Sunday, April 22, 2018

#UndiRosak originated in DAP?

From NST regarding the last DAP CEC re-election:

KUALA LUMPUR: Some had voted for those who had quit the party, while a number voted for the dead.

This was among the results of DAP’s recently concluded re-election for its top decision-making body, the central executive committee (CEC), which took place during a special congress on Sunday.

One of DAP’s prominent leaders, Kepong MP Dr Tan Seng Giaw in commenting over the matter, pointed out that the late party chairman Karpal Singh had “received” 43 votes.

“Yes, some had ‘voted’ for Karpal and those who had left the party. I guess the choice was limited,” Dr Tan said when contacted on Monday. [...]

Dr Tan who only managed to secure 34th place in the race, said initially he himself was caught unaware of his sudden candidacy for a seat in the CEC.

“But (the outcome) does not matter. (My defeat was) because I did not do any campaigns (for the re-election). Perhaps, I made it (to the candidates’ list) to make up for the shortage of contestants due to resignations of a few, among others.”

Those who had left the party but received votes were Zulkifli Mohd Noor (11 votes), Jaya Balan Valliapan (9), John Fernandez (8), Roseli Abdul Gani (8), and Hiew King Cheu (2). All were in the bottom five.

Zulkifli Mohd Noor

a 26-year veteran marginalised by the Young Turks

when he resigned from DAP he (unlike PAS) did it in style, handing over every appointment he was assigned to by the DAP-led government in Penang 

Were those votes for a late Karpal Singh (43 votes) and for those gentlemen who left the party, people like my Penang Lang, Zulkifli Mohd Noor (11 votes), the origin of #UndiRosak a sign of protest by DAP members who were required to vote for the Chosen Mob for a third time within 4 years but whose preferred candidates had either passed away or had left the party?

When contacted Dr Tan Seng Giaw said, “Yes, some had ‘voted’ for Karpal and those who had left the party. I guess the choice was limited.” 

Dr Tan himself was NOT even aware of his candidacy for the CEC and thus did not campaign at all.

He suspected he was on the candidates’ list to make up for the shortage of contestants due to resignations of a few, among others.

He even managed to secure 34th place in the CEC elections, but which he didn't mind his placing as he did not campaign at all.

The 34th placing was useless anyway because the CEC consists of only 20 elected plus another 10 recommended by the elected CEC.

the unpleasant reason for two important political movements 

stop this man from becoming PM again 


  1. Yes, it's likely DAP members are dumbo enough to Rosak their votes.

  2. i think some that voted for ks or those that resign is due to their naiveness or ignorant, who dun even know who the hell they give their vote to, its like this naive tsg, who after reading some stupid report then come out telling everyone his version of story as if it is the truth, thus from time to time dap must purge out tis kind of turncoat or stupid, malukan party dan negara.

  3. #undirosak has transformed already Kaytee. Still sleeping?

    It's going to be populated by older generation of hardcore supporters of UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PPP, PBB, PBDS, PBS, etc who cannot bring themselves to leave or vote for the candidate of their party but at the sametime cannot vote for opposition either.

    It also includes all those BN supporters who have enjoyed the Dedak, subsidies, contracts etc given by BN but have a Moral conflict to vote BN.

    It also includes disgruntled party members and supporters from both sides who are not happy their preferred candidate is not selected.

    Now Kaytee, you may be correct #undirosak could be a plot created by DAP.


    1. Wow, i never know rumpelstillskin got side kick

  4. Kaytee is truly rumpelstillskin. Maryam lee should give him a kiss

  5. A question - a ballot paper should ONLY has the names of the contesting candidates printed on it.

    Likewise, for the election procedure for the dap CEC.

    Or r u claiming tsg said that the members had to write the name of the person they want to elect on the ballot paper!

    Hmmmm…… fake news ke or no brainer twisting of an non event!

    1. Now every word coming out of the mouth of TSG is gospel truth la to him, hihihihi...just like how he worshiped his Botak Sifu...every word from the Mabuk Liar is golden....waaa, fellate kau kau this 100 % hypo...told you all so..the nearer the GE date, the more frenetic and gila the spinning.....