Saturday, April 21, 2018

LKS sold us down the river

MM Online - Former EC chairman slated for Kota Lama state seat:

former EC commissioner Ab Rashid Ab Rahman

VP of ultra Malay fascist NGO, PERKASA
while opening Perkasa’s Federal Territory annual general meeting in 2013, he was quoted as saying that the three redelineation exercises during his term at the EC, which were done “in a proper way”, had ensured the continued political dominance of the Malays

KOTA BARU, April 20 ― Former Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Ab Rashid Ab Rahman will be contesting in the Kota Lama state seat here in the 14th general election.

Ab Rashid, who is also PPBM vice president and Kota Baru PPBM head, made the announcement himself at a press conference here today.

Also present was Kelantan DAP chairman Chua Chin Sui.

Kota Lama is one of the state seats under the Kota Baru parliamentary seat. ― Bernama

Looks like the DAP, under Lim Kit Siang's Entente Cordiale with Mahathir, has now embraced a Malay ultra right winger like Abdul Rashid who admitted under his term as Commissioner of EC, he had (three times) re-delineated electoral constituencies to ensure the continued political dominance of the Malays.

F**king well-done, DAP-under-Lim-Kit-Siang, you have sold us down the river.


  1. Guess Malay Dominance is better than Islamic Dominance in Kelantan. Kaytee forgot Kelantan is 95%+ Malay Moslems. The General is neither a Malay, Mamak nor Islamist. Fighting a battle blowing just trumpets ain't going to be the solution.

    With Malay Dominance at least can accept Cuci Mata but with Islamic Dominance you may have to wear see-thru sunglasses cos only the Moon can be seen all day long. You may also get stoned to death instead of just getting a fine for adultery.

    So, agreeing to a Keris wielding supremacist candidate by a Ketuanan Melayu coalition partner is ok by LKS cos only bend a little bit of principle. That's called Flexibility of decisions in battle by the General after studying the enemy and the ground to do battle.

    That's where I guess the initial very young generation of #undirosak also do not understand. They only study about what is evil and who is an enemy, with them thinking they are angels flying in the air but forgot battles fought are mainly on the ground among political satans. They only understand when they realised they are Living on the ground with Satans and not flying around with Angels.


  2. same shit diff day, again.