Saturday, April 21, 2018

Grandpa Mah sent LKS & LGE 'to eat curry rice'

From the Chinese News - The MN Fight
Opposition parties in their speeches always tell people it is not that Barisan Nasional candidates are not good but a vote to BN is a vote to Najib. They however forget in a selective way to tell people that their prime minister candidate is Mahathir. According to the same logic, a vote to them is also a vote to Mahathir.

In 2009, when Najib succeeded as the prime minister, the Opposition parties especially the Rocket (which has disappeared now), ganged up to criticized Grandpa Mah with the objective of attacking Najib. It could be recalled that Lim Kit Siang then accused Grandpa Mah as the stumbling block in Najib’s transformation programmes.

In reality, when Najib carried out the transformation programmes to gradually resolve problems relating to civil servants, certain people formed PERKASA to fight against Najib. You may not know that Grandpa Mah is still the adviser of that organization.

In the 2013 general election, Lim Kit Siang applied pressure on BN to probe the foreign exchange losses. But when the prime minister announced in parliament the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the incident, Lim Kit Siang was against it because Grandpa Mah has made a change and became their leader.

LKS mudah lupa 

Many people are like me who cannot understand how certain people can embrace a deadly enemy as a close fighting partner overnight after having condemned him for 22 years. It’s so strange as if nothing had happened.

On that day at the opposition rally in Teluk Intan, Lim Kit Siang said Grandpa Mah had sent him and his son Lim Guan Eng to “eat curry rice” but he still chose Grandpa Mah in order to save the nation.

It is comforting that the audience was rational and made no response. After that, some residents asked me whether Lim Kit Siang had gone senile.

To me, Grandpa Mah is the enforcer of Internal Security Act while Najib abolished the ISA. Grandpa Mah supported Bumiputra quota in business while Najib has abolished the Bumiputra quota for companies going public.

Najib is an open-minded leader. He initiated “1Malaysia” which was damaged by Grandpa Mah’s trusted “Malay first” deputy Muhyiddin. Now the “Malay first” Muhyiddin is contesting under the opposition banner.

Lim Kit Siang has been shouting that Malaysia has gone bankrupt for the past 40 years. He described every election as the last chance to save the nation while Malaysia has been transformed from an industrial country to a high-tech industrial country with high income without Lim Kit Siang being in power.

Changing the government is not a panacea especially when the opposition knows only how to criticize but fails to offer any constructive remedies. What anger me are their lies. Certain people are eloquent but lacking in virtues.

The opposition parties want to incite people by advocating the abolition of GST but they choose not to tell people that in their alternative budget, with the abolition of GST, it would be necessary to raise the corporate tax, import duties on foreign cars, road tax, other surcharges and import duties. Will such a solution lead to lower prices?

Recently, a bakery shop was closed. When that happened, Grandpa said something contradictory within the span of two weeks. In the beginning, he said the bakery was not his, and then he said its closure was due to poor business and then he blamed the economy of the nation for causing the closure.

To me, the closure of a business is related to personal capability. By shifting the blame to the government and the country has exposed his credibility. When an old man takes no responsibility of what he does, how can he be the leader then? It is more worrying when he keeps blaming the country and scapegoating others for his personal problem.
I believe that in this election, one must make a choice between the modern version of UMNO and past UMNO. Whether you want Najib who is transforming the nation or Grandpa Mah who takes law into his hands, like it or not, you have to make a choice!


  1. "Najib abolished the ISA"
    Bull..he repackaged it in a new law.. SOSMA..
    which was promptly used to silence Najib critics and silence questioning in 1MDB.

    Like I said before, Ktemoc is a Najib shill.

  2. kt is condoning grand theft and the continuation of abuse of power..imagine if he wins again he will definitely think he is invincible, the abuse will perpetuate only this time it will be in your face..for all the ideals and principles that kt is trying to uphold in the end he turns out to be a phoney...if he had stated neither one is suitable I would have admired and respect him

  3. "Najib has abolished the Bumiputra quota for companies going public."

    Bull..he repackaged the regulations..ask any Senior Executive of a company which has gone public listed recently.. it is in reality still a requirement.

    There is Zero chance for a Non-Bumi company in Malaysia to be approved for Public listing without allocating a portion of their shares to Bumis. Zero Chance.

    Like I said before, Ktemoc is a Najib shill.

  4. The issue is?

    How to put back The Black Cobra when the music stops if it starts to rear it's Head and Fangs.

    Now who is the Snake charmer capable of doing that? LKS, LGE, AI, Azmin, Wan Azizah, Mat Sabu?

    The Snake Charmer doesn't kill The Black Cobra until it has played it's performance even though bitten a few times. That would be foolish, is it not?

    Why worry about The Black Cobra biting when it is now earning Money and Applause from the audience?

    You only have to be worried about whether the Audience is entertained now rather than another snake bite from The Black Cobra.

    Why call The Black Cobra, Granpa Mah? Just say it as it is. Another case of No Bollocks.

    1. Nostro pig, why worry so much? The fact that Madhater has not won the election yet. Don't bother, don't care. So long Najib dead politically, I am very sure kaytee will come back to Oz land.

      That is if kaytee does not perform ritual seppuku. And if Kaytee come back to Malaysia to set up the coalition of the willing with Maryam Lee and a few singhs, I will support him with

      My arms, legs, my 3rd leg and couple of my nuts


      Aaaaargh so.......rumpelstillskin.....sorry sorry.....kaytee moc.....stop spinning la

  5. The first election where Lau Siang does not talk about what he has always stood out against the soiled Grandpa Mah. Believe it or not, together, they are in effect working very hard for Najib/BN in this GE14. Osoreirimasu.

  6. Wa lau-eh!!

    This piece of shit reads like a jibby accolade transcript!

    Getting desperate ke?

    1. Ktemoc - anonymous blogger - certainly has undeclared linkages to Najib.

    2. Since cheebye kaytee angmokausai, we must use story from germany. As jibby has provided kaytee with straw, kaytee must spin them into gold. Else his 3" kukuciao is 不见

  7. Curry rice was 30 years ago event.
    The hatchet has been buried between them.