Saturday, April 28, 2018

Observations on Nomination Day

Quite a few wannabe candidates have been disqualified for bankruptcy. Makes one wonder what were those people getting into politics for?

It also reflects poorly on their parties for lousy vetting on party nominated candidates.

Then quite a few forgot their important documents such as this and that on Nomination Day, even including an IC. Really, do we want such candidates, or worse, potentially MPs and ADUNs?


  1. That only goes to show that politics is big business in Malaysia where bankrupt politicians who are voted in by chance have the ability to clear their debts and also in for big financial windfalls. It also makes Frog Jumping easier.


  2. we dun wan penyamun n pencuri as candidate, but they did bring ic n damn fucking rich.

  3. Kaytee.....what about your ic? You show other people school result and you never show ur photos and ur ic?

    Pot calling kettle black