Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Gan Pei Nei gutted by Wan Azizah?

Online - Dropped in Rawang, PKR rep claims fell victim to smear campaign (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, April 24 — Incumbent Rawang assemblyman Gan Pei Nei said allegations that likely cost her the chance to defend the seat were the work of rivals in PKR.

The Star reported Gan as rebutting the poison pen letter that alleged she misused funds and was absent from the constituency, in which she responded that she had just given birth last month.

“Even then, I only took two weeks off. But on Sunday, PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail told me during a meeting I had been suspended from contesting due to the letter,” she said yesterday.

The two-term assemblyman said she is willing to be investigated and will provide the necessary documents to defend herself.

Very unjust. Sweetie has just given birth and surely needs some time off.

As for corruption allegations (not even an official police charge) Wan Azizah has been unnecessarily unfair in treating Gan Pei Nei as guilty (based on a surat layang) until proven innocent.

they treated anwar unfairly lor 

But alas, that's the way PKR treats its own members, on the basis of factionalism and not evidence or proof.

But hey, it's not just PKR. That's how it is nowadays with parties' behaviour especially on the eve of general elections where every person stabs the other in order to get at a seat.


  1. Pei Nei.....don't cry hor, just ask rumpelstillskin to spin you out of problem

    Necklace? Gold finger? Even your next born baby also can

  2. gan win at a time when no one wan to go rawang, she no cash, no resources, no support, only a bicycle. now everyone wan go rawang, too bad she is not wan azizah daughter.

    that said, its "natural renewal", nothing to do with "factionalism and not evidence or proof" wakaka

    1. She went to Rawang when it was considered "No Chance" territory.
      Of course , the 2008 Tsunami happened, and BN got washed out.

      Its not fair to her, but she's had two terms. There are really no "Personal to Holder" seats.

  3. Is Ms. Gan a politician or not?

    Once your party's boss sense there might be an ounce of truth even though hard evidence is not yet available (when it should have been given very much earlier), you are setting up yourself not to be nominated.

    IF the party Boss nominates Ms. Gan, it is setting up the possibility of her being bribed, blackmailed or worse jumping over to the other party.

    So, dropping her is the best choice.

    Since when Kaytee you are so sympathetic to PKR young birds?


    1. Ktemoc is just a Batu Api agent , working for unknown parties in the shadows.

    2. Does that include Najib? Sorry sorry sorry......

      Never mention the scottish play

  4. In a Camp vs Camp quarrel, she got labelled as "Azmin Camp" , so she got the boot.

    She's not really, so it's not fair. But politics is never a clean game.