Saturday, April 07, 2018

The day the DAP music died

FMT - No rocket: DAP seeks to placate angry members:

Please read above yourself as I have already blogged on this issue in The MCA-rization of the DAP in which I mentioned the DAP has kowtow-ed to His Imperial Imperator's dictate as reported by FMT's Pakatan’s 4 parties to use one logo, says Dr M:

greatest insult to DAP members

And in Kit Siang's Croc-Tears I accused Lim Kit Siang for this unmitigated mistake he made for the DAP.

Even Lim Guan Eng admitted that the switch to using the PKR logo could affect votes for the DAP.

Hor K'aw.

Hor K'aw means "why should a person make such a senseless or difficult effort?".

Th'am-Sim! (Tamak) ...

... or 'power crazy' in the notorious words of PKR's Zuraida Kamaruddin when she accused the Selangor DAP ADUN of being 'gila kuasa' as I narrated in my post Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?.

Her targets were wrong but she could have been right if she had directed that accusation at Lim Kit Siang.


  1. A lot of Red-Neck DAP supporters will just cross the next most familiar logo. .. Dacing

    1. Naw. When Prime Directive of pangkah Rocket no longer applies, they default to Secondary Directives of pangkah Bulan, not realising that 3rd Directive countermands Secondary Directive and instead to pangkah Eye of Sauron. Wakakaka!

  2. DAP/LKS menerima, menyokong dan bersetuju dengan prinsip TDM/PRIBUMI untuk menjatuhkan Najib, seumpama memakan diri sendiri.

  3. People will still know who the DAP candidates are,under the PKR logo.At least all the parties are going under one logo.

    But will anybody know about the junkie who was tested positive for drugs and later proven to be innocent,because someone fixed it for a second testing to be negative.Only in a very corrupted government,can such a low level division leader get off scott free.First a bowling raper and now a low level politician?

  4. Ktemoc has been clamouring for a Pakatan Shadow Cabinet.
    If DAP members can't even accept a common logo, which involves submerging the Rocket, then FUCK All about the Common shadow Cabinet.

  5. i guess tis is what lge told cmh: in the past we worry chinese would not vote dap due to co-op with pas, now pas has became mca problem, moreover we already brainwash the chinese into zombies (i borrow ck word) that would vote anything except dacing, so shd we win, we would advise felda to buy more kebun from u. n u know the phrase rocket bring us to bulan has now become a joke, so better u come out n say something la.

    dap is great, lge is great, cmh is great.

    1. Bila u sudah jadi paid wordsmith#2¿?

      Do re-read my definition of zombie before u twist it to suit yr pathetic aim of whatsoever.

      Besides, do give credit to yr Cinapek compatriots in resisting subconcious brainwashing technique. (But, perhaps not someone who likes to 攒 ideological 牛尖角 to perfect his 套帽子 skill)!

    2. wordsmith? u mean like those that provide unique definition for word like "zombie"?

    3. That's WHY u become a wordsmith, a pariah one too.

      When u attached my acronym to the definition of zombie, u have inevitably tied yr understanding of that term to MY definition.

      Otherwise, just use zombie to yr heart's content for whatsoever definition u want it to mean.


      Too much crawling through that shallowed politically correct tunnel of yrs WONT help lah!

  6. Wakakakaka ………

    Go & ponder about the pride of the citizen vis-a-vis the rise of the nation lah!

    But then how could an anmokauxai understands such a concept. It's just asking too much even from a wordsmith!

    I do sincerely hope that this arises out of yr ignorance rather than that proverbial prawn hiding behind the stone.

    Crocodile tears? From whom?


  7. DAP music (Socialist principles) died the day the leadership of Evangelists Christians sold the party's principles in the name of "God, Glory and Power".

    If Bai had not died of a car accident, he would have died of a heart attack today.

    1. Such talks will not hurt kaytee as kaytee has never been dap supporter. However, kaytee beloved lover is najib