insult’-ing propensity, to talk-down to SNAP to contest only 3, then 4 seats and to DAP to contest only (initially) 13. Hey, who the f* does it think it is?

Now, who has been the responsible PKR a$reh*le behind all these unmitigated Pakatan greed and arrogance, leading to its Pakatan allies’ anger in the Sarawak pre-election seat-sharing negotiations, much as Lim GE might have wanted to put the best spin to the whole PKR-created disaster.

Well, on 24 March 2011, Haris Ibrahim in his post Dear Azmin wrote in an open letter to Anwar Ibrahim’s pretty blue-eyed boy, as follows:

FreeMalaysiaToday reports that negotiations between DAP and PKR in relation to overlapping seats in the imminent Sarawak state elections have broken down.

DAP, represented by its Sarawak state chief, Wong Ho Leng, it seems, wanted to contest 18 seats, but PKR, represented by you, insist that DAP only contest 13. DAP, it is reported, were prepared to come down to 16, but to no avail.

You are still adamant that they only contest 13 seats whilst PKR contests 52 seats.

FMT quoted DAP secretary Chong as saying that “Sarawak PKR had made its position very clear that it had no authority to negotiate seats as the real power lay with the PKR central committee, which made decisions”.

Yet, in the Malaysian Insider report of 5th March, you were quoted as saying that your ‘presence in Sarawak was not to dictate terms to the state leadership but to obtain feedback to update PR’s national leadership’. “We always try as much as we can not to intervene in their process, but of course, certainly we will have a role to play if there is an overlap in any seat. Then, we will provide assistance and advice”, you are quoted as saying.

What, truly, is the position?

And if that stated in FMT is closer to the truth, on behalf of the many Malaysians who want to see a regime change in Sarawak, could I please request that you return to your constituency immediately and leave the negotiations to the local leaders of PKR Sarawak?

As I posted on 17 March 2011 in PKR destroying Pakatan in Sarawak:

In this recent outrageous, preemptive, selfish, arrogant and unrealistic claim (through its usual unilateral media release) for 52 seats in Sarawak, leaving only 19 to be shared between DAP, PAS and SNAP, it either believes it is the ‘boss’ of Pakatan and the world revolves around it, or

… … hopes to win 2 seats by doubling its 2006 efforts (25 got 1, maybe 52 will get 2?). Sometimes PKR leaders have forgotten which party (DAP or PKR) has done well in the last State election.

As Paul Kadang commented in MKINI: PKR had never won nor come close to winning a native-majority seat in three federal elections and two state elections in the 12 years of their existence in Sarawak. In fact, a number of their candidates lost their deposits. So much for PKR's desire to contest in 53 [sic] seats.

What is far more annoying than its unrealistic greed and selfishness has been its overbearing arrogant presumption it can dictate terms to the others, DAP, PAS and especially SNAP.

And the anwaristas naturally see no wrong in their leader's pseudo-imperious high-handedness, even chiding SNAP for not being (that UMNO word) 'grateful' and accepting the crumbs cast down by Azmin Ali the Great.

I do not see much future for Pakatan’s likelihood of winning in the next general election with such an insolent overbearing group of PKR leaders like Azmin Ali.

You can take some PKR members out of UMNO but you sure can’t take UMNO out of them.

F* utterly disgusted with PKR!


  1. snap is suspicious. ask Haris

    lets wait and see if you are right to condemn PKR. hold your horse.

  2. Leave Sarawak to the Sarawakians. What is most important is to get rid of Pek Moh. Who the hell does Azmin Ali thinks he is? Sarawak politics are totally different from Semananjung. Semanjung's politics are based on race and religion but Sarawak on the other has freedom of choice. Just look around Sabah & Sarawak intermarriages are plenty and the Sarawakians are totally race & religion blind. Azmin Ali had better stay off. He had messed up Sabah & now he is thinking of messing up Sarawak. He is the trojan horse.

  3. In this sense, I feel pity for Sarawak PKR who have to put up with Semenanjung PKR's policies.

    Also, Paul Kadang appears to be the FORMER deputy secretary-general of PKR, according to uppercaise's website.

  4. PKR should stay out of Sarawak for good. After all, its DAP that is more popular over there. PKR prominently displaying its power in Sarawak and that spells trouble for PR. As far as Sarawak goes, PKR is just one of the parties in the PR coalition hence the need for equal seat allocation. As it was rightly mentioned, you can't take UMNO out from PKR, so the only option is to deny PKR's self proclaimed rule in PR as such. Treat PKR as equal partner and not above others should serve PR's aspiration in serving people and the nation.

  5. chinese kampung man10:18 am, March 30, 2011


    from reading your previous entries since early last year,i,m not sure i can agree with your many criticsim.
    u r just anti with anything except DAP, even several DAP leaders who gave positive remarks esp to PAS will get scolding from you.one thing for sure u r anti islam and melayu.

    how to go like that my friend.
    i also notice u r anti BN but what do really want?

  6. Where is Buttercup, that great Anwar basher?
    He/she must be laughing with glee on this posting.

  7. KTemoc has hit the nail on the head vis-a-vis the antics of Azmin and PKR in Sarawak. The PKR fanboys keep harping on possibility of SNAP’s candidates defecting to the other side but really they are blind and forgetful about PKR’s own record in that particular respect. Many more PKR reps have jumped ship than any other party’s. It is PKR that voters should be suspicious of in terms of people being bought over. It is PKR that as all can see now which is wrecking the opposition in S’wak, not SNAP. Is PKR or Azmin a BN mole? He should be more mindful of his manners when entering other people’s states. PKR/Azmin, don’t be so greedy.
    Paul Kadang was deputy secretary-general of PKR, so he should know what he’s talking about in his letter. I thank him for explaining really important facts about what had happened in the recent past in Sarawak politics.

  8. The truth is PKR CAN'T win any seats without the help of DAP. They can't win in Malay/Muslim majority areas, Indian areas, Sarawak native areas and mixed area. They have to rely on DAP to win in Chinese and mixed areas. They are losers on their own everywhere and they think they are great. Poorrdah....

    DAP can win in any Chinese areas single handedly without PKR's "help". In fact PKR only help turn away voters with their corrupt practices in the party.

  9. Hantam sama dia kaw kaw..

  10. I have talked to over a thousand chinese and most are strong on DAP. But many have openly expressed their distrust with PKR and Azmin in particular.

    They say they are willing to forget his past but they can't take his arrogance. Sarawakians in general have not much trust in West Malaysians and especially after seeing what happened in Sabah, they are not willing to bet their future on Azmin.

    When I asked point blank, Taib or Azmin, many said they were not sure. If Taib or DAP, then the answer is clear.

    Suddenly, my dream of seeing a change of government gets blurred.

  11. How many time that Azmin and gangs misguided handling of politic of PR Sarawak by trying to impose 'bully tactic' against SNAP and now DAP.PKR have own intiative,and without mandate trying to took on the role of leading Pakatan Sarawak. May God bless the people of Sarawak and please vote SNAP/DAP.

  12. “..snap is suspicious. ask Haris...”. Well, too bad Haris all too easily fell for a thoroughly unsubstantiated web report. It’s strange that people who apparently should know better actually don’t. Or rather people so easily believe news or reports they like to hear, no matter if it is based on facts or not. As for Azmin, Tian Chua and gang and their supporters, don’t they realise how insulting they are to native Sarawakians when they try to create suspicion that Snap people will turn over on nomination day or if they were elected? It’s PKR candidates who have a record of not showing up on nomination day. See what happened in Port Kelang and Azalina Othman’s saet in Johor in the 2008 elections. So, knock it off, PKR. It’s you guys you are so easily bought. Not Snap.

  13. PKR is a spoiler.Let the local parties.The important is to get rid of Taib.PKR please don't be greedy.PKR should be more'polite' when entering other people's states.

  14. Ktemoc,
    Though I never SNAP, I have to agree with you on PKR bullied DAP....Let see how many seats PKR gonna win

    P.S : DAP has accepted 15 state seats

  15. I read somewhere that Azmin has a degree in Mathematics, not sure if it's true. If so then he can be considered a mathematician, or rather a mathemagician.

    PKR mathemagics is quite similar to UMNO. 1+1 is not always =2 but 1+1=x. where x is a variable depending on many factors including situations, people involved, ultimately what Anwar/Azmin says of course.

    Like in Sabah PKR election,

    Turnout = 50+
    Votes cast = 800+

    It make sense only to them.

  16. Please tell your beloved leaders like LKS and son to just leave PKR.
    You want to see a DAP led government right?
    I don't see that happening if they continue to be with Anwar.
    That Baru Bian should also just join SNAP and leave PKR fast.
    Haha I saw the Keadilan quota of seats and it's really ridiculous.
    SNAP has told them not to contest in Dayak seats. But they have the audacity to choose the most number of candidates - lot's more than SNAP.
    Hello, that's not your state.
    Not a one wants to be sacrificial lamb of Taib. Only an independent has so far declared wanting to contest against Taib.
    So much for accusing Taib is corrupt, when no one dares to take him on.
    Put Anwar there and let him lose his deposit.

  17. Nice blog

    Follow me

  18. what makes you think that dap can win in indian areas?

  19. "u r just anti with anything except DAP, even several DAP leaders who gave positive remarks esp to PAS will get scolding from you.one thing for sure u r anti islam and melayu.

    how to go like that my friend.
    i also notice u r anti BN but what do really want?"

    Is this just a Malaysian disease ? That is why we find poor Raja Petra Kamaruddin (the former owner of MT) railing at these ar*seholes.

    Obviously these buggers are only comfortable if they could pigeon hole people into neat little compartments of 'for BN' or 'anti BN' or pro/agst Opposition. Either For or Against. Either Black or White.

    God forbid that there are shades of grey or any other colours in between. For example,if one is an anwarista, then anything or even a shadow of a whisper of negatives against their god will be completely condemned off hand without even frist looking into the merit/demerits of the criticism. Is this how the word fanatism came about?

    Btw, anyone has the feeling that PKR is struggling mightily hard to follow in its big brother Umno footsteps?

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