Monday, April 16, 2018

DAP turns ugly at Dr Boo

MM Online - DAP’s Dr Boo was given ultimatum by party to respond to candidacy offer (extracts):

(left) Liew Chin Tong, (right) Dr Boo Cheng hau

JOHOR BARU, April 16 — DAP’s Dr Boo Cheng Hau revealed today that he was in fact given an ultimatum by the party’s leadership to accept or reject the offer to contest in the Labis parliamentary seat.

Dr Boo said he has been told to accept or decline to contest in Labis by Johor DAP chairman Liew Chin Tong last Thursday.

The deadline given to him was by 12pm April 13.

“I was actually given the ultimatum on April 12 and told to respond by 12pm the following day (April 13) to accept or reject the offer to contest in Labis parliament.

“Or else, I will not be offered any place to contest,” he said in his Facebook posting that was posted at about 7.30pm today.

This was contrary to what was reported yesterday when Liew said that the Labis offer is still open to Dr Boo and he did not want to issue ultimatums.

On Saturday night, the DAP leadership announced the party’s incumbent Mengkibol assemblyman and former protege of Dr Boo, Tan Hong Pin as the candidate for the Skudai seat for the coming 14th general election.

This has effectively left Dr Boo, the incumbent Skudai assemblyman without his grassroots seat.

Skudai state assemblyman Dr Boo Cheng Hau (centre) speaking to the residents of Kampung Pouciling in Skudai whose homes were damaged in the freak storm

However, the 53-year-old former Johor Opposition chief declined the party’s offer to stand as candidate in the Labis parliamentary seat.

He cited that the “offer” was not sincere as other senior party members had earlier been offered the seat before him.

In his post, Dr Boo said his answer has been consistent and clear that he has no intention to stand in Labis.

“It is better for the party (DAP), especially the state chairman Sdr. Liew Chin Tong to look for a more suitable candidate and start campaign ASAP to ensure victory there."

“My decision not to contest in Labis is ultimate, please learn to respect my final decision and move on,” said the two-term Skudai assemblyman.


  1. "Procrastination is a Fool's choice".

    A Commander who procrastinate when faced with a difficult situation in battle towards his General orders.

    Off with the Head.

  2. Commissar Liew has spoken to comrade Boo, either forward and not one step back, or the Commissar will execute Order 227 as per-instructed by comrade Dear Leader LKStalin.

  3. Majuh, pajuh, gelojoh dan gopoh DAP menghapuskan keindahan bulan biru. Tsk tsk tsk..

  4. I supported lky decision in revoking the prship of one pilot who fled in oz land. He is definitely related to kaytee. Bad bad.....

  5. What's the DIFFERENCE of Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming vacates Taipan parliamentary seat to take on Gerakan president Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong for the Teluk Intan parliamentary seat VIS-A-VIS Dr Boo Cheng Hau's stubborn inclination to stay put in Skudai state seat & rejection of the offer to contest in the Labis parliamentary seat against Datuk Chua Tee Yong of mca?

    For Dr Boo, a koi in a small pond is better than a dragon in the open sky!

    For KT, a story to attack DAP, to prove his love of DAP!

    Which one has a ultimate rotten udang?

    1. Nga - Planning long time ago

    2. U the Nostradamus?


      Then WHY Dr Boo for Labis 3 seconds ago?

      U think Liewct, acts & thinks like u even though both of u have that much of kangaroo poo all over?

  6. lct do as he said, he pick wee, he have every right to ensure his team give him full support of his action n strategy. not sure abt other dap leaders, cakap saya pandai.

  7. No way DAP leadership can allow Boo to insist on his way after his very public insistence on his way and only his way.

    When Lim Kit Siang's surprise candidacy in Gelang Patah for GE13 was announced , Former Johor Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman was told on a few days notice to contest there.

    It meant the end of his career as MB, and a possible forced retirement. He accepted HIS party instructions instead of rejecting it outright. I respect The Man.

    1. Poor Commander died and his last breath was still blaming others. What sort of Hero is that?

    2. did patton relieve bastogne during the battle of the bulge hah?

    3. he barbequed your previous incarnation and fed the Germans, wakakaka

    4. Monsterball, didn't DAP accept Teo Nie Ching's and Gobind's refusal to contest in Labis?

    5. Google did patton relieve bastogne?

      You can ask your uncle