Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hell Hound experience for MCA sweetie

Malaysiakini - MCA candidate: How can women bully women, Chinese insult Chinese? (extracts):

MCA's Cheras candidate Heng Sinn Yee may have been all smiles when she encountered unfavourable response at a Kuala Lumpur market but she has since taken to social media to complain about being bullied.

Commenting on Facebook, Heng referred to an incident at Yulek market where a woman shook her hand and promised to support her, only to add that the support was for BN to be the opposition.

"Since when a woman bullying another woman is considered a hero? A Chinese insulting another Chinese is seen as a warrior?" she said.

A video of the encounter, which was in Cantonese, has since been uploaded to social media.

Heng claimed that she was entrapped in the video.

"Thank you for the person who set the trap and the person who recorded.

"Your actions have only strengthened my resolve to fight DAP's culture of bullying and hate," she said.

Earlier today, Heng was at Yulek market to canvass for support.

A woman who shook Heng's hand said: "We will definitely support you."

However, the woman continued to hold on to Heng's hand and added in Cantonese: "We will support BN to become the opposition. Not a single vote will go to BN."

They can, my dear Heng. You were fortunate to meet a more domesticated species of the Hell-Hounds, wakakaka. Even DAP women are not exempt from their rabid raging relentless savaging.


  1. i believe most chinese deem mca a dog or a bitch, at least in this context, they share similar view with umno.

  2. Wakakaka…

    Swordsmith (hired) indeed!

    "species of the Hell-Hounds"??

    Which hell??


    By whom??

    Some more "more"!!

    Do u mean u?

    1. CK,
      Meanwhile kaytee is silent over this even more important issue

      Perhaps, we should propose Turnbull to emulate Najib's law so that we can lock kaytee up

  3. The woman was actually being quite civil in making it clear she did not support the MCA candidate.

    I don't see anything wrong with that.

    Labelling her as a Hell-Hound is Bullshit.

  4. Why the vicious labeling of "Hell-Hounds" and "rabid (extremist, violent, maniacal, wild) description" uncle? Doesn't that woman has her constitution right to support whoever she likes? It was spoken with a smiling face without cursing and swearing and they (MCA team) were not chased away not unlike in certain areas where the opposition were chased away and barred from entering let alone speaking to the residents. And that MCA candidate cried baby felt being bullied? Then we should doubt her mettle as a candidate ler!

  5. Oh come on la, now you blame the rakyat for exercising their 1st amendment.....sorry sorry sorry that is us constitution. Their freedom of speech

    I still wonder why kaytee refuse to write anything on gst exemption given to big corporation including cccc, china mega corp that build ecl

    Pourquoi? Pourquoi? Pourqoui?

  6. "Since when a woman bullying another woman is considered a hero? A Chinese insulting another Chinese is seen as a warrior?" she said.

    She is not only a Racist but also misusing and abusing those fighting for Women's Rights in her own uneducated way.

    Is she pretending to be an innocent pussy and lashing back when her tail got stepped on? wakakakakaka.

  7. how can saying "we will support bn to become the opposition" be termed as bullying and abusive? I thought it was witty but sarcastic.....

    "their rabid raging relentless savaging"? are you talking about yourself?

  8. Ktemoc sudah tak waras....Darth Vader pun panggil panggil..." Come over to De Dak side " wakakakkaka.