Thursday, April 25, 2013

Those in Najib's pocket

Why in the world would Najib select two non-UMNO members to contest in Shah Alam and Pasir Mas?

Okay, let me ask that again: Why in the world would Najib select a non-UMNO member to contest in Shah Alam?

We know Ibrahim Ali has been specifically sponsored by Dr Mahathir, and now the UMNO man who didn't fail his application papers in Pasir Mas on nomination day, Che Johan, has been hailed by UMNO there as a hero for allowing the Perkasa Chief to contest shows that UMNO members have been in the know.

Ibrahim Ali is just an opportunist and not so much the real racist as some have come to see him. Mate, if the circumstances require, he'll be jolly-kaki-ing with you through the night, wakakaka. He is nothing more than a paid mercenary, an opportunistic politician who is, to use a Penang term, chnea kay oowa kay, or in loose translation, mindful of which side of the bread is buttered.

Yes, he is annoying but not quite the real danger to social harmony as the other one.

Zulkifli Noordin is different. When he insulted Hinduism I believe he meant it, every word of it, as in every inch of Lord Ganesh trunk and every drop of water in the Ganges.

Ganges River

Has his candidature been Najib's card to the heartland to show he (Najib & UMNO) is staunchly Islamic, a foil to PAS religiosity?

In their support of BN with one of its candidates an insulter of Hinduism, I wonder whether Waythamoorthy and his so-called advisor N Ganesan are really Hindus (in the religious sense)?

In Malaysiakini, a bloke by the pen name of Tamil Mani wrote in a letter titled Waytha, choosing between Ravana and Rama matters.

This was in response to Waythamoorthy's arrogant dismissal of critics who reminded him of the evil oppression of Indians by UMNO for the last 40 years or so. Waythamoorthy had defended his signing of the MoU with UMNO by arguing that that it was inconsequential whether Ravana or Rama ruled the country.

Guess who would be Ravana?

Rama and Ravana to Hindus is as Christ and Satan to Christians and Allah swt and Syaitan ʾIblīs to Muslims.

Tamil Mani said: The last few days have been really very sad times for Malaysian Hindus, and especially those who belong to or associate with Hindraf.

I am not referring to the purported betrayal of Indian Malaysians by P Waythamoorthy, the leader of Hindraf, for signing a MOU with BN, nor his willingness to work with BN, nor his subsequent call to Indian Malaysians to return BN to power with a two-thirds majority.

There are enough letters and comments from the cyber-world and right-thinking Malaysians to condemn his latest decision in his avowed bid to uplift the Indian community.

Specifically, I am referring to Waythamoorthy's defense of the MOU wherein he had said it is inconsequential whether Ravana or Rama rules the country.

This is what has me - and, I believe, many other Hindus - really peeved with Waythamoorthy.

In effect, what Waythamoorthy meant was this: "I don't care who - bad or good - rules the country for as long as I get what I want."

So, perhaps Najib knew all along he has the Indians like Waythamoorthy's mob and MIC in his pocket when he daringly nominated the insulter of Hinduism, Zulkifli Noordin, to stand in Shah Alam.

And right on cue, MIC's N Devendren kissed Zulkifli on his cheek on nomination day. I also recall MIC's Kamalanathan hugging Ibrahim Ali in Hulu Selangor, wakakaka.

It would appear Najib certainly knew what he was doing.

Tamil Mani gave a severe jab to Waythamoorthy's Hindu credential when he further wrote:

Now, for Waythamoorthy, to unfavourably cite the Lord's name in a mundane manner and context is the biggest travesty!

For sure, because of his unexpected and shocking U-turn, Waythamoorthy had to defend his decision against many critics, especially those who are also well aware of the plight and status of Indian Malaysians and have been working towards a practical solution.

For sure, he has a right to embrace any party whom he deems will be able to fulfill his goals of uplifting the Indian community, even if it means working with the devil.

But, to drag the name of the Lord in spurious circumstances is unforgivable!

Waythamoorthy undertook a "severe" fast recently, hoping to move the care-taker PM Najib or the PM-in-waiting Anwar to his cause.

Subsequently, he conveniently abandoned the fast when his unrealistic demands were not met by either party.

Then, when his hopelessly scaled-down blueprint was endorsed by Najib, he demeaned the Lord by dragging His name in a thoughtless manner.

With scant regard for the Lord, why then fast in the confines of a temple? Was this merely a big show of piety?



  1. Yes....Ibrahim may support Anwar & Azmin & that fucking clown Hua Yong would agree to it....WTF! I disagree with you on Zulkifli Nordin...He's a fucking opportunist....Just ask him.....Bila nak bayar hutang?

    But then again kaytee....Like I always what the fuck we know all this....Even that fucking jester called Hua Yong

    How we are going to convince the Yindians that Pakatan if not DAP is the right way

    How I wish I can meet up with Rajaratnam

    1. "How we are going to convince the Yindians that Pakatan if not DAP is the right way"

      by giving them the miniter post of finance and home affair?

      cant reply the rest bec i have no idea what u mumble about. that is the problem with umno hire cybertrooper, no one know what shit they write.

    2. Go and beep beep Azmin cojones lor

    3. yeah learn how to keep yr writing short n simple so divulge less of yr warp logic, twisted values and closet racism. btw n fyi, malaysia irb tax refund are at super efficient speed this round b4 election, r u going to report yr local (to u is foreign) source of income this year, from umno of course, just asking.

  2. I think the Hindus and the Indians need no longer worry or fear what will become of them now or after the election.The Hindus and the Indians need no longer worry or fear for what will become of them now or after the mother of all election.

    The intercession of one man armed with pen and a pea size brain and blessed with the art of rearranging the letters of the English alphabet in a not so random manner in which he describes with amazing bogus detail of men and women which he has come to believe as INSIGHTS.

    Furthermore it appears now that we have a brand new divine manifestation of the Hindu trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Siva), Christianity trinity (the Father, the Son and the Spirit) and the Muslim God all rolled into one under the name of one called Kayetee. Hail to the new Holy Kaka !!!


  3. Kaytee,first of all Najib and Umno knows that the Indian leaders,whether they are from Mic or Hindraf can be easily taken for a ride.Rub their backsides and drop a few pennies here and there and their tails will be wagging seventy degrees.

    And do you remember 'keaana teih'.Isn't the hunger strike a 'keaana teih'.Hahaha.

  4. It sure is an insult for that thambi to kiss Zulkifli Noordin.But hey,I can hear some lucky guy cashing out at the slots at the background.

  5. "Rama and Ravana to Hindus is as Christ and Satan to Christians and Allah swt and Syaitan to Muslims"

    You should correct that, as a parallel to the Christian Satan and Hindu Ravana would be Iblis. "Syaitan" are the troopers of Iblis, not the personification of Iblis himself.

  6. You said that of the two, Ibrahim Ali is more of a jester, whereas Zulkifli Nordin is the insulting one and is more dangerous.

    But you got to remember that Ibrahim is the one who shouted down Najib's NEM with his lobbying and pressuring. The NEM, if truly implemented, is at least some glimmer of hope for the disadvantaged.

    If BN wins, the post GE government with Najib will not have much leeway to heed the Hindraf MOU. In fact, Mahathir, Ibrahim & Zulkifli are now the new trinity that will pressure the government and scupper any hopes of uplifting the Indian community.

    And not a peep from MIC, silent in their new-found irrelevance in all this Hindraf hoo-ha, when it is the rightful Indian representative.

    1. Well cakap besar aje! But then with & without Ibrahim, Yindians would be screwed bit time. Would continue to be screwed if they didn't do thr right thing.

      Meanwhile Najib wants us to believe that all problems can be solved by using BR1M......What more I can say when you have mediocre person running the country

    2. Kaytee,
      Isn't it amazing that MC's propaganda gone balistic? Folks like me already that parliamentary seats such as Segamat & Miri are silver platters give to PKR through the hardwork. I have yet to any PKR leaders ever help DAP to win one fucking CB mixed area or better still melayu area

      Oh come on la, Jui Meng if you really lose Segamat....Better go & commit suicide....Do Harakiri on yourself la.....

    3. "Segamat & Miri are silver platters give to PKR through the hardwork"
      What a lot of Bullshit from Faeces74.

      He doesn't realise DAP has never ever won Segamat in all the years that they have contested there. Yes, Anwar Ibrahim was perfectly right to tell DAP - you have NEVER EVER won in Segamat before - time to give someone else a chance.

    4. You fucking CB......Please say who the fucking CB you are other than being anon.....

      Chua Jui Ming was once the candidate for the post of FUCKING CB MCA.....All these while he's fucking cB in MCA before joining PKR.....Wait a minute he was in Johore for nong nong time.....After bring out of BN, he still wanna jerk from DAP on seats.....


    5. even after remove the expletives, pretty much 100% of your response still remain as irrelevant and going off-topic, inilah quality umno sponsor cybertrooper, make me laugh only.

  7. Fight for the underprivileged, the poor, the marginalized, etc......etc.........just like the mantra of " demi bangsa, agama dan negara" any sucker for that?

  8. I think DAP is getting close to throwing its weight behind Barisan Nasional.
    I always thought DAP will be the future MCA, after MCA is buried and gone.

  9. KT, i think u will like his writing and his view on M'sia politic.he is a ex-Penang lang.

    i think u would like his writing and his views of malaysia politics,he is also a ex-Penang lang.


  10. Hate Corruption Hate Commies7:47 am, April 27, 2013

    I'm having a terrible dilemma for GE13.
    My area Parliament contest is between Racist and Corrupt BN Bastards and Bloody Commie-Loving PSM Bastards.

    I think I will stay home and play iPad games on May 5, or draw Mickey Mouse on my ballot paper.

    FUCK !

    1. there's no dilemma. Commie = community

      so go vote PSM - it's a good party though its claim on a couple of seats is questionable in realistic assessment

    2. The 'socialist' in PSM is not communism. Socialism is different from communism.

      Various free countries in the world have socialist governments at one time or another - Sweden, France, Germany ... Most governments have socialist elements such as social welfare, free healthcare/education, graduated income tax, affirmative action...

      The defunct USSR, North Korea, Vietnam, China etc are not true communist countries in the Marxist sense. Some of these governments can even considered as the ultimate bourgeoisie oppressing the proletariat (e.g. North Korea ruling class & military vs the suffering population).