Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dr Tan Kee Kwong - flummoxed, flabbergasted and f**ked

From Star Online - Bitter pill to swallow for Wangsa Maju incumbent (extracts):

WANGSA Maju MP Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong has expressed deep disappointment over the PKR leadership’s decision to drop him and field someone else instead for the parliamentary seat.

From the list announced by party president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Kee Kwong has been replaced by PKR treasurer-general Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew as candidate for Wangsa Maju.

“I have served Wangsa Maju for eight years, even before contesting in the 13th general election.

“How can PKR pick a candidate that is not active in Wangsa Maju?

“I do not understand this decision made by the leadership,” Kee Kwong told StarMetro in a phone interview.

Much as I now detest the Lim-controlled DAP CEC, its reasons for dropping or NOT picking candidates have been quite clear, falling into one of the following (with one exception):

(a) too independent-minded (eg. Zaid Ibrahim, Teh Yee Cheu, etc)

(b) not toeing lines of Command HQ (eg., Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, etc)

(c) potentially scandal-ridden (eg. Jeff 'kucing kurap' Ooi, Dyana Sofya etc)

Jeff Ooi 

Dyana Sofya 

(d) considered by Young Turks as inconvenient and by-now-useless (eg. Zul Mohd Noor, Ng Aik Weng, etc)

Zul Mohd Noor 

Ng Wei Aik Weng  

(my bad, Thanks Peter for your correction)

Of the lot I am most sympathetic to Ng Wei Aik Weng, the exception to the DAP's known 'unwanted' categories. I and others have very puzzled by his drop from favour.

Like PKR's Dr Tan Kee Kwong he doe NOT know why he has been dropped. At least the others knew - that they disagree with HQ will have to be in another later post. Thus I have in the interim categorised Wei Aik Weng's fall from grace as one considered by DAP Young Turks as now useless.

Yes, back to Dr Tan Kee Kwong, can anyone tell me why the illustrious son of the illustrious (late) Dr Tan Chee Khoon has been discarded by PKR in favour of an older woman who has not done any service yet in Wangsa Maju?

Who is Dr Tan Yee Kew allied to in PKR such that a valuable hardworking Dr Tan Kee Kwong has been buang for her?

Kee Kwong, the 2013-termed MP, angrily claimed that his replacement Yee Kew will lose anywhere she contests. Wakakaka but I can't blame him for being miffed when he has been dropped mysteriously, thus I can understand his frustration when he declared that he will go on a "holiday" instead of assisting her for the 14th general election.

He lamented, "I can't understand why the party didn't choose me and instead chose someone who loses anywhere she goes.

"Is Yee Kew more qualified than me? She has not been active in Kuala Lumpur. Does such a person have a winning chance?"

Maybe Wan Azizah can explain. Maybe the current fcational war within PKR could be a possible answer.

Dr Tan Yee Kew 

On top of the PKR factional war, methinks sometimes it's not the unsuitability of the outgoing incumbent but rather, the suitability of a particular constituency as to its its racist-Malaysian ethnic composition which fits the incoming/favoured candidate gnam gnam to enhance a win.

Of course there's no denying Dr Tan Yee Kew must be very favoured by the PKR powers-that-be to be able to come out of the left field to replace a hardworking Dr Tan Kee Kwong.

Yes, this time it might be the reverse to/of the usual saying of 'the singer not the song', meaning it's gone reverse into 'the song rather than the singer'.

Dr Tan Kee Kwong with his constituents

That's right, I suspect Dr Tan Kee Kwong's Wangsa Maju fits Dr Tan Yee Kee gnam gnam so the former has to be the collateral damage to accommodate the PKR current blue-eyed sweetheart.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported rumblings in PKR Wangsa Maju, where the division urged the party leadership to reconsider their decision to introduce a new candidate for the Wangsa Maju parliamentary seat.

In a statement today, deputy division youth chief Azmee Abd Rahim said the division had proposed two names - incumbent Tan Kee Kwong and deputy division chief Ramzan Abdul Ghafoor Khan - but neither were selected.

But I doubt Princess iron Fan will listen to them. It's almost the same way as Fahmi Fadzil has been chosen to be sembileh in Lembah Pantai to save the honour of Nurul Izzah, who may now scoot off safely to Permatang Pauh without the embarrassment of being criticised for 'panik-cabut-lari'.

Fahmi Fadzil  the kambing

Nurul Izzah


  1. Don't you wonder why instead of taking a holiday, Tan Kee Kwong should instead stand as an independent candidate and prove to all that he can win based on his 100% egoistic assumptions? Why barking without balls to do it?

    The more he barks, the more it shows the man to be so egoistic, arrogant and unworthy as a humble serving representative.

    Dr Tan Kee Kwong should join BN as it fits him in nicely.

    As to Fahmi Fadzil being used as a sacrificial lamb in Lembah Pantai according to your perspective, perhaps this is a ruse for his contender Raja Nong Chik to feel confident and be complacent. The Empress with the Iron Fan sure knows the battleground well. What cabut lari are you blabering about, Kaytee.


    1. waiting for Azmin Ali to gain ascendancy. Right now, Princess Iron Fan has got Azmin by his balls, thus Dr Tan Kee Yew is up and up whilst Dr Tan Kee Kwong is down

    2. Nurul won Lembah Pantai by a slim margin of less than 2,000 votes in a one-on-one fight in GE13, with the help of PAS voters who voted PKR because PAS was part of the Pakatan Rakyat back then.

      This time, with PAS out on its own, it is a three-cornered fight between BN, PKR and PAS, and PAS will split the PKR vote, though the presence of Pribumi in Harapan will to some extent also split the BN vote, with pro-Mahathir voters in GE13, as well as pro-Amanah voters this time voting PKR.

      So OK!. The outcome in Lembah Pantai in GE14 may not be as certain in favour of BN as it may seem.

    3. Jeff Ooi was in Gerakan before he switched to DAP shortly before the 2008 GE.

      I wonder what this "prominent blogger", which a magazine I wrote for in 2007 described him will do politically after GE14.

      He used to post regularly on his blog Screenshots back in 2007 and 2008 and announced his candidacy in Jelutong under DAP amidst many bloggers and Twitterers at The Food Foundry restaurant in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, which was blogged and Tweeted extensively.

      I understand from reports that when he got to Jelutong, he found that few there knew of this "prominent blogger", so he quickly turned to traditional campaigning and won two terms.

      The media reported him blogging in parliament during his first session and after that his blogging slowed down rapidly, Screenshots is no longer there and he wrote for Asian Correspondent infrequently.

      At the end of the day, he was only a "prominent blogger" amongst his small circle of blog kaki.

  2. "Much as I now detest the Lim-controlled DAP CEC"...

    How can you say that. Lim & Lim are just two. There are so many other CEC leaders. They can't simply be sacked by the Lims.
    They were properly elected by the party members (unless , as whispered in the dark, DAP's CEC elections are a sham) .

    If the Lims are misbehaving, the CEC can certainly be tough on them.

    1. Ate u a dap cec member? You have explain your disapperance act few days ago. Only to appear during nomination day.

      Where are the udangs

  3. The name is Ng Wei Aik not Ng Aik Weng lah, another DAP magnanimous, gentleman team player.