Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Penang CM's post - bleating lamb and strutting roosters

A couple of days ago, from 3 Bernama reports:

Hishammuddin Tun Hussein told Penang Chief Minister Dr Koh Tsu Koon to meet state UMNO Youth leaders who are unhappy with his (Koh's) leadership. He said Koh should accept the fact that there must be reasons why UMNO Youth members were calling for the rotation of the CM's post among BN parties.

Like a wannabe CM wanting his post?

Hishamuddin said the call to rotate the Chief Minister's post should not be dismissed as political grandstanding ahead of the UMNO general assembly since it reflected the voice of the grassroot.

Meaning the grassroot that counts!

Thanks Hishamuddin for reminding us t'is the UMNO season for strutting. Indeed I am also grateful for UMNO Youth’s call to merely rotate the CM's post. This is tame compared to other occasions of grandstanding involving frightening insects and sharp objects.

Koh naturally bleated that it was unfair to accuse him of failing to help the Malay community in Penang. He said those who made the accusation might not have known about the state government's efforts to raise the standard of living of the community in rural areas.

He then reminded UMNO Youth that all decisions on development in the state were made collectively by the State Executive Council whose members comprised representatives of the BN which included UMNO.

I am inclined to believe Koh has been telling the truth because he has always 'listened' to UMNO. We Penangites can testify to his very disciplined behaviour vis-a-vis UMNO, just as he had testified to Khairy Jamaluddin not ordering him around.

However PM AAB supported Hishamuddin, but stating that while it was not true that the state government did not help the Malays, what it had done so far was not enough. He wants Koh to do better, starting by considering proposals made by the state Malay community.

One of those proposals by Raja Munir Shah Raja Mustafa, Youth chief of UMNO Tanjong division was not about the rotation of the CM’s post. I like this Raja Munir character. He seems to be a bloke who doesn't mess around.

Unequivocally he has indicated that rotation of the CM post is sissy stuff, meant for little girls. He wants the full h ... you-know-what, namely that the Penang CM job be handed over to UMNO, fullstop. And as far as the MCA is concerned, it needn't wait around.

Well, as we have been informed, t'is the season for roosters to crow and claw!

Poor Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon - uneasy is the head that wears the Penang's 'on-loan' crown.


  1. UMNO will have a tough time trying to plant their CM in Penang as Koh as done much for the State & is currently still implementing projects. Gerakan will always be a power to reckon with in Penang as they have been good administrators of Penang.

  2. here is my two cents :

    lets rotate the CM of Penang. It will give a chance for everyone to have a go at improving the lives of the Penang people. And at the same distribute the wealth more "equally".

    And since this is the new mantra, why not rotate all the CMs and MBs post too. This new policy will ensure everyone has a share in taking the country down the drain. Why should one bangsa gets all the blame?

    One for all and all for one.

  3. First we hear of the Coliseum cinema being appropriated, and now this demand for the CM post. Does these appear suspiciously similar to an Israeli land grab? These bullies are saying to themselves: "We have the power and we have the might, let's grab whatever we like. Our targets can't do anything other than bleat pathetically."

  4. If want to rotate, lets rotate every states. Why just Penang?