Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tanjung Bungah menjadi Tanjung Perang

MM Online - Teng to contest Tanjung Bungah (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN, April 24 — Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Teng Chang Yeow will be contesting the Tanjung Bungah state seat.

The seat was former Penang chief minister Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon’s state seat between 1990 and 2004.

Teng, who had previously contested Bukit Tengah but lost, said he chose Tanjung Bungah due to the civil society issues in the constituency.

“There is a deterioration of environment under the current state government as well as a lack of consultation in the constituency,” Teng said in a press conference after the list of Penang BN candidates was announced today. [...]

“We also look at the voters’ profile of 60 per cent Chinese and 26 per cent Malays so it is a seat that reflects what Gerakan represents,” he said.

Teng, who is also Penang Gerakan chairman, will be going up against DAP’s Zairil Khir Johari, Parti Rakyat Malaysia’s Chua Cheong Wee and Malaysian United Party’s Lee Zheng Yong.

Tanjung Bungah was traditionally a Gerakan stronghold before DAP’s Teh Yee Cheu wrested the seat from the party in 2008.

Teh Yee Cheu 

Teng is capitalising on former DAP Teh Yee Cheu's dissatisfactions with Lim Guan Eng's style of administration and alleged unfriendly to greenery development policies.

I admit I have been surprised by two happenings vis-a-vis Tanjung Bungah.

Firstly, I was a bit startled by Teh Yee Cheu leaving Tanjung Bungah to contest in Sungai Pinang. No doubt Sungai Pinang is Teh's hometown but I would have thought that after serving two terms in Tanjung Bungah he would have a better chance there.

Secondly, I am surprised by DAP shifting Zairil from the parliamentary seat of Bukit Bendera (where Zairil had served for one term and would have established himself as the constituency's rep) to Tanjung Bungah (no doubt still under the ambit of bukit Bendera).

It's somewhat a downgrade for Zairil, but I am also not too sure what to make of that salacious rumour about Zairil and his fiancée, but I can safely say Penang Chinese voters won't be influenced by such silly gossip, especially when both personalities are officially engaged.

But it's still annoying that Dyana continues to be a victim of politicised salacious gossip.

This coming election will be Teng's fifth experience, where he was successfully in the first two (with Penang then under Gerakan) but since 2008, knocked out by the DAP in 2008 and 2013.

Teng said he owes his political learning to three people, namely, Dr Lim Chong Eu (a great guy), Dr Lim Keng Yaik (quite a Machiavellian politician but OK) and a non-medical Dr Koh Tsu Koon (our dear Ah Koon, the most passive of the lot, wakakaka). I wonder whether Teng has been fishing for sympathy when he said this will be his last election if unsuccessful.

But I wish Zairil the best, and his happiness with Dyana. F**k the 'inner coterie'.


  1. Once a political candidate's morality becomes hot news, more often than not, it becomes a liability (ask CSL) unless they are such big big personalities (who are?) that it is easily brushed aside by their voters. More so for women like Dyanna, Shahrijat, Elizabeth etc etc.

    Based on this factor on voters psyche, Zairil should consider himself lucky to be able to contest again a state seat and his new partner Dyanna a definite no bet by the party. What a pity this is to befall them but in politics pitiness does not win elections.

    Teng should be able to easily win just by canvassing based on moral standards (screaming Hamsap Low) instead of environmental issues (side issue) unless all the woman voters in Penang are so open minded and liberal about it.


    1. Never assume people don't care about a candidate's morals.

      They do, its only a matter of whether they consider other issues more important, and whether they are considered a victim of political assassination.

  2. Kaytee not support Zairil Khir Johari any more. Dap staunch supporter.....hahahahahaha