Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A dead chook and many frightened monkeys

There is a Chinese saying which states “Kill the chicken to frighten the monkeys”. But it seems in the current and deplorable Malaysian political situation, the chicken has now been killed by frightened monkeys.

Malaysiakini’s Dead chicken in threat against Serdang MP tells us:

Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching received a death threat this morning, reinforced by a dead chicken hung on the grill door of the DAP Sungai Chua branch office. […]

… the carcass was still hanging where it had been hung. Its throat had been slashed and blood was still dripping …

A poster was stuck to the signboard, with the warning: "Ingat! Ini satu Peringatan Teo Nie Ching, Tentera Jihad" (Take note! This is a reminder Teo Nie Ching, the Jihad Army).

Let's read between the lines, to dive into, discover & discern the real reason for the lamentable Malaysian Mafiaso action [remember that severed horse head in the the film 'Godfather'?].

To kaytee, Teo Nie Ching is one hell of a MP. She is hardworking, dedicated, colour blind and has reached out to every sector of her constituency, very effectively, very successfully. Her Malay constituency has been very responsively warm to her, even inviting her to their aerobics sessions.

Her popularity with her Malay constituency has so worried UMNO that she has been specifically targeted by the UMNO-BN cyber army (and I am not talking about this puerile buggeration of monkeys killing the poor chook).

It’s not unlike the recent and unprecedented Utusan barrage of attacks against DAP party in general and Lim Guan Eng in particular. Until recently Utusan and UMNO didn't bother with the DAP. To them, the DAP was a sarp sarp suoi (minor irrelevant) distraction, mainly a MCA's problem - but not so now.

Teo Nie Ching forms the 3rd
of the feared DAP trio. They have done what was hitherto considered by UMNO as impossible. They have penetrated effectively into the Malay constituencies, admittedly only in the urban areas. Perhaps the next giant step for DAP may well be taken into the very 'heartland' - now, won't that truly shake UMNO up.

That has been why they have been relentlessly attacked, week after week. The slaughtered chook is a sign of utter desperation, an indication of the bankruptcy of her opponents. The frightened monkeys are certainly chattering away.