Wednesday, October 03, 2012

PKR's grand strategy?

Malaysiakini photo

The Malaysian Insider - Azmin: Khalid to get minister’s job if Pakatan takes Putrajaya

Blue-eyed Boy is making his move, or at least indicating his grand strategy - c'mon, I wanna hear some thunderous applause lah, wakakaka.

Many suspect Azmin Ali wants to be MB Selangor. I have to say I have my doubts in this regard, not that he doesn't (he actually does), but he can't be MB Selangor if he wants to be near the PM spot, starting perhaps with the Home Ministry, no doubt to control the Police and its dreaded SB, wakakaka.

Yes, we may assume that our dearest Blue-eyed Boy wants to be in the federal cabinet of a Pakatan federal government and to head a very powerful ministry, Home Affairs, before he becomes the PM (as he may be fantasizing, wakakaka).

Thus he has to make some sacrifices, to wit, forego the position of MB of Selangor, because Article 43 of the Malaysian Constitution won't allow him to be both, ie. MB Selangor and PM Home Minister.

And how do I know he wants to take over Hishamuddin's place? Read on, wakakaka.

That's right, ADUNs who are also MP cannot have it both ways, that is, by continuing to be ADUNs and at the same time, federal ministers or deputy ministers. They have to choose between being a federal minister (or deputy minister) or an ADUN.

Obviously, senior party leaders who want to be MBs or CMs or State Exco members have to be ADUNs in the first place. And if they are federal ministers  they won't be allowed to hold on to their ADUN positions, and consequently no MB or CM hat to wear.

Thus, as I mentioned previously, if Lim Guan Eng wants to continue being CM of Penang, and most Penangites want him to, then he can't be a federal minister, full stop!

But of course he can be ADUN/CM of Penang as well as an ordinary federal MP in which case he can serve in both State and Federal Parliaments. But in participating as both a state and also a federal representative, he cannot be a federal minister. Thus if Lim GE wants to be a federal minister, he can kiss goodbye to his CM job and Ayer Putih ADUN position ...

... which I suspect is a situation 'someone' wakakaka is hoping and hinting/pushing for.

According to sweetie Selena Tay  in her Free Malaysia Today article titled Pakatan’s ‘shadow cabinet’ list, a so-called (non-existent*) 'shadow minister' could/might have 'hinted' to Sweetie that under a new Pakatan federal government, the proposed Foreign Minister(s) would probably be Kamarudin Jaffar (PAS) or Lim Guan Eng (DAP) or Elizabeth Wong (PKR), with a couple (of the trio) becoming deputies.

ta'ada shadow cabinet maka mana ada shadow minister - real bayang adalah wakakaka 

It's a joke of a suggestion, and you may guess where or who that so-called self-appointed 'shadow minister' had been. For a start, none of the trio proposed has shown any specific inclination towards foreign affairs, though of course there's no denying they can play the role.

Secondly, Eli Wong is more into environmental affairs and therefore should be provided a ministerial position in the appropriate sector, Environment.

Kamaruddin Jaafar, OTOH, is a very close buddy of The Great One - you know, MCKK, UMNO (wakakaka), ISA-ed together, then left UMNO in 1999 (not sure whether he left voluntarily or was ejected out like Anwar?), had in his UMNO days stuck really close to Anwar when the latter was the DPM, and was said to have been assigned by Anwar to some business roles, the lot!

While Anwar's devotees prepared a party (KeADILan, then PKR) as a platform to fight for his release from prison, Kamaruddin joined PAS in (I think) 1999 and stood successfully as a PAS MP in Tumpat in 1999, 2004 and 2008. I believe he was the UMNO MP in that same constituency. Since then, he had a meteoric rise in PAS and even became the Party's Sec-Gen in 2004.

The conspiracy theory has it that Anwar strategically placed his buddy Kamaruddin as a PKR sleeper in PAS wakakaka, where it has been said he might become MB after Pak Haji Nik Aziz, by-passing many more prominent PAS people like Mustaffa Ali etc.

The objective? To me, a bit preposterous lah, but then who knows?

The conspiracy theory talks about Kamaruddin becoming MB Kelantan (not an impossibility) and then preparing the grounds for Anwar and PKR there in the event PKR is hounded out (politically) of Selangor and Penang, ... thus probably a conspiracy theory in pre-2008 days when PKR wasn't sure of its future.

But if the conspiracy theory still holds, then it's unlikely Kamaruddin will be assigned to a mere Foreign Ministry job, even as the Minister.

Besides, both he and Lim GE are bloody senior Pakatan leaders, so how can they be lumped together in the foreign affairs ministry when there's only one minister position.

I suspect wakakaka the self-appointed shadow minister's target is Lim GE, to have Lim vamoose from Penang and the CM's position. You can work out why yourself!

Now, check Sweetie's article to see which ministry our dear Blue-eyed Boy has been proposed for in a Pakatan cabinet, wakakaka.

Thus it's likely he will assign one of his kutus to the MB Selangor post but Khalid Ibrahim must first be removed. I had alluded to this likelihood in an earlier post 'Whispered' shadow cabinet bloated like satiated leech? as follows:

…. assuming he is not back/front/side-stabbed wakakaka, Khalid Ibrahim (of Selangor) who like Lim GE has to decide whether he wants to be a federal minister or MB of a state – maybe PKR has already planned for one of the inner coterie like the world-renowned Apcet II destroyer Saifuddin Nasution wakakaka to be MB of that important State ...

Now, it's out in the open ... that PKR in the almighty voice of Azmin Ali has decreed, for Khalid Ibrahim to leave his MB position even if Pakatan re-wins the State of Selangor.

It may well be that Khalid could find himself not even nominated to stand as a PKR candidate in Ijok in the next state election. It's most likely to be that case, just to kill off any threat from Khalid for the Selangor MB position.

Wait, I don't want Blue-eyed Boy to give up hope of being both Home Minister and MB Selangor (and more). There is in fact a way he can wear two hats. When eventually he is in the cabinet, he and Don Corleone wakakaka can make a constitutional amendment, to wit, remove Article 43.

WTF, our Constitution has already been amended over 200 times, so what's one more, wakakaka.

I'm making an offer you can't refuse, wakakaka


  1. Amazing !
    An entire article based on rumours and calumny.

    I hope you meant it to be a joke or fiction of sorts, because if its meant to be non-fiction, you have damaged your own blog's credibility.....

  2. Touching on CMs, Ali Rustam is making the news for the record banquet.

    According to reports in Star & Malay Mail he claimed that companies sponsored or provided free service.

    Would the CM be beholden to these companies?

    An Mkini says that government bodies were used for the planning & logistics.

    Isn't this a abuse of power?

  3. that'll be my post tomorrow - would have been today but dear Azmin presented me with something interesting to write wakakaka

  4. If the Malaysiakini article is true, then the CM Ali Rustam and the state of Malacca are one, just like in the days of yore.

  5. Reading your article makes me feel dizzy n i didnt consider this is an article, it should be call rubbish. Feels like reading a below 12 years old writing, a gibberish talking like a baby but baby sound cute n yours so terrible n irritating. I never like Azmin but reading ur article i just dont know which one more disgusting, ur article or Azmin. Ur article so childish n i dont know why on earth MT put this unprofessional article in their blog. Ur writing skills was nothing compared to RPK. Pleaasssseeee improve ur writing skills so uneducated people like me will understand what u trying to say n makes educated people like u not look stupid, thank u.

  6. Gee... not too sure about KTee sex orientation; as whenever AnwarIbrahim or Azmin Ali names are mentioned, KT seem to be getting an orgy.

  7. LGE for the foreign ministry ? Isn't that the place that they cold-storage those they found causing embarassment or causing if you're caught with hand in cookie jar, or if you raba raba someone, or if you happened to sleep with your own sister-in-law ? May be only Pak Lah came out and eventually took the highest post in the country, short-lived as it was.

    Apa lah ini PKR.....teeming with umno genes....better change their party name to umno baru baru once they captured putridjaya.

  8. leave the phrase "pillow talk" out and I won't delete your comments, even if they're critical of my posting

  9. "why on earth MT put this unprofessional article in their blog. Ur writing skills was nothing compared to RPK."

    because this article are critical toward ai n aa, don't u notice most kt write that were published have the same theme n tune. kt writing skills is okay, but spinning n childish skill was nothing compare to rpk. see how that mt host trying to argue his way out from being label a turncoat n hypocrite.

  10. Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and more - the nauseating bunch from PKR who will be leaders in a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government if the voters hand it to them in GE13.
    Add to that the Hudud Talibans from PAS, and you have the makings of a disaster for Malaysia.

    DAP ? DAP will collaborate with the ghastly gang to attain Federal power - Power is very seductive, ya ?
    Either that, or DAP will quit if they can't stand the rest, then we will have a Constitutional crisis in Malaysia.
    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

    BN's leadership isn't exactly bright either, but they the job done. If have no enthusiasm for the current ruling party, but its really a matter of having the least best choice.

  11. Anon 1:59 AM
    Isn't that the place that they cold-storage those they found causing embarassment or causing trouble
    I don't want to wade into the silly and futile argument in this post, but just to address this one point.

    Its only in Malaysia that this is the case.
    Most countries consider their foreign service as a highly important elite, and place their best and the brightest in that function. That makes a lot of sense if you consider that a great deal of any country's opportunities and also threats come from the foreign relations arena.

  12. HuaYong,
    What u say might be true but as a reader we have our own opinion. My point here doesnt matter if RPK turncoat or hypocrite, its up to us to decide either he is or he is not but as a reader we want to read a quality article that worth to be read. And some of the characteristics of a good article is using a good wording and a good writing skills and this article didnt give the interest to read till the last paragraph, thats why i say this article just rubbish and that "wakaka" so annoying and disturbing. Simply saying the writer just 'syiok sendiri'. He/she didnt care either his view can reach the reader.

  13. One person has outlived his welcome here so I'll always delete his comments, regardless

  14. g7 u r right everyone have an opinion so is kt, and i can agree with u that some of his opinion especially those touch on ai n aa is rubbish, or i shd term it bias and double standard. however most ai and aa hater find kt article good quality n worth to be read. weird isn't it?

  15. I fell of my rocker this morning when I read the news. Thank you Crown Prince Azmin for making my day.
    So kind, so magnanimous of you to reccommend Khalid to Putra Jaya.
    Hahaha, you want to be MB of Selangor, yeah. Sorry that seat is taken by UMNO when BN wrests it back soon.
    Just sail into the sunset with Shamsidar and your tokong. Three is good company. You all have enough to live and enjoy for seven generations.
    Let the Reformasi princess and her long-suffering mom be in your company too. Share the wealth, lor.

    Ps. If you must know that Kamaruddin Jaafar is much more intelligent than dim-witted flaccid Anwar.

  16. I cant agree more with u HuaYong, as u can see from this blog all the published articles seems like anti Pakatan and BN friendly, its definitely double standard blog. Pakatan not a saint n so do BN but all the bashing more to Pakatan and it seems for this blogger BN didnt do anything wrong. But the more he/she become bias or just bashing Pakatan the more people will hate BN, just see what happen to Tv3, that channel become more like a stupid channel, only an old folks like my granny watching tv3. Her hearing and vision not so good anymore, u know what i mean :-)
    So my advice to this blogger (dont even know how should i call u) please be neutral if u have a dignity and integrity or else if u are BN friendly blogger just put here that u are they supporter and we understand u just want to taking care of ur periuk nasi and again please write a good articles in the future, dont just write a rubbish or suka-suka articles, it makes u look stupid, sorry to say that. Thank u.

  17. Regarding KT's dislike of Anwar, you can find some indication of the reason in one of this postings, here :

    scroll down to where you see a picture of bells.

  18. Thanks G7, interesting view.

    Btw, my below reply that was not published in MT : When the mouth moves faster than the brain (Part 2), and many more. Must be due to system problem.

    Ummm, maybe, let me explore further what I see. Rousseau stated that only the people, in the form of the Sovereign, have that all powerful right. Locke believes that government is legitiment only with the consent of the governed. American have the tradition to go against conventional authority and thus declare that “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    All social contract existed on the foundation of people’s right and power, but it seem that our social contract is slightly difference and work the other way round, it were being refered and to remind the people again and again we agree to certain term, and our citizenship is part of that contract. Actually I am fine with it if that is the majorities wish, and a contract they want and insist to uphold under our democracy framework; we can even call this the Malaysia exceptionalism. However, I still don’t see this is a done deal, perhaps you can enlighten me further?

  19. " a reader we want to read a quality article that worth to be read. And some of the characteristics of a good article is using a good wording and a good writing skills..." G7

    Oi G7, anybody put a gun to your head for you to come to this side if it is that painful for you ? We of those others do admire our wakakaka blogger for his interesting writes and handy, humourous use of ingenious alliterations, to say the very least. Pergi fly kite lah, you nit picking sissy....konon nya pandai nilai what is good writing. The weirdos themselves never knew they themselves are the pits.

    Like mentioned before, go fly kite.