Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bloody Chinese

FMT - Saifuddin vows not to repeat GE13 mistakes (extracts):

SHAH ALAM: PKR’s candidate for the Indera Mahkota parliamentary constituency in Pahang, Saifuddin Abdullah, has learnt his lessons from his defeat in the 13th general election in 2013.

He admitted that he was overconfident when he contested under the Barisan Nasional (BN) banner against PAS’ Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi when contesting the Temerloh seat.

“I did not expect the Chinese votes to turn (to the opposition),” he told FMT.

Although he refused to say much, Saifuddin said the one mistake he would not repeat in the coming polls was to underestimate his opponent.

“I had a very close relationship with the Chinese and I thought everything was going fine.

I miscalculated the ‘Ubah’ (‘Change’) phenomenon; that was my mistake,” he said.

Bloody Chinese, wakakaka.

I have never supported the 'Ubah' campaign initiated by Brother Haris Ibrahim. It was too undiscriminating and thus poor Saifuddin got the chop whilst his opponent, the man with the Egyptian name who hates Valentine's Day won.

What bloody stupid Chinese voters, wakakaka.

But Saifuddin wasn't the first UMNO man to lose to PAS because the bloody Chinese.

Someone else did in 1969 in Kedah, wakakaka.


  1. Again no GST article. Time to pay a visit on Susan Loone about the true identity of kaytee moc

  2. This time it won't be the Bloody Chinese cos it will be the Malays Amoking creating a Malaysian Tsunami.

    I think he's going to win big in Indera Mahkota this time and will also be surprise with the Malaysian Tsunami sweeping across the country.

    BN vulnerable states to fall includes Pahang.

    1. Suitable for him to be minister of baung...

  3. When incumbents or political hopefuls who are jockeying for seats are dropped or not selected as election candidates,they should take it like a man and ride into the sunset.Instead of crying and wailing at the sidewalks of watering holes,and attacking or belittling their replacements as unwinnable candidates,they have lost all respect and dignity they have left.Just because they couldn't let it go.

    Just talking about they couldn't let it go.Donald Trump thought that as president he could act like a lawless Putin and do as he likes.That is the reason many of his lackeys and cronies are indicted or soon to be indicted.That includes his long time fixer Michael Cohen.Then it will be his son and son in law's turn.Maybe Ivanka Trump too.There is a strong possibility that Donald Trump will go down in history as the first POTUS to be indicted for criminal offenses,dating back to four decades.All this happened because horndog,raper and grab them by the pussies Donald Trump couldn't let it go.