Sunday, April 22, 2018

Boleh World of Merajuk-ism, Manja-ism & Mafulat-ism

MM Online - In Johor, internal strife delays PKR’s candidate announcement (extracts):

JOHOR BARU, April 22 — An internal conflict over the fielding of candidates for the 14th general election (GE14) has forced Johor PKR to hold off their contender announcement, according to a Pakatan Harapan (PH) source.

“The acute delay is caused by several of the party’s members who are lobbying the central leadership to be fielded as federal and state seat candidates for the GE14.

“This situation, which has led to unwanted delays, is also beyond the control of the party’s state leaders,” revealed the source to Malay Mail on the sidelines of a PH ceramah in Taman Universiti here last night.


It is well-known that the party’s internal power struggle was between a faction aligned to PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and another aligned to its vice-president Rafizi Ramli. [...]

above - the Dwarves

below - the Kucing's where one will be guaranteed a win in Pandan, wakakaka

& why PKR is the weakest link in Pakatan

“This is due to unhappiness between the party members lobbying for seats and PKR’s central leadership.

“PKR’s central leadership is doing their best to finalise the list to make it in time for the Johor PH briefing session for GE14 candidates in Muar on Wednesday morning,” said the source.

For Johor, PKR is the only PH component party that has yet to officially announce any of its parliamentary or state seat candidates.

Much as I am angry at the Lim's 'Father, Son and the Holy Hallelujah's', I have to say DAP people with very rare exceptions are more disciplined, once having been dropped, marginalised or kow-timed-kaukau, will either accept their fates or go to Mount Meru or T'ai Shan to mediate for indefinite periods of time, eating only kua-chee (melon seeds).

Mount Meru 

T'ai Shan 

Kua Chee 

PKR-istas OTOH are prone to rebellion, internal sabotage and amphibian-logy, perhaps having been brought up in a Boleh World of Merajuk-ism, Manja-ism and Mafulat-ism.



  1. All PKR has to do in deciding and solving the problem if there is any, is get the blessing of AI and thats it.

    So, what's the problem again?

  2. is that oso y no one in dap dare to question when their leader choose to work with mahathir? perhaps have been brainwash in a authoritarian world of dictatorism, emperorism n followism?

  3. are talking about yourself

    We want madhater. We want najib and rosmah mampus