Monday, April 16, 2018

Kayveas unsuccessful again?

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Thanks to visitor Monsterball who pointed out my error in misreading Segambut (in FT) as Segamat (in Johor).

I'll now split this post into two, retaining this one on the Segambut offer to Kayveas and a new post on the Segamat prrblem for Dr Subra. Thanks Monsterball

FMT - Kayveas rejects BN’s offer to stand in Segambut (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional (BN) component myPPP president M Kayveas has rejected an offer from Barisan Nasional for him to stand in Segambut, after the coalition chose MIC to defend the Cameron Highlands federal seat.

“Sadly and shockingly I was asked to consider moving to Segambut and my answer is a big no,” he said in a Facebook message to his supporters.

“BN should have offered that 4 years ago and I would have with your unwavering support and believe in me worked there with just as much the efforts put in Cameron Highlands.”

Meanwhile, a source told FMT that the party is considering pulling out from the coalition, citing disappointment with “broken promises” by the BN leadership.

I wonder what would Kayveas do now. Bloke is very feisty and might have made made a lot of noise, but Segambut may just be a bridge too far for him.

It was won by Lim Lip Eng (DAP) in 2013 with a majority of just short of 20,000, an indication of the difficult task for Kayveas at this very last minute (just like Dr Boo was offered Labis by DAP very late).

Lim Lip Eng 

Out of the approximately 60,000 voters in Segambut, 50% have been Chinese. recently, the EC moved some 6,000 police postal voters, who would traditionally be BN supporters, from Segambut to Lembah Pantai. This means Segambut will have an even higher percentage of Chinese for GE14.

DAP has moved Lim Lip Eng out to Kepong to replace Tan Seng Giaw, a 40-year DAP veteran who has been in the bad books of the DAP CEC for a variety of reasons, and in particular with Lim Guan Siew for a slight regarding Penang's green record.

Dr Tan Seng Giaw
deliberately ostracised for his honesty and 
there's no room in Malaysian politics for honest politicians

Lim's replacement in Segambut is Hannah Yeoh who until now has been a Selangor ADUN and Speaker of the House in that state. She's OK though I recommend she improves on her maths to know that 140 is greater than 82, wakakaka.

Kayveas is aware he'll be ripped apart in Segambut hence his wise rejection of that offer., ubnless of course he wants to join the KamiKaze Squad, wakakaka. He claimed the PM had promise the Cameron Highlands seat to him but alas, either Najib mudah lupa or it's just his wish.

Mind, Cameron Highlands may not be as safe for him as he imagined, but whatever, the MIC has laid claim on it as it's the party's traditional seat. The last MIC man to win was Palanivel Govindasamy, the ousted MIC president who is now an Independent.

I didn't realise he is a Penang knia like me, wakakaka, but while he was in Parliament he showed he had some guts in saying that MIC was against the controversial bill which allows unilateral conversion of child below 18 years old into Islam. But, now he is an Independent for Cameron Highlands, having left MIC, I doubt he wants to re-contest the seat.

The DAP candidate in 2013, Manogaran Marimuthu lost to Palanivel by only 462 votes, thus it's for sure the DAP will try again.

I am not familiar with Cameron Highlands which Kayveas seems eager to represent. Thus I didn't realise there are mucho Indians there, attracting MIC, DAP, myPPP and yes, our dear friend, PSM.

I have always (incorrectly) imagine the non-Malays in Cameron Highlands as Chinese farmers of veg and flowers, and Hainan cooks and hoteliers only.

Sad to say but I think it's the end of the road for Kayveas who fought very hard for his myPPP to remain relevant but his party was severely humiliated by Ali Rustam in 2007 - see my The total humiliation of PPP - a lesson for BN parties.

Kayveas was also humiliated by the late Lim Keng Yaik who fiercely spurned Kayveas attempt to merge his PPP with Gerakan. Ah Koon, being the quiet gentleman was caught by surprise at Kayveas' offer by stealth, but Keng Yaik wasn't the kind to tolerate Kayveas attempt.

Maybe Najib can 'backdoor' him into the Senate just to keep his mouth shut, wakakaka, but his myPPP is sure a goner. It's sad to see a once mighty party in the Kinta Valley disintegrate into ashes. But I am glad in a certain way that its founder the late D.R. Seenivasagam won't be around to see that sad ending. 

D.R. Seenivasagam
once King of Ipoh, Lord of the Kinta Valley

not even the DAP could touch him or his PPP


  1. Segamat is not Segambut-lah.

    Segamat, in Johor, is Subra's current seat but no longer safe.
    Segambut is in Selangor, and would be a Kamikaze mission for Kayveas.

  2. There we go again about too many Indians wanting to be Chiefs.

    The late Karpal Singh or Patto need not worry or count how many Indians wherever they contest, so why are these Indian little boys play acting like Indian Heroes?

    What a shame showing gutless bravery. They just don't believe in their own abilities.

  3. Too bad every Indian politician wanted to be the Hero. They should have just picked a Rajinikanth and be done with it.

  4. Kaytee knew the sri lankan tiger hah.....sure or not? Whose fault hor.....sorry sorry never mention the najib

  5. ["Mak cik gembira kerana dapat menjejakkan kaki ke Tanah Suci (Makkah), kalau nak ikutkan kemampuan keluarga memang mak cik tidak mampu kerana bukannya daripada keluarga senang," kata Rubiah Samah, 65, yang menerima tajaan menunaikan umrah oleh Presiden myPPP, Tan Sri Dr M Kayveas.]

    May God bless you Tan Sri Kayveas.

  6. i think indian always have something to do with plantation, especially in msia. thus tea is almost some sort of monopolised in ch when most worker r indian, many indian oso in fruit n flower planting as well. n of course the barber, doctor, sundry, teacher, church, n neb that manage the dam use to have many indian, n many hotel hire indian due to their eng proficiency.

    orang asli always vote bn, ch chinese not really that anti establishment due to they know all the community leader pretty well which r mostly from mca, though mca did many stupid thing that cause the adun lost. n more n more malay move to ch.

    its still a bn stronghold i supposed.

    1. good point above tea plantations and Indians, which does explain why Cameron Highlands and Tapah have many