Saturday, April 28, 2018

Mahathir taking a leaf out of Anwar's book? (2)

MM Online - Civil Aviation Authority: Probe shows no sabotage on Dr M’s plane (extracts):

CAAM Chairman Datuk Seri Azharuddin A Rahman, through a statement, said thorough investigations conducted by the authority found no indication whatsoever of any sabotage on the aircraft.

He said their investigations included a verification of the aircraft documentation, a physical inspection, and interviews with the pilots and maintenance personnel of the private plane.

Azharuddin explained the aircraft was unable to depart from the airport due to a minor and routine technical fault.

He said checks conducted by CAAM on the Bombardier Challenger CL60 today showed no major defects to the aircraft, except for air leakage from the front left nose wheel.

He said the leakage was logged only on April 27, the day of the supposed flight.

This comes as Dr Mahathir had claimed he was unable to travel from the Subang airport to Pulau Langkawi due to sabotage on his aircraft yesterday.

Reports quoted the opposition prime ministerial candidate claiming he had already boarded the plane in anticipation of taking off, but was told by the pilot of a leaking tyre.

“CAAM was informed by maintenance personnel that they found the affected tyre pressure to be low.

“They serviced the tire, and on monitoring still found the pressure to be dropping at 2psi per minute,” he explained.

Azharuddin elaborated saying personnel were unable to change the leaking tyre due to the lack of spare tyres.

“CAAM also performed an inspection of the affected left tyre, which matched and verified the reports of the aircraft’s maintenance personnel,” he added.

Azharuddin warned that allegations of sabotage against an aircraft were extremely serious and could impact the reputation of Malaysian aviation and the country, especially during the sensitive general election period.

Vista Jet has denied the story that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s private jet was sabotaged in an attempt to assassinate him

In my earlier post on matter, 
Attempts to assassinate Mahathir? I asked:

I wonder what damage his aircraft suffered from? A punctured tire, a dented door or a cracked windscreen?

It seems I wasn't far off regarding tyre problem.

And from PKR's Malaysia-Chronicle (Tian Chua's newspaper) (extracts only):

poor bloke - he has a hard day today 

This is reminiscent of Anwar Ibrahim’s allegation in 1998 and 2008 that the Malaysian government was trying to assassinate him.

In 1998, Anwar’s wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, told the court that Anwar had been poisoned with arsenic.

In 2008, Anwar ran to the Turkish Embassy to seek refuge, saying there was an assassination plot against him.

Mahathir seems to have taken a leaf out of Anwar’s playbook. When Anwar said he had been poisoned with arsenic, Mahathir mocked him and said you can get arsenic from eating lobsters so maybe Anwar ate too many lobsters in the Sungai Buloh Prison.

Now it is Mahathir’s turn to face that same ridicule.

Wakakaka. Pandai menjilat ludah sendiri.

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  1. i believe one could only feel his life is not that safe under the umno regime when he is out of umno. we commoners were always threaten with panas, api, 513 etc. u r the very smart type, not only u not live under a authoritarian regime, u kiss najib ass somemore, very clever la u.

  2. Give The Black Cobra a break. At age 93, you do tend to get paranoid with things like that sometimes.


  3. Just wonder what happened to Pastor Raymond Koh?