Monday, April 23, 2018

Double standards of the 'Father, Son & Hallelujah-ites'

Earlier in another post, we heard from Chow Chow Kon Yew of the DAP about his party’s decision not to field eight-term MP Tan Seng Giaw to defend the Kepong federal seat, despite Dr Tan having served DAP well, as just part of a “natural renewal” process in politics.

He said we need to remember politics is very fluid and can change. I wonder whether he realises that basic courtesy to a 40-year party has somewhat changed or rather to be more precise, f**king missing.

Veteran Dr Tan Seng Giaw was NOT even invited (or told) about the event when the DAP sec-gen, the man who is ultra sensitive about his CM's record on greenery in Penang, announces the DAP candidates for Selangor's federal and state seats.

Biadab, boe-kar-see.

But the DAP's 'natural renewal' process doesn't seem to apply to teflonised assholes like LKS.

Malaysiakini's DAP confirms Kit Siang to defend Iskandar Puteri tells us that the DAP has just confirmed that Lim Kit Siang will defend his parliamentary seat of Iskandar Puteri, which was renamed from Gelang Patah.

Cina mudah lupa

he gets away with forgetting them
whilst TSG gets it for doing a PAC's job properly

Compare or contrast as you wish the following:

Dr Tan Seng Giaw won Kepong in 2013 with a majority of 40,307 in a turnout of 58,585. In the old days we called that staggering majority a bloody huge landslide. He is 75 and thus must be dropped.

Lim Kit Siang won Gelang Patah in 2013 with a majority of 14,762 in a turnout of 95,068. In the old days we called that a comfortable majority. He is 77 and thus must be re-nominated.

Naturally the announcement was made by his son, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, in Johor.

"I am pleased to announce, in my capacity as secretary-general, (it was) a unanimous decision by the central executive committee, we have decided to choose a candidate who can lead us to victory.

"I announce for Iskandar Puteri, saudara Lim Kit Siang," Guan Eng said to loud applause from those present tonight.



  1. Tan Seng Giaw was blamed for helping Dumb Down PAC's 1 MDB investigation to Najib's requirement.

    For that, and his complete passivity in recent years to hold BNajib to accountability in SO many other areas, he does not deserve to be reselected.

    Being a great Cuci Longkang MP is not good enough.

  2. What kind of twisting u r playing!

    There might be other consideration to the dap “natural renewal” process in politics.

    How about Iskandar Puteri in Johore is a front line seat that dap must be maintained at all cost in the light of the ec delineation.

    Kepong in wp is a traditional opposition stronghold that even a dap nobody can win easily.

    U know politic ke?

    1. No no no......Boo Boo says rumpelcheebyeskin from aussie land....

      Remind me of what captain darling said about supporting soldiers during ww1.

  3. The decision to drop Tan Seng Giaw as a candidate for GE14 is a correct one.
    Day by Day it becomes clearer that Tan SHOULD NOT be a DAP MP for another term.

    He's not a fighter any more. Not even a transport. He shouldn't fly at all...

    However, the episode could have been handled with more sensitivity and decorum.
    I suppose the top DAP leaders are very busy at this time and have no time for niceties. I can't blame them.

    1. wakakaka, the effort you put into defending Mahathir's cohorts and Mahathir himself should win you the IgNoble Prize. You are an amazing bullshitting spinner

    2. wakakakakaka.....cheebye.....again your photo, IC, document and credentials lei

      Hiding behind the fucking keyboard in Australia. Come back to Malaysia to challenge Lim Kit Siang lei

    3. Where in my post above or elsewhere is there anything to do with Mahathir ?

  4. Aiyoh Kaytee. Don't lah like that. The Tokong and The General has spoken based on the crusade mission of "God, Glory and Power". It was divine revelations and cannot be questioned or asked, woh.

    The Non-Hallelujahites may start populating #undirosak and outrun the morally endowed BN supporters.

    Malaysia's election will end up having too many Angels not voting, woh.


  5. Kaytee matey,I have been away for a week or so,and your Uncle LKS bashing is still going on.This is your Uncle LKS's last time as a candidate foe GE,so please be nice to the senior citizen,you once so adored and respected.

    1. Can somebody tell what matey mean? You know those who loves tp drink lotsa martell in a group called matey? What happen if muslins dont drink, then how?

  6. “……….despite Dr Tan having served DAP well….” was only a courtesy statement otherwise you would say DAP is rude. Did Dr. Tan really serve the party well? I don’t know, unless you are closed to the party’s daily ‘action’, can you quote some of his momentous works? Maybe he didn’t serve the party well enough?

    Your comparison of LKS and TSG cannot stand because LKS has achievement to an iconic status while there is nothing of significance TSG has done. One simple test is you cannot deny and you have credited LKS for highlighting and being in the forefront of the many national issues and scandals but can you, uncle KteMoc, recall any significant issue of TSG’s work?

    Double standards of the 'Father, Son & Hallelujah-ites' ? This is really unfair and close to recklessness.

    1. Yesss.........LKS is akin to General montgomery leading the troops to victory in europe.

      Meanwhile Dr orlando ward

    2. Good or bad, lks led his troops in confronting his enemies. He suceeded in establishing dap sabah and sarawak while tsg still remain in kepong since he joined dap in late 70s. Those are facts. Not any reckless spining by rumpelcheebyeskin kaytee. Tan chee khoon hah? He failed.

      Lks didnt succeed in tanjung campaign. Reason was penangites and most chinese under the spell of likes of kaytee. Weighing this and that while umno is chipping away rights like slicing salami

      I bet the self appointed kaytee may even claim the miracle of 2008 may due to him. Wanna bet?