Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Siapa yang depan boleh, belakang pun boleh?

One thing you can depend on Chinese Malaysians is their amazing ability to stage a jolly good show, bring about a festive mood so to speak, at either a religious celebration or a political event, especially during a general or by-election campaign. And their ability in this regard is not just limited to the two mentioned events ;-)

Remember the recent Penang ‘koe-tai’ during the 7th Moon (Ghost) Religious Rites, where scantily dressed sweeties pranced on a village stage, crooning songs in Mandarin, Cantonese and god-knows what other languages. The celebratory atmosphere was so jolly enjoyable that the God of Hades had great difficulties marshalling those lost souls back into Hell after the month was up wakakaka.

Now the MCA (well, they’re Chinese Malaysians, aren’t they?) have done it again – see Malaysiakini’s
Anwar targeted as sexy dancers jazz up pro-BN bash which reported:

Over 1,000 Tenang constituents were treated to a sumptuous dinner last night with free beer, sexy dance performance and a lucky draw, featuring a 100cc motorcycle as the grand prize.

Where’s Kimmia when you really needed them wakakaka!

Okay, it’s good for the villagers to have a bit of fun, and the pending by-election in Tenang provides the opportunity for such an occasion. But I wonder about the campaign speech by former Umno vice-president Mohd Isa Abdul Samad, where he stated:

“Anwar depan boleh, belakang pun boleh.”

Given that Anwar Ibrahim is currently being prosecuted for alleged sodomy in a court trial, thus the matter being sub judice, hasn’t Isa Samad’s speech been in contempt of court proceedings?

Isa Samad will in all likelihood get away with such a blatant contempt of court proceedings, so it's teflon-ised BN leaders like him who's sebenarnya yang depan boleh, belakang pun boleh, reaming right royally the dignity of the courts.

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  1. ok kt, in line with the bonking chua lor. angela no more. here comes susan. apart from bonking girls, what else MCA knows. afterall, the head has proven lor. btw, i seriously am jealous how well endowed is that chua, the bonker. well, MCA wants well-endowed bonker to be the leader, lets respect that and such scantilly dressed show with a proven corrupt UMNOputra seems the right combination. Ini lah BN. Chua, sorry jangan claim you represent the Chinese. You represent the Chua family, cukup lah.