Thursday, April 26, 2018

Wan Azizah inexplicable choice of candidates

Yesterday I posted Gan Pei Nei gutted by Wan Azizah?.

Gan Pei Nei the Rawang ADUN (incumbent for term 2013) said allegations via poison pen letter (surat layang) that she misused funds and was absent from the constituency (she had just given birth last month) have cost her the chance to defend the seat because she was just dropped from contesting in GE14.

She suspected the work to be those of rivals in PKR. I noted that Wan Azizah has been unnecessarily and unduly unfair in treating Gan Pei Nei as guilty until proven innocent just based on a surat layang. That's hardly justice or impartility.

they treated anwar unfairly wor

I also remarked that's the way PKR treats its own members, on the basis of factionalism and favouritism, and not by evidence or proof.

Today sweetie Eli Wong has come out to defend Gan, denying that the state government is conducting an investigation into allegations against the Rawang incumbent.

Eli said that a check with 'caretaker' (wakakaka, that's an unnecessary over-pompous 9 letters) Selangor MB Azmin Ali confirmed that Gan is not being investigated for any wrongdoing, and has a clean record.

Eli said, “Gan’s record of service (in Kajang) is good, she has managed to resolve the problems of many constituents as well as problems related to basic infrastructure."

“I dare say she has scored high marks (as an assemblyperson), both in her service to the people or her oratory abilities in the state assembly."

“That’s why we find it hard to believe this accusation.”

But dearest dahleeng Eli, that's small comfort for poor sweetie Gan because you haven't explained or  couldn't explain or 
perhaps aren't allowed to explain why she was dropped like a Rawang bag of cement, considering your just high praise for her as an ADUN, both in her service to the people or her oratory abilities in the state assembly.

Malaysiakini also mentioned that ...In a Facebook post today, caretaker (wakakaka) Selangor exco Teng Chang Khim similarly described Gan as one of the "most outstanding" colleagues in his career as a state lawmaker.

That's extremely high praise from Teng who is from a different party, the DAP, and also a former Speaker of the Selangor DUN. He was knighted by HRH Selangor for his services to the state as the House Speaker.

Gan, despite her disadvantages now, like the sweetheart she is, nonetheless passed a message to her constituents to continue supporting PKR.

Two-term PKR Rawang assemblyman, Gan Pei Nei being consoled after learning that she may not be fielded as a candidate in GE14.

But Wan Azizah must explain her inexplicable decision to drop such a high performing ADUN like Gan Pei Nei for Chua Wei Kiat, one of PKR Youth leaders.

This is especially so after inexplicably dropping another PKR representative, Dr Tan Kee Kwong, for Dr Tan Yee Kew against the wishes of PKR Wangsa Maju members.

Malaysiakini reported in its Despite being dropped, Gan vows to keep up anti-BN fight (extracts):

She claimed that she was a victim of a plot by those who were eyeing her seat, and that she was never given a chance to defend herself with the party leaders.

Her replacement, Chua Wei Keat, denied that he was part of the so-called plot, stressing that his role in the affair was merely to forward a complaint about Gan on to his boss and Selayang MP William Leong.

PKR leaders have yet to address the allegations made by Gan. Leong, when approached yesterday, refused to comment on the matter.

Who was the complainant? What was the complaint? Was the complain checked for veracity? Who recommended dropping Gan? Was it Wan Azizah herself?

So, Chua Wei Keat forwarding a complaint about Gan on to his boss and Selayang MP William Leong eh?

Isn't there semblance of a conflict of interest when the reporter of the alleged complaint benefits from that complaint?

Gan Pei Nei is reported to be a protégé of Tian Chua who is one of Azmin Ali henchmen, so has poor Gan being caught as a pelandok amidst the battle between a Dwarf and a Cat?

are Dr Tan Yee Kew (bottom left) and William Leong (2nd from right) part of the Pandan Cats? 

This seems likely as Tian Chua himself was nearly dropped. But it's a shame when a hardworking high performing ADUN like Gan Pei Nei, no matter whose protégé she is, suffers from factional dispute rather than on her own performance, which has been an outstanding credit to PKR.

The party president should be more conscious of who are party assets to PKR, and not just focus on her intra-party foes plus probably an innocent protégé. As the Chinese would say, "Don't be so 'light-ear'", meaning, don't listen to only those nearest the throne.


  1. There r equally many hanky-panky selection 'business' amongst bn components.

    Why so concentrating JUST on PH?

    There can ONLY be one possible candidacy within a constituency from a given party.

    A candidate choice IS not only based on local workhorse attitude but overall political craftiness.

    Otherwise, DONT be a politikus, just contribute like a Samaritan bleeding heart lah!

    Selective disparaging of pH choice of candidates for what?

    Yr 'choice' as in freedom of speech!

    What about the unmentioned udang?

  2. I imagine there is a semi-objective way to select candidates for an election.

    There would be a list of criteria, and the different candidate's strengths and weaknesses scored against it by the party leadership.

    Accusations of wrong doing , even unproven , are a definite weakness, because you want to focus the campaign on real-world issues, not defending the candidate's personal problems.

    Of course, if you are a Party Biggie, the criteria is totally upside down. E.g. The existence of Lim Guan Eng's corruption charge (which is a fact) does not prevent him from being the very top candidate.

    The advantages of incumbency may well be part of the criteria, but personally I think it is always overrated by the incumbent himself/herself.

    The bottom line is the best possible candidate is selected.
    I emphasise "selected" - if the existing incumbent is not the top of the list, they don't get selected.

    There are no "Personal to Holder" seats, unless, as I mentioned, your are one of the party "Biggies".

  3. Aiyah! Again the same psywar being played and now directed at the Empress with the Iron Fan.

    Ordinary mortals and soldiers will not be able to think like Generals or Tokongs, Kings and Queens, Emperor or Empress, woh. It's way beyond their faculties and abilities, woh.

    Sowing discord among enemies is an art of war itself but too much sowing until it becomes clear it is from the enemies without and not from within, can only help to consolidate the loyalties and beliefs of the enemies subjects and soldiers when the war begins.

    You must always make it look like psywar of sowing discord among enemies looks like originating from within the enemies ranks which are credible, belieavable and sensible.

    Currently, this psywar game waged towards BN (Kaytee is tongue tied) and PH (Kaytee favourite target) is more credible, belieavable and sensible on which side?


  4. This may interest you, KayTee.

    "SHAH ALAM: The Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) Klang branch today lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission (MACC), urging it to investigate PKR’s Pelabuhan Klang candidate Azmizam Zaman Huri for allegedly falsifying a company’s document."

    It looks like war now between PSM and PKR.

    Never a dull moment in Malaysian politics.

  5. OMG! Finally sane commentators are giving up on kaytee ,oc. What will kaytee moc do?

    How about write something about CCCC's GST tax exemption? Whack Najib kau kau right now.......hahahahahaha

    1. Ktemoc says Najib's GST is the best invention since Swiss Cheese.

      When Najib proceeds to reward his favourite China crony RM hundreds of milions worth of GST exemptions, Ktemoc resorts to ignoring it.

    2. tsk tsk such fake news. GST is NOT Najib's invention but practised in over 160 countries

    3. Tsk tsk.....Fake news??

      Tunku Abdul Rahman: Bapa Kemederkaan

      Tun Abdul Razak: Bapa Pembangunan

      Tun Hussein Onn: Bapa Perpaduan

      Tun Mahathir: Bapa Pemodenan Malaysia

      Tun Abdullah Badawi:Bapa Islam hadhari

      Dato Sri Abdullah Najib Razak: Bapa????

      Personally, I think Bapa 1MDB + GST?