Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why PAS clings on shamelessly to Pakatan Selangor

Remember Penang when PAS left Pakatan? Those ulama wanted to shamelessly cling on to state government appointments. Malulah.

And that was why Hadi Awang opposed local elections in Penang (of mainly urban areas). He knew no one would have voted for PAS.

Appointments by the state government was guaranteed. Being voted was also guaranteed but with zero outcome for PAS wakakaka.

Likewise now in Selangor. They are already out of Pakatan but sluttishly hang on to Azmin's ding-a-ling. Azmin syiok juga so both parties' hands are ... er ... well .. whacking each other ler, wakakaka.

By staying in government PAS has 2 aims, which are (i) to hang on to the state gravy train and (ii) to control through the exco and state appointments the mosques and kampung penghulus (all in preparation for the next election).

Azmin Ali is complicit in allowing PAS to do so.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Disband JAIS

JAIS has been notorious and oppressive for a number of issues including the NST reported incident some years ago of a JAIS officer in Gombak demanding a blowjob from a woman victim caught for alleged khalwat.

But JAIS has recently been criticised by the Appelate Court for illegally appropriating 26 acres of land belonging to a Chinese owned company UAE whose lawyer accused JAIS of racial oppression.

Why are we funding a useless department which acted illegally and racially? Non Muslim tax money should be considered haram in any funding of the JAN organizations and thus not touched on Islamic organization budgeting.

And what has Selangor MB Azmin Ali have to say about his state government paying part of the cost the Appelate Court has awarded to UAE for JAIS illegal act? The PAS exco in charge of state religious portfolio should be sacked kau kau.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Achilles heel

Every strong man has his vulnerable point like our legendary hero Achilles. Said hero was doused in the divine waters of the river Styx by his immortal mum Thetis to make his body invincible to weapons, but alas when plunging Achilles into the Styx she held him by one of his heels above the water which thus rendered that heel vulnerable. And so the legend tells us Achilles was slained by the arrow of Paris (or in his original name Alexander) which struck our hero right in that heel.

The biblical hero Samson had his strength in his hair. Cut those locks off and he became a weakling which sweetie Delilah did.

The Norse perfect immortal, the invincible Baldr (or Baldur), was killed by the puny mistletoe when nothing else could do so.

Our demon the Pontianak was vulnerable to iron nails.

Well, finally the so called Raja Bomoh has had his days in the state of Johor when no other Malaysian states with a JAN (eg. Jais Jawi Jakim etc) have the balls to touch him. I suspect HRH might have given the greenlight to arrest him. The police just did that. Perhaps his Achilles heel was his coconuts. Seize him by the nuts and he would be like Samson wakakaka.

I wonder what we can do with an Indian national wanted by his own country for alleged terrorist-related activities?

Give him Toddy and pretzel kucing? Wakakaka.

Siapa Gangster?

Dep Home Minister says Home and Education ministries will work closely to curb gangsterism in schools.

Perhaps they should start with the minister who started Lowyat2, a child of gangsterism.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Glass houses

While Dr Asri has been well respected, indeed even by non Muslim, his disdain for Hindu Indians has been known in which he expressed his dislike for Thaipusam processions particularly the rites of breaking coconuts which unfortunately has tainted his otherwise fair disposition.

His recent poem against cows worshippers (or what he claimed to be the Modi government) could only confirm his disdain of Hindus and their beliefs, and where his expressions were also in defence of an Indian national who is wanted by his own government for alleged terrorist-related activities.

How could a man wanted by his own government for terrorist-telated activities and where the charges carried non bailable terms be worthy of defending.

Besides that bloke is a foreigner. And why refer to him as "one of our preachers"?

It's not unlike some people who continue to defend Osama or who believe Malaysian notorious terrorist-bomber Dr Azahari is lily-white innocent or a good man.

A mass murderer innocent? Then I nust be the Shahanshah of Perlis.

We all have our own religious beliefs but to ignorantly term Hindus as cow worshippers is simplistic and shallow, ignoring the cultural, historical, agro-economic and social significance of the cow in Indian communities. It's like labelling followers of another religion as worshippets of a black stone or 2 crossed pieces of wood.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Abandonment of Pancasila by Jakartans?

In the land of Pancasila, not that of the original Buddhist Pancasila in India but rather of Indonesia, a Christian was charged for alleged blasphemy against Islam, notwithstanding the fact the country is NOT an Islamic nation.

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, more popularly known as Ah Hok (which straightaway identifies him as a Chinese, and one who is a Christian) should be now somewhat relieved to learn he may not be jailed for his alleged offence of blasphemy, all because he has lost the gubernatorial election for Jakarta to his Muslim competitor Anies Baswedan.

Had he won the election he would possibly still be facing a nasty jail term.

Is this the fate of a non Muslim candidate downunder where a jail term awaits him or her if he or she does not lose to a Muslim competitor?

And f**k the tenets enshrined in that country's national ideology which Indonesians supposedly revered.

I wonder from who those Indon ulama learn how to misuse and abuse the great religion of Islam for political gains?

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Siapa Raja?

Unilaterally converting children into being Muslims is both robbing the cradle and one's erstwhile partner (spouse).

The great religion of Islam does not condone such shameful acts. Everything must be done in accordance with the rules Allah swt bestows upon us and not those of his mortal clerics.

The Malaysian government wants to stop unilateral conversion, to wit, basicaaly forced conversions by stealth and kidnapping.

But the Perak Mufti, a man who once sent bullshit agitation (incitement) and then blamed his seditious act on a woman, wants the government to postpone legislation which will stop the shameful unilateral conversion.

Naturally some members of the public protested at the mufti's attempt at foot dragging, and preposterously the House Speaker asserted that those protesters can't and ought not do that.

The Speaker wants the public to keep their noses out of law making.

Doesn't the Speaker know the source of power of parliament comes from those people? Doesn't he know he owes his job to the public?

What an idiot?

Sunday, April 02, 2017

DAP safe in Penang but federally ...?

By withdrawing from the bill to amend UUD355 has Najib taken the wind out of the Opposition sail?

Will Moody as the Pakatan anointed PM be the final straw for many Dap diehards?

While LGE is fairly safe in Penang his party may not so well federally.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Pribumi shows its ketuanan claws?

So Pribumi has joined Pakatan. But I read it insists on a Malay party leading the new coalition.

Yes a Malay party not just a Malay individual like Anwar Ibrahim or Azmin Ali or (forget about Dr Wan) Saifuddin Abdullah to lead the new bloc.

If true then Pribumi is showing its Umno claws.

I will be truly disappointed if the Dap goes along with such a dictate from a new and bloody junior member of Pakatan.