Monday, September 24, 2007

Nazri drove final nail into coffin of judiciary's independence

From Malaysiakini:

De facto Law Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said he issued a denial on behalf of the chief justice in relation to the explosive ‘Lingam tape’ revelations because “I am his minister”.

“I am his minister. I am the minister in charge of legal affairs. He is clever enough to know that the reporters will ask me for a response,” Nazri explained when contacted today to explain his intervention in the matter.

Of course the de facto law minister wasn’t too happy with the de facto leader of PKR, because the latter’s
release of the video recording has sent the media into what the former described as ‘rumour-mongering’ and unnecessary widespread publicity.

But forget about the de facto issue – let’s consider the de jure issue.

Delightful and charmingly-gentle blogger what a lulu in her latest post Maybe Lulu Watch Too Many Foreign Movies did a fantastic Tai Chi movement which martial art enthusiasts would term as Jing Ji Du Li or Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg – she kicked someone (in fact, a couple simultaneously) right in the groin!
And it was an accurate aim at both the Law Minister's and CJ’s balls.

What a lulu with sweet sarcasm wondered about how the Minister’s comments “I am his minister” regarding Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim would impact on the so-called independence of the judiciary.

Nazri has been too clever by half in defending a CJ who has gone into elegant hibernation in the tsunami-c wake of the Lingam tape.

Incidentally the word ‘lingam’ stems from Hinduism, meaning, according to the online free dictionary as the Hindu phallic symbol of Siva.

Well, it’s appropriate to introduce a phallic symbol because the lingam tape has right royally shafted the myth of judiciary independence. That so-called independence was already scorned at (with apologies to some rare solid Yang Ariffs who have been doing the right thing) and the tape has 99.9% confirmed that, but Nazri’s arrogant and too clever by far comment in defending the CJ has driven the final nail into the coffin of a dead independent judiciary.

Well satirize, what a lulu ;-)


  1. let the rumours rest forever. it is now confirmed that the judiciay is in the hands of the executive. now you knwo why Anwar lost, why Wee lost, why Lina Joy lost and why the poeple of Malaysia ( of course except the powers-that-be and their cronies) are the ultimate losers.

  2. What a sad day for the judiciary. In our 50th year of independence, they just lost their independence!Truly amusing! Sorry....amazing!